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textbook and workbook for signapore math?

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You can do searches for Singapore and find lots of discussion about it and its components.


You definitely need both the textbook and the workbook.

I like the Home Instructor Guides. I teach math at the cc and still find useful ideas in the HiG.


The Extra Practice book is completely optional. We're using it in 2A and 2B because I ended up buying lots of extra workbooks to supplement (drill) with 1B in particular. It has problems that are at the same difficulty level as the Workbook.


I also like the Intensive Practice books. They are at a higher difficulty level than the text.


So definites: Textbook and Workbook (for each level A, B that you're teaching). I like the Standards Edition instead of the US Edition. It has the same material but adds in some extras.


Optional: Home Instructor Guide (for each level A, B), Extra Practice (for the year: 1), Intensive Practice (for each level, A, B).

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Yes, you definitely need both. And I would highly recommend the Home Instructor's guide (not the teacher's guide). It may not be totally necessary for this level, but it lends structure to your lesson, helps you introduce new topics, and contains supplementary games and worksheets for drill.

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Yes, definitely both text and workbook. The HIG is nice because it has the Mental Math drill in the back for you to make copies. It also gives you more ideas if your child is struggling with anything. At this stage in the books, the extra prac and challenging word probs and such would be at your descretion, but later in the series, very helpful extra practice.

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