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  1. Thank you for your response. Do you think both programs are on the "easy" side? I'm not a mathy person, so it's hard for me to judge. I just really want to cement what he's learning. Anyone else? Gayle
  2. I'm cross posting this from the K-8 board. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :) Would I be crazy to use Math U See PreAlgebra at the same time as Teaching Textbooks PreAlgebra? I'm thinking of doing 1 day of MUS with me, then independently the rest of the week, and then 4 days of TT. My ds13 is dyslexic and really needs a bit more time with concepts before moving on, but he also needs a lot of review. I have always had him (and his sisters) do at least 2 other supplemental math things, so the workload wouldn't be new. I would drop the extra math activities. Is this crazy?!?! Would the two mesh together well, or maybe clash too much? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Gayle
  3. Would I be crazy to use Math U See PreAlgebra at the same time as Teaching Textbooks PreAlgebra? I'm thinking of doing 1 day of MUS with me, then independently the rest of the week, and then 4 days of TT. My ds13 is dyslexic and really needs a bit more time with concepts before moving on, but he also needs a lot of review. I have always had him (and his sisters) do at least 2 other supplemental math things, so the workload wouldn't be new. I would drop the extra math activities. Is this crazy?!?! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Gayle
  4. This is probably a big long shot, but maybe it's gluten related. I had very similar symptoms and spent 2 years going to every specialist and having every kind of test done. Nothing was ever found. A friend with Celiac suggested going gluten free, and I was desperate enough to try it. Surprisingly, all my symptoms went away within a month. If nothing else works, it could be worth a try. Whatever it is, I hope you find out soon! Gayle
  5. My husband is a Chiropractor who has Ideal Protein in his office. I don't know much about it as I am gluten intollerant and can't eat any of the food and don't need to lose weight, but I know he's had wonderful results with it. He lost 30 lbs. and has had so many people lose a lot of weight on it. Most people are able to keep it off because you phase off of it slowly. It's pricey, but you are not buying regular food, so it kind of balances out. I think there is an Ideal Protein web site with more info. :) Gayle
  6. Bob Jones has an awesome Elementary Spanish program. I'm pretty sure that if you buy the kit, it comes with DVD lessons for the first year (It's a 3 year program and BJU produced lessons when they still had their satellite programming). The teacher on the DVD is wonderful and my kids enjoyed it immensely! Gayle
  7. I've used both. The Spectrum we used was just general testing type questions not necessary related to just the ITBS. The Scoring High is specifically related to the ITBS, so the practice questions are good samples of ones you would actually encounter on the ITBS. I found myself crossing out a lot on the Spectrum one because it just didn't apply to what we needed. Gayle
  8. I love TT and would definitely move ahead after doing the placement test. If you do skip a book, look carefully at the table of contents to see what would be missed. Certain things like geometry and measurement are not covered every year. Gayle
  9. We have used BJU dvd's for over 3 years now. I started using them as a last-ditch effort to save our homeschool during a very stressful year. I only planned to use them short-term, but my kids LOVED them! They are the ones who wanted to keep using them. I really love them, too. The teaching is top-notch and I never have to worry about what is being covered. The teachers are always nice and never get frustrated :tongue_smilie:. We do most subjects with the dvd's, with the exception of math. We start at 8 and are usually done by 12. It's really not a ton of screen time. Some classes are 30 min, some are 15. They stop and read or work on worktext pages during the lessons, so it's not continuous viewing. I do sit in on Science (6th grade) with my older 2 because it's tough! It's still work for the parent... just a different type of work. There is managing and grading to be done, plus helping out with work and reviewing material. The bulk of the teaching is taken off of your shoulders, which is nice. It frees you up to work with other kids (I rotate working one on one with math between my 3 kiddos during our school day.) We still love the dvd's and plan to continue using them indefinitely. There is a yahoo group called HomeSat that is for users of the dvds. Most of the people on there have used BJU distance learning for years. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Gayle
  10. It absolutely helps my ADHD 13 year old son! If he doesn't have caffeine in the am before school, nothing productive gets done and he's a real pain to be around. He also takes omega 3s every day, and Attentive Child supplements. We haven't tried a prescription med. yet, but this is working for now. I think you would need a cup of coffee or a whole can of coke to see an effect. When we first experimented with it, we gave him a coke (which we had always avoided completely), and saw a dramatic difference within 30 min. He was a different child. Good luck with trying it out! Gayle
  11. Thank you for posting those! Some definitely fit my situation, so I think I'll give it a try. I appreciate the inspiration :) Gayle
  12. What are your rules? I really like the idea of posting them. My 13ds is really starting to give me attitude and I can't stand it!! Thanks! Gayle
  13. What a great idea! My kiddos love to trade legos! We attended a Lego Club where that was pretty much the main activity. They had a ball! Gayle
  14. We opened ours yesterday and found naked Santa. Not a great choice on Lego's part. Very strange, but so is the shower. Gayle
  15. Not sure if this is correct or not, but isn't Thinkwell all done on the computer? I sure hope you find a good fit! Gayle
  16. I did the Brain Integration Therapy with my son who was mixed dominance. We also patched his eye during the day for a school year. His mixed dominance is gone...he's all on the left side now :). We tried the supplements from the Biology of Behavior cd, but didn't notice a big He also did Vision Therapy about a year before the BIT. I noticed a difference after doing BIT & VT, but he is still dyslexic. He loves to read and reads above grade level, but spelling & handwriting are terrible. We're still working on that:). All in all, I'd say the BIT was worthwhile for us. Gayle
  17. Thank you for sharing your experience. My son is a bare-bones kind of person..he just wants the facts. We actually have the Bob Jones math DVDs, but those are torture for him to watch because of the long explanations. Maybe Math Mammoth would be a better supplement? We have been using LOF for additional work, but he hates it...too long-winded and far fetched for him. Gayle
  18. Anyone know if the Teaching Company's Basic Math course is good, and if it would be a good supplement for a struggling 7th grader? I'm thinking it would be a good addition to help him better understand the basics, but am worried that it might be too hard. Any opinions on it? Thanks! Gayle
  19. I hadn't thought of Saxon as being organized in a way that would bother him as a dyslexic. We do the DIVE cd's and I sit with him for that. We really don't refer to the book until he starts working the problems. We have used MUS and Bob Jones in the past. MUS was too narrowly focused. My ds wanted more of a variety of topics, rather than just studying one thing so in depth. Bob Jones just was not his thing either. We used the dvd's but it drove him crazy. I also think there wasn't quite enough review. I'm just going to have him suck it up for now, I think. I know he can do it. Maybe I'll try it until Christmas break and see how things are then. I really do wish I felt more comfortable using TT with him. I just have these doubts about it based on the negative feedback I've heard about it. Gayle
  20. That is the same boat as us! My son had finished CLE math 5 and did very well with it. He barely placed into Saxon 8/7, which I got for him and realized it was well beyond what he could do. I ended up buying Saxon 7/6, which is what we've been doing. It's very frustrating for him. I really do want Saxon to work, but not sure our relationship can take it :tongue_smilie: Gayle
  21. I wasn't aware that TT uses "new math". I've been using it with my daughter (TT7) and it has been pretty traditional in the way it teaches, even long division. I am sad to hear that they do use new math because that's what ruined math for me when I was in school. Do you know how much is in there? Gayle
  22. Both good points. Sticking it out might help teach some perserverence, but if it ends up not working out in the long run, I don't want to build resentment of math, especially when he has always done well with it. I'm just not sure what to do! Maybe we'll try Saxon a bit longer...
  23. Aarrgghh!!!!! I hate math!!! My son is pretty good in math, but lazy and not very attentive (has dyslexia & adhd). We did CLE math last year, but while he could do the work, he didn't really understand or retain what he was doing. We are doing Saxon 7/6 this year with the DIVE cds. Every day has been a battle. He really hates it. Hates the work, doesn't like the cd, and misses many simple things that he knows. I have him fix every wrong answer and it's never a problem the second time around. My dd, however, is a not a mathy person and cried every day with CLE math. This year she is doing TT7 and LOVES it. She understands it and feels good about doing math. This is a first for her! I'm fine with TT for her because I know she'll never go into a math-heavy field. I wanted my son to do Saxon because I could see him in a math-type field. I don't want to limit his options. Should I switch my son to TT to make our lives easier? Will I ruin him for life if I do? I have heard so many times that TT is light and too easy. I just want him to learn math well and not have it be torture. I hate to spend yet more money on math, but Saxon is just not working out like I thought it would. Should we just tough it out?? ARGH!!!! What should I do??? :confused: Gayle
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