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Straighterline...college for 99/month

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Anyone heard of this? My grandmother sent me this clipping from a newspaper. The idea is that you can take college classes for a flat fee of 99/month . As many classes as you want for a flat fee. They are partnered with accredited universities. Wondered if anyone knows about it. They offer things like Intro Algebra etc. which could be good for highschool kids too.



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The problem with Straighterline is spotty transferability of credits.


Here is a link to discussions on Straighterline and college credit on degreeforum.net


This forum has a lot of jargon. TESC is Thomas Edison State College, EC is Excelsior College, FHSU is Fort Hayes. People on this forum are working on AA and BS degrees through credit-by-exam. Thomas Edison, Excelsior, and Charter Oaks are three accredited colleges with no residency requirement. They generally accept credit-by-exam, and ACE recommended credits for ALEKS courses, etc.


The forum is sponsored by Instantcert.com. If you decide to subscribe, there is a discount code, 85722. Subscribers get access to "specific exam feedback" -- invaluable for those taking CLEP, DSST, GRE, and other exams for credit. See this site for more info about earning a degree:

CLEP Presentations

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