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  1. I was thinking we'd use it as needed so that we may not watch every lecture. She already spends plenty of time working on the lessons. I'm thinking I'd feel better having it available though. So far it sounds good to me! :)
  2. Thanks! I am specifically looking at biology right now. So there's downloadable/ printable tests too? That's good, I think we'd use the extra tests similarly to how we use the summaries and study guides for practice and study. That would be helpful. My kid is loving this course and is asking for more practice on topics and would like to go a little deeper too. The only thing holding me back from the RWTs is the price of the cds! I can't find them anywhere used!
  3. I'm wanting them for reinforcement, different way of explaining maybe, and extra clarification. of the topics taught in apologia's high school courses. Do they help in explaining and clarifying? Or is it about the same as what's in the text? We are doing well in our courses so far.
  4. I have successfully moved a 4th grader from completing mus gamma and delta in one year then into saxon 54. (She needed to go back and work on those basics before we could move up and on.) The first half of saxon was easy for her. I plan on dong the same with the next one up.
  5. I originally switched from horizons to mus and it has been very successful! I agree with your concern about being prepared for testing time though and I've seen it for the last several testing years from my then 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. In my state the annual testing is only for our family's records though, so I don't worry about it much. Obviously when you look at the tests you can see what you haven't covered. I tell my kids that the test cant tell me anything I don't already know about them. :) I switch to saxon during 5th and then I can tell on tests they are well prepared. If your testing is more vital to your homeschooling then I would suggest something like these... http://www.rainbowresource.com/proddtl.php?id=051520
  6. My DS types them out. She thinks it helps with her retention. Sometimes you can find the CDROMs of the Solutions & Tests pretty cheap on eBay.
  7. Hello, I am planning out my 1st college bound, high schooler's route in writing. We have done and loved IEW's SWI-C. Now 'm shopping for the next course to take and after researching reviews and samples of IEW's other offerings....I WANT THEM ALL!! :) I am interested in Ellegant Essay, Writing Research Papers, Adv. Communication set (which I have), and Essay Intensive. I am sure doing all is overkill, but they look so good! I would like to get a plan laid out, but being new to high schooling, and not knowing how to prep for college, I could use some experience to chime in here. Like I said, I want them all! We will be working on Janice Campbell's Lit series too. BTW the kid loves reading and writing. So my main questions are... 1. What IEW writing courses would you put in the line up for all 4 years of high school? 2. And on which can I get away with not buying the TM's? I am not strong in writing, essays, etc. so I'm thinking I should get the TM's? I was able to work along with the SWI though, so I don't know, just trying to save some $. Thank you in advance for your help. I have been devouring the high school posts lately. :)
  8. http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/030251/31f00045e1fd6534c65f60ab Oops! Here's the link! :) It is called Reader Rabbit Baby & Toddler
  9. Just wanted to share an awesome computer program I found! I got it from Rainbow last Sept. and started it with my then 1.5 y.o. We began on the 'baby' part of it. SOOOOO cute!!! It only took about a week (10-15 minutes a day) for my LO to get it. And it IS educational! Not just a game. The ' part toddler' is even better. They do matching shapes & letters, very simple counting (1-5), grouping similar items (animals, numbers). Not any pressure to actually understand the numbers, just to see the matching number and put them together.Lots of singing. LO sees siblings work on the computer during school and so naturally wants to do it too. The program makes it so that the child can push any key on the board and something will happen. Same with the mouse. I wish I found this years ago. I had been looking at another baby software on Rainbow that was around $20! This one is only $8! I do limit her computer time to 2-3 times a week and no more than 15 minutes at a time. I want to keep it special. Hope this helps someone. :)
  10. Yes! The Structure and Style Overview dvd is a good idea to try! I saw it on Rainbow for $10. Here... http://www.rainbowresource.com/proddtl.php?id=044600
  11. We are planning on going through Apologia's Biology and I saw there is a DIVE lecture cd for it. I also saw on the DIVE site that they have a syllabus for it to be used with Apologia but not going through the book in it's intended order. Here's my questions... Has anyone used Apologia Biology as the main course and supplemented with the DIVE lecture cd's? How did it work for you? Is it worth the additional cost? Or is the Apologia text and multimedia cdrom good enough? Thanks! I appreciate your input. :)
  12. To address your main question... IEW's SWI's dvd's are the instructor acctually teaching a group the lessons. So I would assume you could just learn along with the child. I just got IEW's SWI-A & C. For each SWI level you would need the SWI dvd set and a student materials packet (reproducible). New they are kinda pricey. Make sure to check for used. You may score a complete set for $50-75 instead of $110. Also, one set I just got used, the student materials were an older set that IEW has now improved upon for the teacher. Now they include lesson plans and have numbered all the pages, and the layout is much more teacher friendly. So make sure if you buy used to see if the materials come with lesson plans and all pages are numbered. Save yourself some headache. :) You can tackle all those 'ad ons' after you have a good start with a SWI level since you will have been introduced to the concepts. And if you are going to be working this with a 4th grader consider level A. Happy Homeschooling! ~J
  13. Silly question time! (I'm new to high school. :) ) I am wondering how you grade Saxon Algebra 1? Are the problems worth 1,2 points? What do you do? How do you figure the worth of a problem? I am thinking of problems with multiple steps where a small mistake in one part can throw of your whole answer even though the rest is correct. And some are pretty long answers too! Leaves more room for a little mistake. Such as with variables, exponents. Thanks for your time. I appreciate it. :)
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