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  1. Thanks so much for your example Stacy. I must confess to not going through the entire TSSW myself yet, so perhaps as I learn more I will see ample ways to be a bit more flexible. The SWI sounds like a wonderful idea to me, but my girls are spread out...grades 3 and 7, so I'd hate to have to purchase 2, but might have to. Anyone have advice on that as I know the IEW site says to shoot for the middle age, but I'm uncertain my grade 3 daughter could do SWI B. Thanks so very much!
  2. I will think on this wise question. We have always started our children out on modeling great literature through copywork in the earliest days. I am noticing now, more often than not, they are bored and want to spend some time writing their own words from the heart. I too, was taught at university to write about what I was passionate about. I wonder if it has to be one or the other only.....and I appreciate your thoughts. Anyone else? I'm kind of feeling in a crisis mode with my decisions these days having to tweak our homeschool to what is possible, not necessarily how I would perfectly like it as when we first begun due to illness. More ideas?
  3. I realize that IEW is widely used and a popular choice amongst many here. I purchased it last spring and really began to implement it this fall. I'm having a bit of trouble due to voice problems and ongoing chronic health issues, so am realizing that perhaps this is not the best choice for our family. My biggest question is, I am finding that there is no creativity within the program, that we are basically rewriting what we read. I see the learning within that, but also wonder how great interest and writing on passionate topics is placed in importance. Is this at a much later date in time in the program or most thought of as for older ages, this notion I seem to have? Some times my youngest daughter, especially just wants to write.....and write....and write what SHE want to write about. Then there is the issue my oldest keeps bringing up to me: "Is this plaguerism Mom?" Any thoughts on these comments? Am I the only one feeling this way? I think my children have benefited from using dress-ups a bit....it has encouraged them to pick from a broader word base perhaps. Perhaps to, I am just REALLY naive as I've been too sick to read ahead is TSSW. Any thoughts appreciated. I need a easy way to teach writing using little voice.........my one daughter has requested a workbook....oh my! I have purposely steered clear of writing workbooks for years, however given the situation maybe what works is what should be here!
  4. Thanks so much for the ideas and reassurance. Some days I feel like throwing in the towel. However, I know from having one child in public school, that is not an easy solution, as it is demanding and costly as well and really affects the family with additional illnesses too. I'm open to how the Lord will lead us, but I'm feeling that some tweaks here and there may help for now. I did go ahead and order Teaching Textbooks and and thinking about other ideas for the older daughter. My younger daugher really loved Spelling Time and I see that they have Big Math Time to use just as a drill really and a few others to supplement. That may be enough to keep her busy. We love audiobooks, so will continue looking for good sources for them. How I miss reading aloud though! Can still cuddle up and enjoy, so dwelling on the good. Thanks again......
  5. Hi Ladies, This is not the way I want to teach, so I am a bit frustrated with myself. I've got sjogren's syndrome and am really struggling right now, so I am looking into ways to continue, but have my older daughter, grade 7 a bit more independant. We were used to days filled with literature studies, etc. but my eyes and voice do not permit. What I am wondering is if there are any opinions on Teaching Textbooks for math and also I am thinking of adding one other computor program, such as Switched on Schoolhouse for State history only and continue our audiobooks for history as a family. My younger daughter will want her "fair share" of computor learning time if I go with this and we tried Time4Learning before and I found it to be much too "cartoony." I may just allow her to do Big Math Time/Spelling Time for quick drill as her work is a lot easier for me to deal with. Feeling a bit like a failure over thinking about these changes.....I've also thought about a co-op/class situation, but at this point do not want to make waves of further kiddo illnesses while I start different trials of my own medications in attempt for some wellness here. It sounds bad, I know, but I am selfishly wanting to strengthen myself a bit so that I can then give further to my children. Any thoughts on Teaching Textbooks/SOS or other ideas? It's very much appreciated!
  6. That sounds quite reasonable a goal for us, which makes me happy. I'm not into setting really lofty goals right now as we have major chaos going in in extended family and our own. Wonderful...I will start this week. Many thanks!
  7. I haven't used this program in a long time and when I did I began it with my son at a higher grade level. Now that we are in a routine of back to school, I'd like to start this with my younger daughter. My older daughter will follow along with her old cards for review. My question is, how many cards/roots do you think is appropriate or are you doing per week? My daughter is in grade 3 and just starting. The older, g.7 will be reviewing her deck she made. Just wondering and hoping for some advice. Thanks!
  8. Many thanks Rosie and Lisa....you answered many of my questions and helped my curiousity for sure. Our family is just very inquisitive in this due to our adoption that fell through and we are interested in differences with BSL because a family from the UK is fostering our would be child. I was also told today by a professor today that the UK uses 2 forms as he had the experience of having a few interpretors in his lectures. Yes, the fingerspelling seems so easy, but is hard to read in others. I can't imagine using both hands as that sounds much more complicated to me. My daughters have never complained about fingerspelling hurting, I know it can for me, but that's due to whether or not I am in a flare-up period of time. So interesting, Rosie that the "look" of ASL is so different to you, but I guess just like other spoken languages, there are some that sound easier to the ear, so must be true to the eye. All intriguing! By the way, my daughters are so happy to be able to try this again. Are any of you counting on it as a language credits in highschool or just really electives and then must take another language? When my son entered PS here, it did not count and so he took 2 years of Spanish, which he hated. I understand, however, some colleges seem to accept it. So it sounds a bit contradictory.
  9. Hello Rosie, Yes, of course....we are most curious what is used in England and if that system was a huge variation from ASL, so you answered my question in part with BSL. Hmmmm....wondering, perhaps I can do a search on that and find out further. Languages are very interesting to me, so it was great to hear about the sharing of 70%. Fingerspelling is so very easy for us to do and quickly, but boy do we have a difficult time "reading" it from other people. Practice, I guess! Thanks!
  10. Thanks again. All of you are such a treasure trove of information. I am very interested in reading the book When the Mind Hears. Also, we have done most of the Signing Time cds and they are getting a bit young, but the websites are fabulous resources. I had no idea so much was available online and we also are having some fun this week going on youtube as there are quite a few songs and videos there. Just trying to keep things a bit light for now and see how it goes. My girls have been through a lot, but they do not want to loose their signing ability as well. Yes, I did SEE in college, but we were doing ASL more here in preparation when at that point. I can see why deaf reject SEE and ASL is really a true language unto it's own. Also, the expression they use is so much more evident. I think it is beautiful, not to be ashamed of, but the world certainly has it's harsh ways at times. All things being equal is my thought........and that includes people. :) Thanks again for the discussion!
  11. Thanks so much for the comments and suggestions. I will check them out further. Lisa, if you don't mind the question, what if not ASL is commonly used over in Europe? I am very interested. Blessings to All!
  12. We simply make the cards for 2 words per week...a really slow pace, but making them and turning them over to write examples seems to be enough to solidify the root/word. I've noticed this carrying over in other areas/subjects and my kids using the words. I think it will make a big difference on standardized testing, if you do that. Just my thoughts and for some reason my girls are not bored with this. It's other areas they act sedated in!
  13. My one daughter is just beginning the harp since this past summer. She just turned 9 and practices 15-20 minutes per day. My other daughter plays the piano, but is not taking lessons currently. She still is reviewing her last book and plays for 30 per day in preparation for hopefully taking guitar lessons soon. I told her if she reviewed chords and such it would be easier to start up the guitar. We are not really strict with it all, but let the girls do for enjoyment and to learn to read music.
  14. Hello, Just wondering if any of you are learning sign in your home. We were focusing on it for quite a few years and then stopped due to an adoption of a hearing impaired child that fell through for various personal reasons...then I became ill as well with autoimmune disease. At any rate, I think we are gathering up our strength to get back to it. Am wondering who here might sign and if you do ASL or SEE and what books and materials you may use. I am fresh out as I sold mine all except for a dictionary as I didn't think I could ever sign again. Now I am considering what approach to use as my daughters seem to want it back in their life again. I just made an entry in my new blog of a woman who is doing the most graceful, beautiful sign to a song if you would like to take a look I wrote and placed the link there. She seems very fluent and uses good expression as well. Any suggestions on materials appreciated!
  15. Remudamom, Well, not much to tell as far as methods of training here! First of all I am battling a recent occurance of an autoimmune disease and unable to do the work myself......sooooo.......I get to talk to my horse, help out in little ways and reap the benefits! My husband is the one working with her and takes most direction from our friend whom boards/rides horses and has taught my daughters to ride. They are using the lead rope and holding onto her halter in order to walk her and get her to obey. I know they walk her in tight circles when she does not and she seems to hate that. No round pen yet, just lots of dreams. The girls are able to groom her a lot more now by one holding her halter and other doing the grooming. Getting on her basically took a week of just applying some weight standing off the farm fence! All the sudden my little one slipped on and realized Shannon took one look backwards to see what was happening and went with it. Our biggest problem seems to be her getting in personal space. Any advice for that? Oh, and occasional nibbling, but she seems to be more curious than anything, like nibbling your pants or jacket, but we'd prefer that would stop! So, yes, this is a homeschool experiment totally. Lots of reading books, looking at websites and my guys just doing there best working with her. I rode a bit as a child, but never broke a horse. I'm hoping my immune suppressants kick in and I have another chance some day!
  16. Wow, well.....most obgyn's give pretty detailed instructions when to come on in to the hospital. My first, I went right away as contractions were closer than 3 minutes apart when they started and water had broke. (Cool experience....) My second labor, I stayed home as long as possible and actually pretty much risked having the baby in the van. I'm one that does not want to bother the nurses/doctor and kind of abhor hospitals. I gave birth an hour after being there I guess on that one. Just enough time to not miss my breakfast tray! Seriously though, when you are uncomfortable with the process, I'd say head on out. Peace to you and blessings on a healthy new life.
  17. Thanks all...by the way, really a mini does not need tons of room. We only have an acre and seems ok.....at least our vet agrees she is fine on it. Jackie, your story is something else! Now I am still wondering about this mare and if she has a secret or not. I've heard that some hold the foal to the sides and others are not that obvious. I've also heard of a family that purchased one and the next evening the horse went down and surprised them to death as had a foal. They had no clue! Two for the price of one sounds great to me. I'm soooo sorry that you missed the birth. I would LOVE to witness that. Do you still have minis Jackie? Thanks for taking a peak!
  18. Hi Ladies, Well, we did it. I asked tons of questions here last spring on mini horses and was concerned about getting one for many reasons, but we went ahead and took the plunge. Thanks for your responses and help back then. This lady has no papers, but makes a real fun pet as a starter for my girls. I'm glad we went for her! Check her out at my blog if you are interested.
  19. We just finished up our science program from last year and did some nature studies along with it. Next we are moving on to God's Design for Science/Chemistry. So.....I am glad to hear some good reviews of it. I have not cracked the book yet, but better soon! Thanks for sharing about the others as well.
  20. Sounds like it is working for both of you. Thanks for sharing....yes, it is the huge red book and appears to be enough for two years. I briefly see that there is no outlining, but it looks like it covers everything. I'm wondering if you both make copies of all the student pages. I have it on loan really and would like my other daughter to try it out in time as well. Wow.....that would be a lot of copying. Thanks for your thoughts!
  21. I'm wondering about this plan. I had written earlier in the week on my daughter really having difficulty with R&S English and getting every area of language arts fit in. On some days, we skip the R&S when overwhelmed and do the Daily Grams for a review before moving on to writing, literature studies and spelling. Do any of you have an opinion on trying Easy Grammar rather than the R&S English? I ask, as I graciously had a friend give me both the EG and DG. At first glance, I felt a bit overwhelmed with EG as it is simply unfamiliar. Perhaps that might be a good change? I am finding my daughter cannot do much of R&S herself. I have vocal problems and need to limit my voice also, I should add. Just wondering if any of you can share your experience on this. We have the Easy Grammar Red, which appears to be for grade 7 and up. Thanks!
  22. Great ideas....thank you very much. Glad to hear that others also skip the writing assignments in R&S. I always have if I am currently having the children do writing in other subjects or using IEW. I think this all seems to be a matter of getting into a better schedule and mostly getting my daughter to understand that school takes a bit more time than she thinks!
  23. Well, I am back to grade 7 here. We did it with my son whom is now a senior in highschool, but he was very much an intrinsically motivated student. My older daughter is more gifted in the great outdoors, animals and sauntering some. I cannot say I blame her, but grade 7 needs to become more studies and more independant. I'm most wondering how you handle language arts for this grade. We are using Rod&Staff English, IEW, Simply Spelling, Glenco Literature Studies and also Daily Grams. I will tell you we started using the Daily Grams as a kind friend gave me the book and my daughter doesn't like R&S much. So, I have been alternating days and giving her a little break from it. What I am most inquiring about is do you touch on all these areas every single day within language arts for this age? We seem to be having trouble fitting it all in. Also, I am doing the spelling still because it just seems necessary with her. So, do you alternate or do all? Also, my grade 3 daughter whips through her language arts as she loves it. The other one takes so long. This is a tendancy in all subjects, and to be expected in some respects as grade 3 should not take so long. I send her off to read independantly, practice her harp, etc. but run out of ideas, she is so quick! Anyone have that going on as well? Suggestions more than welcome......thanks so much!
  24. Hi, We really concentrated on printing here as my children really needed to neaten up their act. I waited until grade 4 with my olders to start cursive and will do the same with my now grade 3 daughter. She is just not ready. Like the rest, I think my two oldest children mostly use print, but I still think cursive is good to learn. It just seems that print and keyboard are the most important now, but each family and child is different. Good luck!
  25. We really like it. The bench was a special gift from a friend and we use it with pillows. I like the couch idea too, but we could not find one to fit. The room is small, so we do "migrate" around the other rooms. Thanks for checking out my new blog. The girls were enjoying seeing themselves online....funny! Take Care, Jan Lyn
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