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  1. This is the exact thread I was searching for...dd will be a 9th grader next year and we are in the planning stages. I am overwhelmed reading through the info on AP classes. Growing up in early 90s, you took your bio, chem, physics, and an AP science your senior year. But I hear and see at my local ps that kids take AP all throughout in various classes? I'm perplexed! But looking through this thread, the comments vary...some have taken the AP classes with no earlier intro class and others recommend against it. How many AP's are these kids expected to take to demonstrate rigor,etc. as homeschoolers (or just as teens)?
  2. Wow! Thank you for such thoughtful replies. I really appreciate it.
  3. Hello! I recently enrolled my 8th grade daughter for four classes for fall 2021/2022 school year with Memoria Press Online Academy. We were initially just going to enroll her in just a couple courses, but then she became so interested in the Logic and Literature courses they offer, that we ended up with four. Now I'm looking at the diploma program and considering having her apply for it (we would just add one more course to do so). I'm trying to sort out reasons for obtaining/advantages to having an MPOA diploma vs just taking MPOA classes here and there to add to our homeschool transcript to demonstrate rigor and outside accountability. Does anyone have a teen enrolled in the diploma program? I know MPOA is not accredited by one of the 7 or so accreditation organizations, so is there any point in getting this? It seems that the accreditation is most important to high schools, such that if you plan to re-enter your local state or private school you better make sure your classes are accredited so you are not re-taking courses or being held back a grade in high school. I don't know that colleges/universities really care about accreditation. I've always had the impression that being a homeschooler puts your teen in a separate category of applicants and that many universities have admission staff that work specifically with homeschool applicants. Are there any advantages to getting a diploma? Thank you in advance for any advice or thoughts you may have! And frank thoughts are totally fine! That's why I posted here:) You guys are awesome at helping posters like me sort things out! Sincerely, Kim
  4. We are currently using Saxon Math 3 for our 8 year old. The lessons, along with the meeting, flashcards, timed worksheets, and worksheet A/B can take 1-2 hours to complete...do you typically get through all of this in a single day or are you dividing this up to spend around an hour/day? As written, I think this is too much time spent on math for a daily lesson. Any ideas out there on how you break it up or omit things? Thank you!
  5. We've used First Language Lessons for the past two years and we are now into year 3 (book 3 for my 3rd grader and book 4 for my 5th grader). Honestly, it's a real struggle. I generally like the program. I feel that it's solid. The trouble is, we fight with the back and forthness of it...My eldest loves how Saxon math 5/4 is pretty independent. Is there a comparable grammar program where the student can navigate it independently for the most part? I feel that my 3rd grader is not ready for book 3 which involves a lot of sentence diagramming. Isn't that more of a Logic stage skill? I remember practicing that in 6th grade (everyday) growing up. I've looked through Treasured Conversations but I don't like the use of full sentences for outlining. I might use the first section of it though for functional use of parts of speech. Any ideas on grammar would be very much appreciated!
  6. Jenney's 1st year and 2nd year Latin (1987 editions) for advanced Latin study rather than Henle
  7. We were considering making a trip to Colonial Williamsburg with our two daughters (8 and 10) in September to participate in Fall Homeschool Days. For those who have visited during Fall Homeschool Days, do the activities during this time make a visit to Colonial Williamsburg more interesting and fun for kids?
  8. Great place! Another Philly adventure is at UPenn's Museum 40 Winks with the Sphinx monthly sleepover in the Egyptian gallery. We took part in this last fall during our SOTW1 studies. It was fantastic. http://www.penn.museum/kids-and-family/40-winks-with-the-sphinx.html
  9. Hello! Does anyone know what books are on the booklist for level 3? I looked on Amazon and Level 2's are listed but I did not see a list for Level 3. I am really considering purchasing these books for fall. They look great!..thanks!
  10. we will be using it for grammar stage, earth science.
  11. I often browse the MP catalog and wonder how it is....good to hear thoughts above. Can someone explain what the Literature guides are like in content? I've considered it for my 2nd and 3rd grade girls...thanks!
  12. Anyone out there ever use Elemental Science? I'm considering it for earth science in the fall....thanks:)
  13. We've been using IEW's PAL writing program (for K-2 grade level) this year. I then bought TWSS and watched the first 3 sections. It has gone well so far....Our dds will be 2nd and 3rd grade this fall with homeschooling. After browsing the IEW catalog, I see SWI-A and have seen mention of it....Now what is SWI-A? I understand it is Mr. Pudewa in DVD's? It covers grades 3-5. Is SWI-A just another way to jump into the program for children in 3rd-5th grade? Is this information already covered in TSWW? I'd like to start using IEW this year with our own reading passages, etc.. across the curriculum. The PAL program had passages in it to really get us started...but just wondering what this SWI-A package is....Thanks!
  14. As we wrap up SOTW 1 and plan for next year, I am just curious to know what others did for SOTW 2 (good books, activities, projects, etc.) that weren't in the SOTW activity guide.
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