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  1. I still have them. Message me your email and I'll send them to you!
  2. Thank you all for your input! I'm going to go ahead and get a history text to go along with the program just to make sure we're covering our bases.
  3. Thank you for the info. So are you saying that just by doing all of the included content that you would count it as a history credit? I have no problem giving it a music history credit, but that counts as fine arts and not history and I'm aiming for a history credit. I may just get a history textbook and have her read the pertinent parts. We'll see.
  4. My daughter is an aspiring music major and is excited about doing Discovering Music this upcoming 10th grade year. On the website it says it's a full history credit, but looking through the content has me doubting. I'd love to add some non-fiction history reads to flesh it out. The course covers classical music, major historical events, and cultural and philosophical movements of the period 1600-1914. Do you have any history must-reads for this time period? I'd love to hear about them!! I've included the chapter titles below for reference, though I will admit they aren't the most descriptive. Thanks for your help!! Module 1 Using Music History to Unlock Western Culture Module 2 Music Entwined with Great Events of Western History Module 3 Technology, Terminology, and Cultural Perspective Module 4 Fanfare and Power: The Court of Louis XIV Module 5 Sweeping Away the Renaissance into the Baroque Module 6 Liturgical Calendar, Street Parties, and the New Church Music Module 7 A Lively Journey Through the Life of Johann Sebastian Bach Module 8 Enlightenment, Classicism, and the Astonishing Mozart Module 9 Into the Abyss: The Century Struggles with Unfettered Imagination Module 10 Beethoven as Hero and Revolutionary Module 11 Salons, Poetry, and the Power of Song Module 12 A Tale of Four Virtuosi and the Birth of the Tone Poem Module 13 Nationalism and the Explosion of Romantic Opera Module 14 The Absolutely New World of Wagner Module 15 Imperial Russia - A Cultural Odyssey Module 16 Load Up the Wagons: The Story of American Music Module 17 Turning the Page on Western Tradition with the Explosion of War
  5. For 8th grade history and science next year we are going to do a year of studying great inventions and inventors, and I want to hear about all your great resource ideas! I'm looking for books, projects, websites, videos, games, anything fun! What topics am I missing that you think are essential? Here are some of the topics we are thinking of studying so far based off of this book of inventions: Communications: Printing Press/Gutenberg Telegraph/Morse Telephone Radio Television/Farnsworth (This is my husband's Great-Great-Uncle) Transistors/Computers Internet Transportation Steam Engine/Watts Trains Automobile Airplanes/Wright Brothers Jet engine Rocket Engine Spacecraft Military Historical weapons Gunpowder Tank Submarine RADAR/Sonar Modern Conveniences Lightbulb/Edison Refrigeration Sewing Machine Medical Vaccines Microscope/Salk X-ray Microsurgery Entertainment Phonograph Moving Pictures Roller coasters Thanks for any help you can give!!
  6. Do you think the book is appropriate for a 9th grader who is still pretty innocent?
  7. This looks so much better than all the ones I've been finding that are all about the dark, gritty sides of India. It would be nice to have a positive look! Thank you!!
  8. I'd seen this one but thought it might be more about his search than India. Does it do a good job showcasing life in India? Thanks!
  9. I'm looking for a 9th grade level non-fiction book set in India to go along with our World Geography and Cultures class. I'd like it to be something that showcases modern society and life, and is enjoyable by a teen. I've spent far too many hours on this one. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  10. I'm not adding anything other than just the Usborne one. There's going to be enough going on between all her classes that I didn't want to add even more. If I was going to give a world religions credit I would definitely add more.
  11. My daughter won't read all these books either, but she likes to be able to choose her own. For output I'm using the Oak Meadow World Geography syllabus. They've got research topics, questions, and activity lists for all the different regions (though it's oddly lacking the Middle East?). I'll probably borrow ideas from the Build Your Library 7 schedule as well, I just haven't gotten it yet to know what I'm borrowing from it. I may not use it at all since there's a fair amount in the OM one already. I'm glad my list could be useful. I pieced it together from other geography lists. Good luck with your planning!
  12. I'm planning World Geography for 9th next year. These are the books I have planned already. It's very incomplete. I was hoping all you wonderful people could point out amazing things I have missed or ones I have listed that may be too hard. What are your must-haves for geography literature and non-fiction? SPINES: Geography: the Human and Physical World Oak Meadow Geography Syllabus Hungry Planet Material World Teens with the Courage to Give World Religions Geography Through Art Eat Your Way Around the World LITERATURE: INTRO TO GEOGRAPHY: NORTH AMERICA: The Call of the Wild SOUTH AMERICA: The Disappeared The Queen of Water EUROPE: The Importance of Being Earnest The Years of Rice and Salt Watership Down Something Shakespeare ASIA: Animal Farm Between Shades of Gray The Complete Persepolis Q&A: A Novel A Thousand Splendid Suns AFRICA: Cry, the Beloved Country The Poisonwood Bible AUSTRALIA and OCEANA: Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence Kon-Tiki ANTARCTICA: NON-FICTION: INTRO: How to Lie with Maps or The Road to There Guns, Germs, and Steel or Collapse NORTH AMERICA: The Log From the Sea of Cortez A Walk in the Woods SOUTH AMERICA: Child of the Dark EUROPE: My Family and Other Animals How the Irish Saved Civilization ASIA: I Am Malala The Endless Steppe The Lemon Tree AFRICA: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind AUSTRALIA: In a Sunburned Country ANTARCTICA: Endurance
  13. Thank you, cintinative, for being a better internet sleuth than I am! And thank you, mom31257! That's more than I had collected so far. I think I have something to go off of now.
  14. That's the one I found before. The first one is only a 10 week schedule for the summer. The thread on here has lots of broken links, and my searches avail me nothing. ? Thank you for helping, though!!
  15. I just wanted to add that I've seen the resources thread that's linked in the pinned thread about physics, but none of the links will work for me, so I can't get to the scheduling posts linked there. I feel like I'm in way over my head on this one and just need a shove in the right direction. Can anyone help?
  16. So after searching a lot more (How many tabs do I have open? Not sure any more.) I think I may have found something that looks good. Writing ER through Big River Academy. The teacher gets good reviews and the class is all about improving writing. For lit I'll just pick a few books we were going to read for history/geography anyway and add some lit guides or something. I'm guessing that I will give her 1 credit for composition? Maybe .5 for lit? Not sure about the whole credits thing. Thank you all for your suggestions!! I'm open to feedback on this plan as well.
  17. Do you feel like EIW is enough to bring a lazy writer up to speed? I've done lower levels of it, and it seemed like it would be good for good writers, but maybe not remedial?
  18. I don't think we'll be able to do this one. It sounds amazing, but the price is prohibitive. Our budget is about $500 for this class. Thank you for the suggestion though! So wish we could do it.
  19. I signed my daughter, who will be in 9th next year, up for English 2 at The Potters School. It's technically their 8th grade level, but the lit looked good and she needs a little more work on her writing. However, she "failed" the placement test, and they said she should sign up for English 1. Not a big deal; however, she's already read a fair amount of the literature, and it's pretty far below her reading level. The writing would probably be good for her, but the lit would bore her. So I'm thinking I need to split English up into lit, writing, and grammar. Writing HAS to be graded by someone else. I can handle grammar. I'm a little lost on lit. What writing program will get her writing up to high school level? What lit have you used and loved? I'll probably just do Analytical Grammar for grammar unless someone has another fabulous idea. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My mind has turned to mush researching all this. Thanks!!!
  20. I'm interested in the Language Arts classes through FLVS, but I've not been able to find many reviews of them. Has anyone taken them? Have thoughts, opinions? I'm specifically looking at 7th grade and maybe 9th. Thanks!!
  21. I promise I've searched for this, but my Google-fu must be lacking. Does anyone have a schedule for Hewitt's High School Conceptual Physics? I've seen a couple online, but they skip a lot of chapters and rearrange them all. I'm looking for one that schedules the book as-is over the 36 weeks of the school year. Even better if it has labs scheduled in. Thanks so much!!
  22. I'm in this same position as well. Daughter has done all of Lifeprint. I'm just going to sign her up for an online class for next year. We looked at Open Tent, BYU Independent Study, and I'm drawing a blank on the third. Sorry! We're going with BYU for a semester to see how it goes.
  23. Thank you for that info. It affirms what I suspected. I think I'm going to go ahead and use the Oak Meadow as my spine and just use BYL for book and activity ideas. Which basically means I'm back to writing my own schedule, which is what I was trying to avoid. Such is the homeschool life. ?
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