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Can I type a narration vs. writing it


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When I was handwriting Sparkle's narration I found that I disliked the handwriting so much that it never got done. I couldn't handwrite fast enough to keep up with her thoughts. I suppose that it would be easier if we just did summary narrations, which are short, but I found those too hard to do.


Now, when I want to record Sparkle's narrations, I type them on the computer, and then print them out. She copies a few lines and then draws a picture at the bottom of the page. This way we have the entire narration, her handwriting of a few lines, and a picture all on one page. It's working well for us right now.

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Neat! That sounds good. One of the little kinks I haven't figured out how to straighten out yet. I type a lot faster as well, and I see myself sliding on the writing. Off to make a narration page :auto:


Thanks for the tip.

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