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video game potty talk??

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Hi! I have honestly never played a single video game in my life, so I am very much in the dark on this topic. But, we did just buy a Playstation II for our kids for their birthdays this summer. I have a question before we take the plunge. My son is in love with the Star Wars Lego game from playing it other places. Just yesterday he mentioned that on one of the levels of the game it talks about hitting a character in his private area. Not just that it happened and he observed it, but that the game makes note of it. Is this true?? Please tell me he misunderstood the game. I will be really disappointed if I find out that kind of talk is a part of the games.

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He has played the games many, many, many (many!) times and he says he's never seen anything like that. The characters don't talk, but you do get hints at times (but DS says not many). You have to pretty much figure it out yourself.


DS did say that if your son knows which character supposedly said this, he might be able to help figure out what happened.

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Asked my ds's and dh. Yes, they do know what he is talking about. The characters don't actually speak, but Princess Leia has a scene in which her special attack is a knee to the groin. There may be an achievement for doing so. It's been while. I would say it is in a minor part of the game, and we didn't find it objectionable... but your son is being fairly accurate.

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