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  1. writing program to it. My daughter is only on grade 2, the first english book and she loves it. I think it is good and thorough, but we do skip some assignments and do some orally. At what grade level would you feel it necessary to add a formal writing program? She does copywork for handwriting, journal once per week and a penpal letter once per week. I'd love to know anyones thoughts on this. Thanks! Janice
  2. That clarifies a lot for me. I appreciate it. Janice:)
  3. Thanks Ellie. Are you guessing the older edition is not all inclusive of what is in the new, such as multiplication and division, which are now stressed in grade 3? If so, important to know. Thanks, Janice
  4. Hi Ladies, I posted earlier, and seems that my post vanished or I did something wrong on this new, beautiful board. I need to purchase R&S Math, grade 3 for my daughter at a good used price. I am concerned about editions. I found a set used, but it looks slightly different from the sample I see online. Would this matter at the third grade level? Does anyone have any ideas on if this math is good at this level? My daughter wants a textbook approach with lots of drill work. She has done Math U See prior to this change and we always have had to supplement as their is not enough drill work. She is my "text booky" child. Smile..........was not prepared for this type! Any thoughts? I'd sure appreciate them. Blessings, Janice
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