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  1. If you are using LTW Level One, fifth edition, look at the table of contents. The whole book is about persuasive essays. While COMPARISON is one of the Five Common Topics (Definition, Comparison, Relationship, Circumstance, and Testimony), it does sound confusing when you know about comparison essays. The Five Common Topics allow the student to come up with many ideas for their ANI chart. The lesson summaries, which begin on page 137, explain the specific tool taught in each lesson and will probably help you immensely. Also, have you been watching the online videos (you should have received a code when you purchased your book)? The new videos do a great job of explaining the LTW writing program.
  2. Have you looked at Novare Physics: Modeling Nature for advanced students?
  3. Re: Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech. Just wondering if you have tried looking at:
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