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  1. I have been looking for a math curriculum for my ds 12 who is going into 7th. He's currently finishing up CLE 5 and does well with it. He is very mathy. (He's behind because I switched from MUS a few years ago and I haven't been too concerned with levels... just progress.) I just keep having this feeling that he's just going through the motions with it and not really understanding it. I had only planned on doing CLE as far as next year with him and then move into pre-algebra. Now I'm wondering if I should just switch now. I had been seriously considering TT, but am a little reluctant after hearing some bad reviews here and seeing how easy the samples look. He could easily start their algebra 1 now, but I don't think he could do that in another program. Thinkwell looks very interesting. I really don't know much about it, but the sample video was very clear and engaging. I definitely need a video with math! I am especially considering their 6th or 7th grade program. What can you tell me about Thinkwell? Is it a good program? Does it teach concepts well? Would it prepare him for college level math? Anything else you can share would be great. Thanks in advance! Gayle
  2. I just wanted to jump in and say that my son was able to read those words when he was doing Rewards. There is also a spelling component in the Rewards lessons, which we had to skip. Too many tears just wasn't worth it! We use AAS & MegaWords for spelling, so I didn't want his reading practice to ruined with spelling. Gayle
  3. Thanks for the insights! I guess it's not a good idea to skip 700. I'll just try to make sure we get it all in. Thanks again!:) Gayle
  4. I have a son finishing up CLE Math 5 soon and will be starting with 602 right after that. The only problem is that he's a sixth grader this year. I want him to do Pre-Algebra in 8th so he's ready for Algebra 1 in 9th (we plan on using BJU Math with the dvd's from 8th or 9th on). To catch him up, can we skip the 700 series of Math? Is it just a foundational review, or is it necessary for Pre-Algebra? I'm thinking we'd skip 700 and go onto 800 or another prealgebra program. He gets math and doesn't struggle at all. I know I shouldn't worry about levels, but I do :-). He's definitely going onto college and may well end up in a science or medical field, so he really needs to be on track with Algebra 1. How do I catch him up? Thanks in advance! Gayle
  5. " The rep at the homeschool conference told me if I did that she would be repeating alot of math- so I should start her in VT next year in 8th. " Which rep told you that... from CLE or VT? I'm curious because I was planning on having my son finish up CLE math with either 7 or 8 and then move into pre-algebra. Does VT cover pre-algebra? :) Gayle
  6. Thanks for the heads up on keeping track of their progress! This is my diligent perfectionist daughter who "wants the most out of her education" (her words, not mine), but you never know! Anyone else?:bigear: Gayle
  7. We have been using CLE Math 5 and it's been going well for my son, but has been starting to become a problem for my daughter (11). She is really struggling lately. We have taken extra time on each lesson and I've been re-teaching the concepts, but I'm a little worried that it's crushing her spirit. She's not a mathy girl (reading and writing are her strong suits), so I'm not too worried about her going into a math-heavy field. I just want her to understand math enough for college and life beyond. I don't want it to be an area that discourages her. I saw Teaching Textbooks at a homeschool convention and it looks like it might be good for her. Does anyone know how it compares to CLE? She really needs daily review... does TT have that? We have done BJU in the past with the dvd's, but there just wasn't enough review. She couldn't remember the concepts beyond the chapter. I looked at the TT placement tests, and they look so easy. She's doing things now in CLE 5 that are introduced in TT 7. Maybe it being easier would help her confidence. I'm just not sure I want to switch math, but she sure needs something! Thanks in advance for any advise! Gayle
  8. These look delish! Thanks for sharing... I'm always on the lookout for good GF recipes!!! Gayle
  9. Welcome! This is a great place to learn about all kinds of things! I have 3 kiddos. My ds 12 has dylexia and (maybe) ADHD. I've learned a ton here! Gayle:)
  10. Thanks for all the helpful replies! I'm kind of leaning toward Spanish at this point, given my son's dyslexia. It just might be too much for him right now. I'm going to check out some of the Latin programs at our homeschool convention... maybe I'll have some better insight after seeing them. Thanks again! Gayle
  11. What form of caffiene do you use? I've done Coke & Pepsi, but I hate for him to have all the sugar, and I don't want the aspartame of the diet. Gayle
  12. My son has dyslexia and possibly ADHD. He's 12 and I have really had my head in the sand about him. I've finally started reading books on ADHD and he is described in every book! My husband is really against Rx medication, but would consider a natural supplement. Are there any that actually help with focusing? I've heard of Focus Factor, ADD-Care, and Attentive Child. (He's a different child when he has caffiene in his system, but I'm not excited about giving him that on a regular basis.) :confused: Any help please? Thanks! Gayle
  13. Do you think Latin would be hard for someone with Dyslexia? My ds 12 is dyslexic and struggles with grammar & spelling. I'm hoping Latin would help him, but maybe it would be too much to add. He reads well, though. Gayle
  14. I did AbeCeDarian C before/with Rewards. He could do most of ABCD on his own. He was finishing up ABCD when we started Rewards. Gayle
  15. I'm looking at doing a language next year for my 3 kids (12, 11,& 9). I was planning on Spanish, but I keep hearing about the benefits of doing Latin. I am NOT a language person and really don't know which to go with. Would Latin help them learn Spanish in the future? (We have done some Spanish, so they're familiar with it, but not fluent by any means.) So, would you pick Latin or Spanish, and why? Thanks! Gayle
  16. My son was reading at about a 5th grade level when we started Rewards Intermediate. He actually only missed two words on the pretest, but I had him go through the whole book anyway. I'm glad I did because he really needed the practice. There were lots of long words that were quite challenging. You may want to wait a bit. We also did AbeCeDarian level C, which was easier. Gayle
  17. I had posted some time back about using Rewards Intermediate with my son. We did and it was a big help. He really came a long way with it. We just finished it and now I'm getting ready to start him on Rewards Plus to continue the progress. Anyone have any wisdom about using Rewards Plus? I haven't decided yet whether to use Science or Social Studies. I'm hoping it will be as good as the Intermediate was. Thanks! Gayle:)
  18. I don't have Rewards Secondary, but I do have the Intermediate TM for sale. I just posted it on the For Sale board. Intermediate is like the Secondary, but goes a bit slower and has additional vocabulary practice. :001_smile: Gayle
  19. I used BJU math 5 with my son who is dyslexic. There was no way he could copy the problems onto paper. I bought a used textbook and had him write directly in the book. Most of the time there was plenty of room to work the problems. He used a darker lead pencil so his answers showed up more clearly. If you really love BJU math, you could always try writing in the book. Gayle
  20. I went ahead and ordered ABCD C and the Spelling just so that we can at least get started doing something. It certainly couldn't hurt! :001_smile: Gayle
  21. Should I just wait? I could order AbeCeDarian C or D to do with him in the meantime. I just hate the thought of so much time going by without a specific program. (Doing ABCD first was my original plan, so maybe that's what I should stick with.) :001_smile: Gayle
  22. I just got my Rewards order, but the Teacher's Edition is backordered until at least March 4th! I was really hoping to start this week, but now I'm not sure what to do. The student book was included, so I could try to muddle through with that, but I have no idea what to do. Could someone give me heads up on what goes on in a lesson, or should I just wait till the TE is here? I can't stand the thought of waiting an additional month... Thanks for listening! Gayle
  23. Thanks for the helpful replies! My son had vision therapy a few years ago and it really helped. There are still issues related to the dyslexia, but I think the vision therapy was good. I had him rechecked about 6 months ago and he seems to be doing fine eye-wise. I think I'm going to give karate a try. Anything that crosses the midline should help. I don't expect a cure, but I want to give it a try. Couldn't hurt. I've looked at Kenpo karate and a more traditional type (which I don't know the name for... it's Japanese, I think). Is there a difference with the moves? I'm wondering if it would accomplish the same things. Thanks! Gayle
  24. That's good to hear! I really want to try this for him, but it's so expensive that I want to make sure it's worth it :) Gayle
  25. I have heard that karate can be helpful for children with dyslexia and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with that? My ds 12 has just been dx and could sure use any extra help he could get! He is a leftie, but is right eye dominate, so we've done some Brain Integration Therapy. We've done lots of things to cross the mid-line, but I really question if it helps or not. I'm hoping that Karate would help with both the mixed-dominance and the dyslexia. Any thoughts on that? Thanks! Gayle
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