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Help with FLL and WWE?


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I was using Voyages in English with my DD's. I realized that one was way ahead of the game (she read at a third/fourth grade level)and one struggled to much because she is just beginning to read. I have the SL LA 1 and 2 Int. for my DD6's. I am currently using the ETC, spelling, and activity sheets/copywork from LA 1, since my DD is using HOP (Level 1) instead of the SL 1 beginning readers. I am using the MCP, Wordly Wise, spelling and activity sheets with LA 2 Int. I find I need a little more direction with grammar and writing.



So I bought FLL and WWE 1. :) How do you combine these programs without overkill? Should I even start the WWE with the DD who is using LA 1? (They would technically be grade 1 if in PS.) I also bought the download of the WWE 1 workbook, although I'm not sure where that will fit in yet either. (I figured I have my sons to get through as well so I doubt it will go to waste.) :D


LA is my worst subject and my confidence in teaching it takes a hit because of it. I always got A's but still don't know how I did it, I didn't follow the 'process of writing', I did it all in my head before I put it on paper in a final/only draft. Maybe I was following WTM in my head? :lol: I write well but I can't diagram a sentence beyond noun/verb to save my life. How would you do this?

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We use both WWE1 and FLL with our 8 yo old and we treat them as different subjectes, though they do hit the same points now and again. We did not find it to be too much work, in fact, we now double-up on WWE, doing two lessons a day, four/five times a week and it takes very little time.




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