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Kids are unbelievable. Or at least mine are.

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My eldest son has such a compassion for animals, as do I. Of course, as an adult I recognize my limitations. Presently we have two dogs . . one we found roaming around in a parking lot. In fact, in all my years of dog owning we have only never had a new puppy choosing instead to adopt older dogs who needed homes. I'm an animal lover and am willing to extend my love to rescuing dogs. But, we can't have cats. My dd is extremely allergic (asthmatic) to cats.


So, last night my son sees in the local paper a story about two litters of kittens people abandoned. Sad story. I would like to help but cats are out of the question. This morning my son is still begging me to help but of course we can't. So at around 10 this morning he heads over to visit at my brother's house where my brother has a stray cat boarding in his carport. What does my son do? Brings the cat here and tells me we have to help it.


So of course I tell him he has to take it back . . . which makes me feel bad . . .



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