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My turn to page Dr Hive...

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Last night DD woke up crying and and complaining of her "cheek" hurting. Gave a drink of water, snuggled, got her back to sleep. She was up a lot last night, and kind of laid around a bit this morning. She had a 99* fever. She took a 3 hour nap (not uncommon, especially with being up quite a bit night before), and woke up wanting to run and play outside. She ate a good dinner, and had no fever. Around 6pm i noticed she had a bunch of watery brown stuff on her ear, she said it didn't hurt, so I cleaned it off gently, and it's been happening all night! Lots of brownish/pink water stuff, she said it doesn't hurt, but I wonder if last night's "cheek pain" was really "ear pain." I will certainly call the dr in the morning, but do I need to go to urgent care or anything for this tonight??? She seems to be feeling totally better and is wanting to run around and be a wild animal! I'm :bigear:, no pun intended.


She had tubes put in when she was a toddler, if that makes a difference.



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Sounds like a burst eardrum. I'd go in first thing tomorrow, just to be sure -- they'll want to watch and make sure it heals up snugly and if it did burst, she may need antibiotics. Could also be some residual thing from tubes, maybe.


ETA: If this were one of mine, I'd give ibuprofen for inflammation -- healing happens faster and with less pain if there's less inflammation. If at any point I saw bright or dark blood (fresher than what you've described) I'd head directly to the ED, preferably a children's ED.

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Sounds like a ruptured ear drum. When the membrane breaks and releases pressure, the pain goes away. Be sure to get in to the doc: I know ear infection protocols have changed over the years, but you may want some antibiotics for this.


Disclaimer - I am not a medical professional, but did once have a child with an eardrum rupture due to an ear infection. Very similar symptoms.

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