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  1. P.S. Does anyone have links to Answer Keys to any of the above? Thanks!
  2. I know this is a very old thread! I came across it while googling Glencoe pdf's. Can someone link me to the 6th grade (and beyond) workbook like the 7th grade one linked by atozmom? Thank you so much!
  3. The tone being too childish is also a big concern for me. My students are all struggling learners, and I have to simplify the approach with everything, but I really don't want to insult them!
  4. Yes, the expense of the supplies is what makes me leery about it. On the other hand, I will l have 5 or 6 students, so if I divided up the expense 5-6 ways, it wouldn't be too bad, especially since the rest would be free--well, except for printing, but it's still cheaper than buying an entire kit (textbook & TE & supplies).
  5. For average middle school and struggling high school students (not college bound), if you had to choose between these two programs, which would you choose?
  6. OP, I came across your post after searching because I have almost the same question. My students are middle school & high school girls with learning difficulties, and they absolutely would NOT be able to handle the Apologia high school courses. From my research, the Fulbright Chemistry & Physics looks like it could be a workable alternative for us. I'm hoping for comments from people who have used Apologia Chemistry & Physics. Anyone?
  7. A question for you, Melissa B. Sorry--I'm just now seeing this post. My tutoring/teaching keeps me very busy! I have a student who sounds a lot like your daughter. My student is a 17yo 10th grader (repeated 9th with me after failing woefully in PS the previous year) and she is currently finishing up Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra. Math plans for next year include TT Algebra 1, and I'm really not sure how successful she will be. After that, I'm almost positive she will not be able to handle Geometry or Algebra 2, so I'm seeking alternatives. I noticed two courses you mentioned: Topics in Math and Contemporary Math. Would you happen to have a course description, or could you point me to an online description? Thanks so much!
  8. I'm researching options, and I like the sound of this. I'm interested in hearing from those who have used it. Did you find it rigorous at all? How did your dc like the reading selections? What is your (and your dc's) opinions of the workbook activities? I read (at Cathy Duffy's website, I think) that the 6th grade workbook is twice as thick as the workbook for other grades, but I'm not sure I understood why--additional writing assignments??? Thanks for any input you can give.
  9. Just wanted to clarify that what I am looking for is what we used to call a "basal reader." I have several of the Teacher Created Resources book studies, but what I want is a reader with an accompanying workbook along the lines of this:
  10. I've always been partial to the old BJU readers & workbooks with the bright green covers. Anyone even remember those??? They were kind of plain-- black & white drawings (few photos) and a littl red ink for contrast here and there. And they were so VERY thorough in their treatment of literary analysis from the early grades. Then the books wer updated--full color, some different stories (some the same)--but I actually MISS the old plain Jane-ness of the old books! SO... what's out there now that can compare for 6th grade? Rod & Staff?? CLE?? What else? Thanks!
  11. There's no reading disorder diagnosis, but I think she does have one--a processing disorder of some kind, IMO. She does have an ADD diagnosis.
  12. I haven't really considered Chemistry 101 because I was actually looking for something with a textbook so that I can work through with my students. Maybe I should add it to my list. Thanks.
  13. Apologia Chemistry would be WAY, WAY over her head, both in the reading and the math required.
  14. I teach teen girls who struggle academically in most areas. I have one 10th grade student who is tentatively interested in enrolling in the dental hygienist training program (associate degree) at our area's technical college. Due to her learning issues, I am not at all sure that she will be successful in this program, but I am planning to teach an introductory chemistry course (actually, I'd prefer an integrated chemistry & physics course) next year to help her prepare. Please understand that due to her limitations (very poor reading and math skills) there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that this student will be able to pass an average high school chemistry course, so I will need to offer her a "chemistry lite" high school course or even a middle school chemistry course just to expose her to the material. Of the options below, which would you recommend for this student? Feel free to recommend others that might work. ETA: Apologia Chemistry is NOT an option. It would be WAY too hard for this student. She has very limited academic abilities, so she would have difficulty comprehending the text and she would not be able to do the math. At 17, she is in 10th grade (repeated 9th) and has a "B" in TT Pre-Algebra (her second time through), and she reads on a 7th grade level. She wants to be a dental hygienist, and the technical college course of study includes Chemistry. With that in mind, which, if any, of the following would be "real" Chemistry so she will have something to build on later, but light--less/easier math than Apologia? Tall order, I know. :-/ Kolbe Introduction to Physics & Chemistry ACS Middle School Chemistry Ellen McHenry: The Elements and Carbon Chemistry Rainbow Science, Year 1 CPO Middle School Physical Science Friendly Chemistry Bob Jones Physical Science ABeka Physical Creation (9th) PAC Integrated Physics & Chemistry by John Hudson Tiner
  15. I've been looking at single-column Bibles because they seem to have the widest margins.
  16. Oh, I've been looking, and that's what's got me so interested! :)
  17. I'm talking about illustrating verses and concepts right on the page of a wide margin Bible. I first heard about this on Time-Warp Wife's blog awhile back, and now I want to try it. I'm asking my family for a journaling Bible for Christmas. Can you recommend one?
  18. I think that's it, but I can only find it in French! :(
  19. Way back in the late 80s or early 90s, there was a television movie about Charlemagne. I can't remember the actual title or who was in it, but I think it might have been a mini-series (very popular back then) and I think it aired on either CBS, ABC, or NBC. I know that's not much to go on, but I'm hoping someone can remember it and help me find it on YouTube or maybe on DVD. ETA: This looks like it could be the one, but this one is in French. The one I saw was definitely in English.
  20. UPDATE: I kept searching and clicked on some unlikely looking links, and I found these: (search the page for "Calico Captive", then click "prev" at the bottom to find more assignments)
  21. I'm looking for something simple with comprehension questions and vocabulary, and maybe a few paragraph-writing assignments. I haven't found anything free online, nor anything for purchase either, for that matter. I had my copy of Calico Captive in a pile of books I'm considering for the upcoming school year, and EK (age 20) saw it and told me that I simply MUST have my students read it. She read the book years ago and has kept it on her top shelf (she has "top shelf" books, LOL) ever since. She hasn't read it for probably 5 years at the very least, and she just narrated the entire plot of the book to me from memory! I can only hope it will have that impression on my reading-hating students. But I don't want to write my own study guide; I have too much else to do! Help!

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    Western Civilization Combined Volume, 6th edition by Jackson Spielvogel ISBN 0534646026 Very good condition from a smoke-free home: 2 pages were torn but have been carefully taped, and there is a very small amount of marking on just a few pages. (I'm happy to send pictures of the imperfections. Spine is intact and cover looks nearly new. $40 ppd -- includes media mail postage with insurance PayPal only


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