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  1. Thanks for this, I'm still not sure about the extra work that is required. It looks very daunting and time-consuming. He goes to a pretty good Catholic School here in Sydney, so I might just leave him there lol. So he can just get the HSC for the Uni he wants to go to (UNSW). Thanks everyone, Adrian.
  2. I believe you should tell her that if she does not begin to apply herself to her studies, that she will have to stay at the level she is currently in. Tell her that you love her and want her to succeed but if she does not apply herself she will have to face the music. I don't believe in sugar-coating the truth (i.e. saying your in 6th grade but giving 4th grade work) as the child will find out eventually--even if you don't want her to. Hope it all works out! Adrian.
  3. I'm thinking of starting homeschooling here in Australia soon but I read that you can't take the SC (School Certificate) or the HSC (Higher School Certificate). I'm scared about how that will affect my child going into university after he completes homeschool. Also, I was wondering what places I can go to where I can purchase some textbooks for a Year 8 going into Year 9 child that is very bright and highly academic. Thank you, Adrian.
  4. I assume you have the DVD series. What I am talking about is the standard Pre-Algebra Curriculum Guide that you can buy. I had a look at a friends Basic Maths I (Grade 7 Worktext/Curriculum) and it had something like this. I have the book with me so I'll quote: That's what I'm going for but for the Pre-algebra.
  5. Hello, I recently got my hands off every book in this (The Teacher Key, Quiz/Test Student and Teacher books, the Solutions Manual and the Student Edition), but don't have the curriculum (daily lessons manual). Is it possible for someone to give me an idea of one of the lessons please? Thank you, Adrian.
  6. As I said, it's not the whole bible, and it's only 1 or 2 readings of two paragraphs at the most, its done for children in elementary/primary school to do.
  7. At the beginning of most bibles (or at least the ones here in Australia) there is a "Reading Plan" for every day of the year. From Jan 1 to Dec 31. You simply read and check off as you complete each day. You don't read the entire Bible but you read a lot of each book and are exposed to the story. As for understanding what he reads, there was this website which I can't remember for the life of me at the moment, but it pretty much had worksheet/study guides with crosswords, cloze passages, etc. for every (or close to every) reading in the bible. So basically reading the daily checklist
  8. Thanks for the PM yesterday, when you feel like sending them just post back here telling me :) Thanks so very much once again, Adrian.
  9. I actually called both the publisher, and they said that as long as two people own the books, they can both share the same information--in other words, I'm not sure if it's law or not, but they said it was fine. As for the seller, they said they would take refund but they don't have any NEW stock and the only USED stock has missing pages also :(.
  10. Anyone? I don't really care about the edition (even if it's a repeat) as long as I can get those lessons so I can just teach and move on :)
  11. I got a demo account--only one thing. Is it just me or am I unable to see some resources. As I am unable to even have a go at a test lesson because I can't click on any of the printables :S
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