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  1. We have two in CC, our ds 10 is in his second year and ds 4.5 is in his first, though he did sit in on his brothers class last year and listened to the cds a bunch. (He doesn't sing the normal songs for his age but has replaced them with history sentences such as the 1980 and the rise of conservatism :001_huh:) They enjoy it have have been able to memorize large chunks of information easily, even the 4yo. They enjoy seeing new friends and learning in a class environment. I see the improvement in their ability to retain information and how they can do it easier as time goes by. Brain training is what I'm after. The actual info is a bonus. If I were to do this at home I would try to carry as much of the CC info over to our studies. I would consider using the time line cards and history sentences as a history spine. Whether I did it myself or used IEW I'd use this as our foundation for writing. In fact, in Essentials they are using IEW's history sequence. There is art/music study and I'd expand on it. I'd do the same with science. The science cards have been about various systems within the body and they have been coloring them. Soon they will trace their bodies and put the organs where they go (cool). They do latin through memorization but it would not be enough on its own. I'd drop it and use a different program. Geography is great. Last year they did countries, rivers, and mountain ranges in Europe. This year is states and capitals. Easy to expand on. Grammer has been mostly parts of speech. It's not enough as a stand-alone so your back to a different program with the CC stuff supplementing the basics. You could do all this... OR.. If you , like me, are after the skill of retaining chucks of information you might consider a poetry memorization program (IEW or you own homemade one). Just my .02 cents.
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