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  1. 13 hours ago, Serenade said:


    I have heard many homeschoolers say that it's up to their kids to learn something, by going to Kahn Academy or researching on the internet.  It is almost said in a boastful way, like "Why are you helping your student?  They should be learning this on their own."  

    This sounds like my high school algebra 2 teacher. The class started with a full roster of 28ish students and by Christmas had about 12. At that point the administration refused to transfer out any more students. Why was he still teaching? His sports teams won state championships. 

    11 hours ago, kiwik said:

    I wouldn't say it is easy but for many of us who have been forced into homeschooling not having to deal with the school any more makes it seem easier than school.  I really wasn't aware how stressed we both were until there was no more school.  It is going to get harder as he gets older but our house is a lot happier.

    I read a couple of ebooks saying how easy it was and that "most homeschooled kids have an online teacher" both of which confused me as I had been hanging round here for years.

    I wasn't forced into homeschooling, but after watching what my friend has gone through trying to get appropriate education for her son who has many of the same difficulties as my eldest, I can't believe that public school would be any easier. Definitely a choose your hard situation. 

    4 hours ago, regentrude said:

    That is ridiculous and shows that they don't understand that learning a skill is not the same as looking up a tidbit of information on the internet. They would not expect their kids to pick up a violin and self teach from internet videos. 


    I can't believe how many requests I see on fb hs groups for just this type of program. 


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  2. We have really enjoyed building unit studies around the Nomad Press books. Geology of the Pacific Northwest was a big hit. Explore the Solar System has some fun, easy projects. We plan on using the Evolution book alongside the BYL evolution unit study. We did the BYL prehistory unit study last year and my kids loved, loved, loved it, so we're looking forward to the evolution study when they are a bit older. ACS has some chemistry units that we haven't used yet, but we will integrate into our non-secular chemistry choice for this year. lol

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  3. I agree with some of the previous posters that with the restrictions you have, it will be very difficult to have the kind of commitment that you want from this group. I'm not terribly experienced with this type of thing, being more of a wallflower than a leader, but in my experience free and committed only works if the families already have strong relationships. Starting something like this from scratch with random families seems difficult. I would complain about flakey homeschoolers, but honestly, I'm one of them. ? 


  4. 9 hours ago, Bluegoat said:

    Ah, ok, we called this soccer-baseball.

    I always thought of it as a fake game for when the teachers weren't good enough to play soccer or baseball.


    In elementary school we played a game called "squashball" (dodgeball played with a flat ball so instead of the ball bouncing off it hit with a sickening thud and left a bruise) that I didn't realize was different than "squash" the racquet game until fairly recently. I wondered why adults wanted to play a game that was so painful. 

    I'm pretty sure PE teachers today couldn't get away with requiring that game. This particular teacher also drove a beat-up car with a "die yuppie scum" bumper sticker, which would probably also be frowned upon. ?

  5. 5 hours ago, Bluegoat said:

    I'd not have called it as classic, other than in the sense that Arthur C Clarke is foundational as a sci-fi author.  But in terms of saying, this is a book you need to read for i's cultural relevance, it would not have occurred to me to include it.


    Interesting. I wonder if maybe it depends on what circles you run in--I think that Childhood's End comes up a lot. Not as often as the Bible or Don Quixote or random Greek myths, but it pops up a lot in pop culture. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Thatboyofmine said:

    Alright, I looked up ‘chonies’ after arcticmama said it is another word for undies.  Apparently it’s from the Spanish word, calzones.   So now I’m even more confused. 


    Well, it makes sense. Every time I eat a calzone, I think, "this looks just like a bunch of food stuffed into a pair of underwear!" ?

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  7. 1 hour ago, Moved On said:

    As for the job situation, it's not just about what therapies they receive. There's so much focus these days on normalizing rather than utilizing people in the areas where they can thrive. 



    I agree with this. My kiddo with asd is only 10, but as he gets older I know that we will be looking hard at balancing his gifts and deficits as far as employment. I even have it in the back of my mind that there might be a family business started at some point based around his gifts. 

    And maybe I'm reading more into the article than is really there. I  see 

    With the publication of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-5th edition in 2013, professionals made the spectrum concept official. It’s now autism spectrum disorder for everyone who qualifies for a diagnosis. No more modifiers or alternative labels. And that’s as it should be.

    as meaning that high functioning autistic people should be eligible for appropriate services, rather than being seen as extra special quirky or automatically steered toward IT. I guess I'm reading my own optimism into it. lol

  8. 1 hour ago, Moved On said:

    What a doom and gloom article! And this person is a psychologist? Yes, there are challenges in life and we face them, because that's what families are supposed to do. There are people out there with terminally ill children that would gladly take what we face, if it meant their child would survive and have a possibility of a future. People with severely autistic kids are raising kids, and later adults, and they will never be able to receive a hug or hear the words, "I love you, Mom/Dad!" How much we lack perseverance these days!


    I didn't think it was doom and gloom. The employment statistics for autistic adults are pretty bleak, and I think that as a parent of an autistic child, it is important to keep that in mind. The general public seems to think that Aspergers is a one way ticket to a plush coding job. Many autistic kids with level 1 support needs are not even receiving services in public school. They graduate, and then what? I think that it is beneficial to take a realistic look at what happens to "high functioning" autistic adults so that we can provide our autistic kids with what they really need to succeed, because the usual method is obviously not working. 

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  9. I don't think I could have handled a wedding prank, especially if it resulted in damage. And I don't like unexpected events, especially if they happen while I'm the center of attention, like at my own wedding. I might be a bit of a control freak. lol 

    My bridesmaids did decorate my car, which was cute. I guess I don't consider that a prank, but an expected wedding tradition. 

    The only good prank I've ever pulled was accidental. I joked with a coworker that the "easy button" said "I'm sorry, that was impossible" instead of "that was easy" every hundred pushes. The next day our boss showed me the video of my coworker pushing the button about 200 times trying to get it to say the wrong phrase. 

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  10. On 7/11/2018 at 9:16 PM, ghcostafamily said:

    I’d stay away from the Who Was series.... at least we are. In the first episode it has really gross comedy that I don’t thinks appropriate for kids. The first scene was two historical figures (kids) kicking each other in the crotch! That is a very sad and low way to get laughs and my kids don’t need to watch Jackass type comedy to learn or be interested in history. Just my 2 cents though. Just be aware. The producer is Conan, so it has his humor.


    I was so disappointed to read this--we love the Who Was books (my kids call them the big head books) and I was looking forward to the series. 

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