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Help me make a resume???

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I've been a stay-at-home housewife/mom for 10 years now. A homeschooling mom for 2 years.


And I'm trying to create a resume.


I feel like I'm a total loser. On paper, it is totally depressing.


I googled and cant find any good resumes for people like me. I dont want to use terms like "domestic engineer"-- that's just corny, but what DO I say????


I have a high school diploma, some college, but that was a looong time ago.






Oh, and the one company I worked for long-term is long out of business, so I don't even think they could verify employment!

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Well, resumes take hours to write properly, so I can't give too much info in this little paragraph, but here's something to consider:


A lot of resumes now include a paragraph at the top where you write your "objective" for applying to the job. Here's a page about it. Google it--there's a ton of info about it.


If you write an objective (not too long) it will lengthen a smallish resume. And it will give it a more personal touch than just the list of jobs and education you've had.


And always include a cover letter with your resume--tailored to each company you apply to.

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I feel your pain. I can talk my husband up and keep his resume/CV up to date, but I can't write my own. I feel like a big windbag. I think what you should put together is a functional resume. It will focus on your education and training in your chosen field, and lump together all of the skills gleaned from previous employment. In this case, it would be much better than a chronological resume.


There are a few companies I've worked for that are now long out of business, that I would list anyway because I developed some major/unique skills there. It's not your problem that they're out of business.

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