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  1. Would you say that CLE Math 600-800 covers mostly the same topics at approximately the same depth as Saxon Math Courses 1-3?
  2. One of the girls almost certainly has learning disabilities, but her mom seems to be in denial. The other is normally a capable student with no apparent learning issues, but she is extremely flippant about her schoolwork, and to top it off, she was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes in January and missed a lot of school days as a result.
  3. Thanks for this! I'm glad to learn that your children are making progress with CLE. 😊 I forgot to mention that we don't use the CDs for TT; I go through the lesson each day with the girls and we work the practice problems together and they do the problem set for homework. The next day, we go over the previous night's homework and i help them rework any missed problems. It seemed to work well, but then they scored 2 years below grade level on the standardized test.
  4. If you switched to CLE after using TT Math 7 the previous year... which level of CLE did you use and how did it go? I'm STILL undecided about math for next year, but I'm considering a switch to CLE after two of my students had a lackluster year in TT Math 7. For both of these girls, last year was their first year with me, and both placed into TT Math 7 according to TT placement tests I administered last fall. By the end of the school year in May, one barely passed TT Math 7 and both scored low in math (math Grade Equivalent score In the 5th grade range) on the state-required standardized test. I had decided to switch to Saxon for next year, and I recently had the girls take the Saxon placement test (an older test, I think...I found it online...1999), and they both placed into Math 87. BUT... one of the girls then informed me that she had used that exact textbook at her previous school! I checked her records, and found that she had indeed completed Math 87 (with a 74 average for the year) and had then transitioned into Algebra 1/2 before coming to me... So apparently there was little retention, since she placed into 87 on the placement test I gave. So.... now I'm collecting info regarding the CLE math program--I was thinking CLE Math 700, but from what I'm reading that might be too advanced???? I could give them the CLE placement test, but since these aren't my own children, I would have to schedule it with their parents, and that's a big undertaking considering it's now summer and there are family vacations and working parents' schedules to be considered, etc, etc. So that's why I asked for input from those who've BTDT. FWIW, I'm also considering ABeka Basic Math (7th) and BJU Fundamentals of Math (7th). Thoughts???
  5. I searched online and found the placements tests for the previous editions. I'll give those and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. The short version: I am considering using Saxon 8/7 or possibly 7/6 next school year and I need help deciding which level would be best for my situation. I have 2 girls who just finished Teaching Textbooks Math 7 and aren't ready for TT Pre-Algebra. One struggles with math as well as reading. She barely passed TT Math 7 (71 average). The other is a decent math student, but she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes about halfway through the school year and missed quite a bit of school and therefore a lot of key math concepts, so I'm sure she isn't ready for TT Pre-Algebra. So... both of these girls need a year of basic elementary/middle school math before beginning TT Pre-Algebra. I do plan to go back to Teaching Textbooks unless Saxon really clicks with them. I know that TT courses are "behind" other math publishers' courses, so which would be a better choice: Saxon 8/7 (1st edition) or Saxon 7/6 (either 1st edition or 2nd)??? I remember reading somewhere here on the boards that 1st edition 8/7 has fewer pre-algebra topics and more of a focus on arithmetic than 2nd edition, which I think is what the girls need at this point. I also read somewhere (not on the boards, but in a review on another website) that 7/6 is "the kingpin book in the Saxon series," so maybe it shouldn't be skipped??? Thoughts?
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, though! They're 8th & 9th graders, but working below grade level in their schoolwork. I'm sorry; I should've clarified.
  8. Thanks... I've tried this one and it's not going to work--too intimidating for these particular students. Maybe because it's a college level book and not really developed with middle schoolers in mind?
  9. I have several teenaged students working below grade level in math and they need a thorough review of basic math concepts. I definitely want a 7th grade textbook, worktext, or set of workbooks for each student (no online or CD programs). I've found BJU Fundamentals of Math and A Beka Basic Math (some copies have a tiny 7 in the upper left corner & some have no number). Do you know of others?
  10. I know this is an older thread... but is the Yahoo group still going? I searched and couldn't find it. A message said "This group doesn't exist." I'd love to see the files from any of the VP groups.
  11. Thanks, ladies. I'm feeling annoyed with myself for letting this happen. Beef is so expensive!
  12. I bought a vacuum sealed beef roast and put it in the refrigerator, intending to cook it this weekend. I thought the "use or freeze by" date was 4-8-17, but it was actually 3-31-17. It has been in the refrigerator since I bought it (never frozen), and the package is still vacuum sealed. Cook it or toss it?
  13. Ooooh, 10th grade would be way above their difficulty level! Thanks for the input.
  14. We need to cover 1800s to present (so, Year 4??). My girls infinitely prefer a textbook/workbook approach to a living books approach. I do supplement with interactive notebooks/lapbooks, so if there's a CD with printable timeline figures or maps, that would be a plus. 5th-6th grade level is about right, but need a book that does NOT have a grade level printed on the front because the girls are teenagers, reading well below grade level.
  15. Thanks so much for the info! Which companies besides DoTerra are MLM? (That's the company my pushy acquaintenance sells. Ugh.)
  16. I have several friends who use them, and dh got a sample from a friend who sells oils of some kind of oil that helps you breathe when you're congested. The friend told dh to put a tiny drop in his palm, rub his hands together, then hold his closed hands over his nose for a few seconds and breathe deeply. No idea what kind of oil it is, but it smells kind of menthol-ish and tea tree oil-ish. We'd like to buy a larger bottle of something like that. We're also interested in oils that can be used to make natural cleansers to use around the house (laundry, bathroom, kitchen). ETA: The sample bottle I mentioned above has a sticker on it that says "Breathe." What oils do you like best for a "starter package?" And where do you suggest buying them? I am ABSOLUTELY NOT INTERESTED in multi-level marketing and slick advertising. We have a pushy acquaintance who sells a particular brand, so I'm hoping it's not one of the ones you folks recommend highly! LOL ;)
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