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Need six year old ideas for summer learning


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Hi Everyone,


We're big on read alouds. We're doing SOTW in car and I'm reading the extra suggested reading books. To be honest, we're getting a little tired of mummies.


I'd like a focus for June, July and August. But I can't decide what it should be. We'll continue practice writing and math.


We've already read the Little House series which they loved.


Any ideas appreciated.



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Have you read the Magic Treehouse Series at all? My dd6 has loved those for 2 years now. She reads them independently, but they can easily be read together. Then there are the resource guides that go with them to give more info on the time period.


Or the American Girls series? My dd is just now starting those. So far she is reading the Kit and the Kaya series. Each one of the series is in a period of American History also, and there is a bit more info on the time period in the back of each book. Our library also has some books that go with them that tell more about the time period, but I can't remember what those are called.


And for us this summer we are gardening, but we have pretty much all on plants we are going to for now. We are about to start learning about insects, just because we didn't get too in depth earlier this year when we did animals.

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We're doing a lot of reading from the US history section of our library's picture books. DD is really enjoying learning about the first presidents and people who lived during the Revolutionary period, althoough she did ask me the other day if Barack Obama knew George Washington. :lol: I told her "no", and then she wanted to know why not, so I had to explain that when Washington was President, Obama wasn't BORN yet. :tongue_smilie:

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