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  1. I thought that drugstore was still the common term until I recently said something to my kids and they just looked at me. "Drug store?!? Like a store where they sell drugs?!?" I guess we've been in the habit of specifying which store and they haven't heard it in conversation. Of course, in Washington we DO have a different type of drug store...I remember the day when my oldest son realized the double meaning of the giant billboard of a sleepy-looking cat saying "I'm so high right meow."

  2. Comirnaty sounds like the way someone I knew years ago pronounced community, and each time I read it I hear his voice saying “Just doin’ my part to protect the comirnaty.” 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Scarlett said:

    I needed a shocked face emoji. Lol

    My husband was following the saga of the house across the street every day. I knew when the sold price hit the public records because I heard him laughing hysterically at the computer. 

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  4. I live in a "hot market" where every house elicits a bidding war. Both our current house and our rental house are given the highest value by Zillow and the lowest by Realtor. Current house has a 33,000 spread, rental house has a 64,000 spread. For context, our rental house is in a "bad part of town." The house across the street from it, a 770 sq ft 2/1 was listed for 299,000 this past spring, and sold for 380,000. 

  5. We have bought our last two vehicles from a little local used car lot whose owner prices based on Kelley Blue Book. He doesn’t haggle and we have been very happy dealing with him. The cars have been great too. 😄

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  6. 2 hours ago, Soror said:

    Amazed at how much you guys know about your friend's sex lives (before and after marriage). I'm not certain anyone I know was a virgin before marriage. I would guess 1 couple was but couldn't say for sure. I'd guess most weren't. I think there are many more reasons a couple is likely to succeed or fail than whether or not they have sex before marriage.

    I didn't attend this particular wedding, but my mom was appalled by the amount of time the minister talked about the virginal condition of a family member and new husband. Even joking about how awkward the wedding night would be. I hope that's unusual, but I haven't been to many weddings recently. 

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  7. My state is over 70%, my county health department is at 47%, but somewhere around 1/4 of my county are inhabitants of the local military base which keeps its own records. About 5% of the county (per the health department) has had a positive covid test, and I am sure that many more have antibodies. The local university is predicting a huge spike in cases in late summer/fall. 😞

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  8. Another western WA gal here. The two things I’ve received comments about are the aforementioned bag/bagel pronunciation, and “swallowed” Ts in the middle of words like mitten. I don’t swallow my Ts to the extent of my friend from Chicago though—she had a heck of a time explaining to her Swedish exchange hosts that she was majoring in Latin. “La’in” was completely indecipherable to them. Lol

  9. 8 hours ago, MissLemon said:

    I can't speak to changes in curriculum, but it seems like the middle school years are where most people bounce back to school.  It's fun to teach littles, but sometimes it's painfully dull to teach middle schoolers.  I know I am feeling a bit bored with our lessons lately.  Sometimes there's no "homeschool magic" to be found.  It's just read the chapter, write the paragraph, wash, rinse, repeat.  🤷‍♀️ 

    Between dullness and puberty, I think a lot of moms say "Heck with this", and punt the kids back to school.  The social stuff gets weird in middle school, too. Some of the kids are really mature and others are late bloomers. The kids that used to happily dig holes together at the park now stare awkwardly at each other.  The kids don't really want the parents in the middle of their social stuff, but they are also still somewhat dependent on mom to facilitate the social stuff.  It's a weird time. 

    Huh, I haven't seen this in my homeschool group, and I kind of feel the opposite way. Maybe I'm not a fun mom with the littles. lol. It's been fascinating to see my young teen's academic interests develop and I find it much more interesting to talk with him about his paper about say, the Iranian Revolution, than to talk to my 8 y/o about her polar bear report. 

    Do you live in an area where there is peer pressure from churches or families to homeschool? I can see that being a factor. Mom isn't really into it, but feels pressured. Teaching little kids is easy, but then she doesn't have an intrinsic reason to keep homeschooling into the later grades, and the peer pressure among moms of older kids is less than among moms of littles? I don't know, I just like to brainstorm I guess. 🙂

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  10. On 5/18/2021 at 1:34 AM, lewelma said:

    And he would accept NO help from me, as in NONE. Any instruction, written or oral, was cheating.  

    ARGGHH, my middle kid is like this. I don't know how many conversations we've had about the fact that nobody is born knowing things and that everybody has to learn and practice. Anyway, Miquon is perfect for this kind of kid. 🙂 He's a little better now--he started by accepting instruction from the little monsters in Beast Academy, and he had to grudgingly accept that maybe I knew what I was talking about when I showed him the standard algorithms for multiplication and long division. lol

    On 5/18/2021 at 6:02 AM, knitgrl said:

    I know it's supposed to be a feast, but it looks like indigestion to me.

    Ah, binge-learning. Not quite as relaxing as binge-watching.

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  11. I love how Miquon looks. I can almost smell the mimeograph ink. 😄 Very nostalgia-inducing, and great for my kid who always wanted to figure everything out himself. Miquon to BA was a good trajectory for him. 

    I love MEP too. Printing doesn’t bother me, and I like the scripted lessons, even if I usually end up explaining things differently to my kiddo who has dyscalculia. In the middle grades it takes a bit of work to provide enough review, but they have extra problem sets and it’s not hard to come up with some extra practice on topics that need it.

    I was enticed by some of the instagram-worthy programs, but wasn’t able to implement them well. I’m just not organized enough for that sort of thing. And yes, doing math with rocks by the creek was one that I tried. Lol Next year everyone is using BYL and supplementing with their special interests. All of my kids like to read and be read to, so lit-based is our best bet. 



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