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Does Home Science Tools ever have coupons?

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I have received emailed discounts for an additional 10% off an order, but I've spent a bundle with them. GRIN. I don't know if they offer "generic" discount codes to the public. The last discount I received, I applied to ordering 20 frogs...

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Hi Courtney! (waving! I haven't been around here in ages!)


I would encourage you to just give them a call and ask. They are a small family run business, and I am sure they would be more than happy to either give you a code, or tell you when they will run one. I can't remember if they usually DO just before school starts, or usually do NOT, just because they are busier.


Another internet friend knows the family, and that's why I'm sure they would welcome your call.


I really need to piece together an order for them too, I'm pretty sure they can round out my missing odds and ends for Rainbow that we used with my dd...



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