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Would a gagging reflex be a digestive or neurological problem?

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My special needs angel is 8. He has a laundry list of medical issues. A problem that we have been having lately with him is a very strong gagging relfex. After any illness,(a cold, the flu) his gagging reflex causes him to throw up--even when his illness wasn't a stomach bug. He goes to a special school and I had to pick him up again today because of vomiting. The school is an hour drive each way. I don't want to keep sending him to school and then go pick him up. He seemed fine when I got him ready this morning. He did have a respiratory bug last week. It's gone but that gagging reflex is still here. I have a call into his gastroenterologist(GI doc). He has a scheduled appointment with his neurologist on Tuesday. I'm leaning towards thinking that this is a neurological issue but of course...I'm not a doctor. I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Please share any experience that you might have--yours, relative, etc It helps to have it clear in my head before talking to the doctors. Thanks for reading



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Post-nasal drip bothers my dd. Sometimes she throws up when she has cold because of it, so I try to make sure she's drinking enough liquids and give Benadryl as needed.


She and my dh both have sensitive gag reflexes. (Dh even gags when he brushes his teeth.) Dh takes an OTC stomach acid blocker and dd takes prescription Prevacid. I'm not sure whether or not the stomach issues have anything to do with the gagging, though.

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