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  1. Thanks! I've heard of two of these, but not the other two. I'll see what I can find out. :)
  2. I'm looking for books on 5th-6th grade level and preferably 150 or so pages in length. Light, easy reading, in other words. Here's what we'll be reading for literature this year: Beowulf (Globe Fearon Adapted Classics) 1001 Arabian Nights (Geraldine McCaughrean) King Arthur (Core Classics) Robin Hood (Core Classics) Canterbury Tales (Geraldine McCaughrean) Stories from Shakespeare (Geraldine McCaughrean) The Witch of Blackbird Pond (Elizabeth George Speare) Calico Captive (Elizabeth George Speare) The read-alouds don't *have* to be set in the same time period as our history and literature (AD 500-1750s), but I would prefer that. ETA: The books do NOT have to be historical--even fantasy is fine--but I would like them to have the "flavor" of this particular time period (AD 500-1750). I am looking for FUN, engaging plots that incorporate humor, suspense, and especially ROMANCE--I teach teenage girls who hate to read, and I want to draw them in! Thanks in advance for your suggestions. :)
  3. ER likes Michael Crichton, and he also likes Tom Clancy, Frank Peretti, and Ted Dekker.
  4. We're not soccer fans and we don't even know the rules, but we did watch a good bit of this game. :)
  5. Oh, I expect pretty much everyone to have an opinion, whether they understand all the nuances or not. That's my point exactly.
  6. As a lifelong (54 years) Southerner, I absolutely agree with this.
  7. Same here (the bolded part). :) I get dressed every day, even if I only change from my jammies into stretchy pants and a big t-shirt. And my babies NEVER went around in just a diaper or a sleeper. I always dressed them every day. When they got older they would occasionally wear their pajamas all day on Saturday or during summer vacation. But I always insisted that they get washed and dressed each school day.
  8. What I mean is, exactly how do you implement it? I'm particularly interested in how you do SOS Secondary Spanish, but I'm also interested in hearing about SOS Spanish I. Do your children do everything on the computer? Or do you have them keep a notebook? Do they have different sections in the notebook for various assignments, and if so, how is it divided? In the settings, how do you set up the number of attempts, the percentages in regards to grades, and so on? I've had a couple of kids use these programs in the past, and while it wentokay, I don't think there was much retention. So now I'm wanting to tweak our approach so that we get maximum effectiveness. I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!
  9. Back in March, I bought the Brother HL-3170CDW on the recommendation of a fellow boardie, and I am currently in the market for new toner cartridges. I would prefer to buy "compatible" rather than "genuine." They MUST be the high capacity type, and I will need both black TN221BK / TN225BK and color (cyan, magenta, and yellow) TN221C / TN225. I prefer to order from Amazon, and I am an Amazon Prime member. I ordered a black cartridge through Amazon from Blake Printing Supply (, and I have been very pleased with it so far. I keep seeing lots of other brands that are cheaper, but I don't know if they're any good. Can you recommend any of them? Thanks! ETA: Any experience with Cool Toner?
  10. Anyone know of a Shakespeare study that uses Stories from Shakespeare by Geraldine McCaughrean as its "spine"? I would like to find something that utilizes reproducible worksheets and quizzes, and I would love it if there were also viewing guides we can use to bring out important points as we watch suggested movie versions of the plays. Do you know of anything like this?
  11. UPDATE: I kept searching and clicked on some unlikely looking links, and I found these: (search the page for "Calico Captive", then click "prev" at the bottom to find more assignments)
  12. I'm looking for something simple with comprehension questions and vocabulary, and maybe a few paragraph-writing assignments. I haven't found anything free online, nor anything for purchase either, for that matter. I had my copy of Calico Captive in a pile of books I'm considering for the upcoming school year, and EK (age 20) saw it and told me that I simply MUST have my students read it. She read the book years ago and has kept it on her top shelf (she has "top shelf" books, LOL) ever since. She hasn't read it for probably 5 years at the very least, and she just narrated the entire plot of the book to me from memory! I can only hope it will have that impression on my reading-hating students. But I don't want to write my own study guide; I have too much else to do! Help!
  13. Well, I did! And I was an adult. It was the week after I got married, and I somehow managed to slice my finger on a BUTTER KNIFE! I still remember it because, like you, I didn't think it could happen. I felt like an idiot. Now, 35 years later, I still sometimes manage to do things that make me feel that way. :p
  14. In my quest to find a version of Beowulf to use with my students, I ran across this very interesting article that compares five different versions [beowulf the Warrior by Ian Serraillier (1954), Beowulf Dragonslayer by Rosemary Sutcliff (1961), Beowulf by Kevin Crossley-Holland (1982), Beowulf by Robert Nye (1995), and Beowulf and the Monster by Brian Patten], and I decided to share it in case it might help someone else also: Since Michael Morpurgo's Beowulf adaptation was not included in the article, I am curious as to how it would compare in its faithfulness to the original. Anyone care to comment?
  15. My children have seen someone change a tire, and dh taught ER (25) how to do it--and ER has actually done it himself when he had a flat. EK (20) was shown how it's done but has never done it. I am 54 years old and I have never changed a tire. I have seen it done, but never did it myself. I do have AAA! :p
  16. I searched for Where the Broken Heart Still Beats: The Story of Cynthia Ann Parker by Carolyn Meyer after reading your post, but it doesn't fit the criteria. I need a book set about 1750, but this one is set approximately 100 years later than that. Thanks, though! I'll keep looking.
  17. On my own dc's college applications, we wrote "homeschool" in the blank for "name of high school." It was never a problem. In fact, EK's college actually has a "Home School Scholarship" and they awarded her a $2,000 per year scholarship just BECAUSE she was homeschooled. Now that I am teaching other people's children full-time, my students asked if we could have a school name. Our property has lots of dogwood trees, which I love, so we are now Dogwood Home School. I didn't use "Academy" because I just don't like the way it sounds. No offense intended.
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