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  1. Love the suggestions I will definately check them out. :)
  2. Wow, thanks so much for the suggestions. I'll do my homework now and investigate which route is best. I think any of these will work for her. Again thanks...
  3. Hello everyone, I have a 6th grader that is a wonderful reader and writer. I would even say above her grade level. I have put her in some writing classes online as a result she types all of her papers and does well. Recently we joined a coop where she hand writes sentences during class and takes notes. I've noticed that her spelling needs some work. Can you suggest a curriculum that she could use independently to improve this?
  4. Interesting... I'll ask some SM gurus I know if they use the R-L at all.
  5. I stand corrected. You are right the singaporemath.com books teach this. Such a shame... It is so much faster and logical the other way. Identical to how you do mental math. I question if this is the true Singapore way. My understanding it's not. Anyone know?
  6. I should explain some more... I did the same as you ladies switching from L-R to R-L with my oldest around 3rd grade but you are not suppose to. My understanding is they never show R-L addition or subtraction/borrowing or carrying in SM. It stays L-R throughout SM. That's one of the main reasons it is such a success. I knew at the time I should not have but out of convenience I switched my oldest. Im now working on going back to how SM is suppose to be taught L-R. I'm learning even with the larger problems it is so much faster for me and my children. The only reason I took a look at how it was taught was because my oldest sometimes took so much time to solve problems or minor mistakes with carrying/ borrowing. That's when I came across www.singaporemathlive.com and their 3rd grade mental math sample on there try it for free page.
  7. My understanding is they never show R-L addition or subtraction/borrowing or carrying in SM. It stays L-R throughout SM. That's one of the main reasons it is such a success.
  8. I have been using SM for years now homeschooling my children. I have found the left to right mental math and calculating such an essential part of SM. As essential as the bar modeling.It just makes so much sense to me. I wish I had been taught this as a child. Anyway recently I have been bumping into others that use SM and teach the usual borrowing and carrying over. Anyone do the same?
  9. Thanks so much Pdriskell for the info in TPS. I will certainly investigate the option...
  10. Trying to figure out an online writing class for my 5th grade child and considering MP or CAP. Does anyone have any experience/opinions with using these curriculums or classes? Also, considering their literature classes. Thoughts???? I have not heard much about CAP... Thanks...
  11. I am searching high and low for reviews or opinions. The seem great
  12. Hello NEprariemom, I have been looking at the same books but have not been able find reviews either. Anyone use them? I have 2 children and each one would be a t different levels. Are you using them? How is it going?
  13. Thanks cbollen for the post... I'm glad someone has knowledge about ESA. I will definately look for it on sale, maybe thru homeschool buyers co-op. I'm still a bit undecided what to add. Hmmm... I may look alittle more on-line and then decide. Thanks...
  14. Thanks so much Cookie Monster and Janet for the reviews on Time 4 Learning. It seems no one uses ESA. ???? Thanks again....
  15. I am looking for an online curriculum to supplement our regular work. Anyone use either one of these? I have not been able yo find reviews on ESA. Thanks, Suz
  16. Has anyone used isingaporemath.com...the interactive Singapore Math Textbook Companion or any of the others they offer along with the Singapore Math books? Good/Bad? I found this a while ago and am considering it but cannot find any reviews. Thanks...
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