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question for notgrass users

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Is this you need for highschool as far as history/english,lit and Bible?


did you add any other english curriculum such as vocab or spelling or anything at all??? Is it complete???


It's fine for history, although some folks watch videos to add another layer of interest...


You will probably want to supplement for the English; exactly how will depend on your student's strengths and weaknesses. Most folks get lit guides like the ones from Smarrs or Progeny Press for some of the literature. As to adding grammar, vocabulary, spelling, or writing instruction... it depends on which of those the student needs. I added grammar and a little writing instruction for my daughter, and grammar, writing instruction, and vocabulary for my son. Neither of my kids still needed spelling in high school.


I'm not sure about the Bible. My inclination is that it would probably need supplementation for a full credit also, but we never did the Bible academically, only devotionally.



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I added Wordly-Wise to the English - for more vocab and SAT practice. We also got some of the books with a literary guide - esp The Scarlet Letter for this year. Our library had those...


And, as part of our home life, we tend to watch History Channel shows, so I suppose those could be counted as add ons though we would have watched them regardless of what we were studying.


We also don't do Bible for credit - merely as devotion and for living.

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MFW schedules Notgrass alongside several other things in order to give 3 credits per year, but on the other hand, they use it for 2 years. So if I figured out the math, I would say 2 credits max for Notgrass alone according to this one source?


MFW adds things like the complete Old Testament & support materials, Smarr literature guides adapted for specific needs, a timeline notebook & extensive timeline figures, some geography, etc.


If you scroll down to the grid, you'll see how it's scheduled all together:



Not sure if that will help you think thru whether you want to add to Notgrass?


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We used it for history only. My dd answered all the questions (her choice) but I didn't give her the quizzes or tests. I didn't use the English, and we stopped doing the Bible after a few months for a couple of reasons, none of them having to do with the quality of the Notgrass program, which is excellent. We also added in a few loooong (but excellent) documentaries according to my dd's interests (Civil War and WWI). She read some of the literature but not all, so I didn't consider it worthy of a lit credit, but that was my choice of what to have her read.


Feel free to ask anything else. We really liked Notgrass American!

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