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  1. I taught the BJU life science and physical science in 7th and 8th grade to a classroom. I didn't have the tests available to me, so I made up my own questions, which I think is better IMO. I recommend the teacher's manual and student text since, assuming the teacher's manual has the scripture references, field trip ideas, and experiment ideas. I don't think you need anything but those two items to have a great curriculum. I agree, you could combine your children in the 4th grade, but Life Science for 7th grade is great. You could probably even just order teaching text and call it a day if you really wanted to cut costs. Check homeschool classifieds for cheap versions.
  2. Has anyone used Alpha Omega Publications Monarch/Switched on Schoolhouse science and language arts and had good results? I have trouble getting around to science and thought this would be good for my upcoming 3rd and 5th graders. We use Climbing to Good English for LA, but it doesn't seem to stick/transfer into their writing. Thoughts???
  3. I second getting an evaluation from a private educational psych. I paid $105 for one and it was a 3 hour test. I'm so glad I did it!! She was 6 at the time and the Abeka readers just about killed her. We restarted with Starfall.com (free) and then she did some exercises in the Childrens workbooks for dyslexics. Explode the code online also helped tremendously. She can now read books like spider wick chronicles (she's 9). The ed psych that did the testing actually tutors my children and said reversals are not uncommon up to age 8. She sent me a huge list of websites. Email me if you are interested and I can forward it to you. I guarantee the money spent on getting the test done will be well worth it.
  4. I'm torn on what to add for grammar. Should i just continue in with Climbing to Good English? I looked at their website again and it is same website as rod and staff. Same publisher I guess? Website makes them seem interchangeable, expect CTGE is workbook. I do love Mystery of History. Have you tried doing your own WWE every week? I own the instructor book, so I could do that . Just thought that might add too much to my load. I'll take a look at it again. Thanks for the thoughts.
  5. Need help!! Please help me figure out what to buy. Looking at Abeka for LA for my ds age 7 (2nd) and daughter age 9 (4th). We have only done First Language Lessons 1 and Writing With Ease 1. I feel behind!! I'm trying to find a curriculum for LA but not spend a fortune or eat up a ton of time (baby due June and 3 yr old). My main concern is grammar and writing. We have lots of books to read, so I'm not as worried about reading curriculum, and my daughter has dyslexia, so I was thinking of not focusing on spelling. So, what products should I get? I'd like to stick with something that works for the long haul. Is this possible?
  6. Thought about getting mp3 for history and science to make sure that gets done.
  7. Thanks for info- I'm considering pressing on with FLL 2 combined with both kids and then WWE 1 with 7 yr old and WWE 2 with 9 year old and try to get through it. Is that crazy? Or dig up the money and buy little bits of CLE LA 100 for 7 yr old and LA 200 for 9 yr old?
  8. Streamlining curriculum I own- okay, so I posted a few days ago asking about CLE, which looks great, but it would cost over $200 to pick up LA, reading, and Bible. I own sonlight core a,b, and books from c. I own horizons math through 4th grade, FLL 2, Mystery of History 2, wwe 1, and 2, spectrum spelling books for 2nd and 4th, climbing to good english 2, explode the code online, writing strands... As you can tell I'm a curriculum junkie. Please help me streamline this mess for my 9 and 7 year old, 3 yr old running around and baby due in June. I now feel behind because it was hard to get much done from Oct. to Jan. due to pregnancy. I need to figure out how to use what I've got. I feel good about horizons math because it seems to work (even though CLE is tempting me). Please help.
  9. Can someone tell me how their students have performed on standardized tests or in college after using Horizons as a large part of their math education? I'm trying to decide if I should switch from Horizons math to Christian Light Education Math. Thoughts? I have a 4th grader (she's in second book of math 3) a 2nd grader (in book 1 of math 2) and a 3 yr old. I'm also pregnant with 4th.
  10. I see lots of posts recommending CLE products. I currently have a 4th grader, 2nd grader, 3 year old, and baby due June of this year. I need to streamline my situation. How do the kids do testing wise after using CLE? Any high school grads used it?? Here's my problem: I was sick starting in October from the pregnancy and then when I felt better at Christmas, we went out of town and our house needed to be put back in shape. So, I use Horizons math (which is great), I have First language lessons 2 and writing with ease 2 and sequential spelling, but I have trouble getting these things done, not to mention history, science... So I basically focus on them reading a minimum of 45 min per day, doing one math lesson, explode the code online. Should I just start using a CLE program and get the kids stuff done? Then add in fun projects as we can from the Story of the World Activity Guide (which is awesome)? Please help streamline this mess for me. I've even thought about illuminations for a streamlined process. I like chronological history but love sonlight telling me what to do every day. I think I need some hand holding at this point in the juncture.
  11. I have gone through the new baby thing with less kids- it's tough. I think rod and staff is a good choice and you can get workbooks of Climbing to Good English if you aren't interested in First Language lessons. I enjoy the sonlight readings, but I think if you do read aloud, you could just buy the booklist. The series are usually enjoyable and your read aloud can stem from books you are introduced to and enjoy. Mystery of history and story of the world are both enjoyable history curriculum. I have my kids sit down together at math time and they work on it with me there to assist. I use sequential spelling with my K'er and 2nd grader (would work for 1st and 3rd). Just combine what subjects you can- for sure science and history and try R&S for older. I should have structure this better. Sorry!
  12. I have three kids, dd8, ds6, and dd1. I haven't gotten through ancient history yet, but should I follow an accerated plan to get my dd8 caught up to entering 4th grade in fall 2014 back on track with SOTW modern history and science. Or should I just pick up and have my Ds6 be the one on track? I focused more on math and lit, then added back in grammar(we are still in FLL1 and wwe1), started spelling. What should I do?
  13. What about Climbing to Good English? It's $4 for workbook at rainbow resource and $7 for teacher manual. I had my friend compare it to R&S and she thought it looked preferable. Wish someone else could chime in on this. I'm curious myself.
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