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Classical Conversations?

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Thanks Carrie!

I did read them - I should have been more specific. I am wondering what type of curriculum to use for Foundations students for Cycle 1. I will have a k and 2nd grader. I have SOTW, FLL, MUS, Phonics Pathways, misc. handwriting, science we used as per WTM 1st gr - Animals, Plants and Human Body...how close do I need to follow CC's cuur choices (once I find out what they are). Was it worth it to pour facts on the little guys since they don't have much reference? Esp. the K er - I understand the "pegs" to hang knowledge on for the future. I just am curious.





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Well, I Direct a CC program, so I'm biased. I enjoy having my children learn the material; I looked at the three years worth of memory material and for my children felt that it was an incredible amount of memory work. You can choose to either follow a totally different curriculum, try to find a curriculum that's around the same period (World History Overview for this year, Cycle 1) or just look at the curriculum, and pick books from the suggested Reading List. (That your Director will forward to you, just ask if she doesn't, for some reason.) Of course, you'll need to have whatever you want to use/do for math, and such.

My daughter is older, so we're doing Famous Men of Rome, Famous Men of Greece, Henle Latin, some type of Math (not sure, yet), probably Essentials (grammar and IEW writing), and she listens to SOTW (so Ancient this year) and whatever other history cds (including Jim Weiss' other cds that happen during "Ancients"). My son is a "tag along" and will do math with an abacus, lots of living math books, Word Girl:-), history reading, SOTW cds, and continue learning to read including writing and more phonics and phonics rules...


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Thanks Carrie! I did email my director to see what her suggestions are. I loved SOTW ancients so I know that will work. I look at the science for Cycle 1 and it says Biology and Earth Science - any tips or faves there from your house?


Michele in CA

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