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  1. LOL! You all intrigue me. I find this board far more enjoyable than most forums I've visited. But mostly I find myself doing this. :confused1: I ordered ed. 4 and 5 of the book since you couldn't agree on which was best. ;) I did not order the cards or spellers yet, figured I'd read through the books first. Thank you all for your wise words. I can't wait to get started with the Spalding method. ;)
  2. I would recommend Math-u-See for math. Alpha covers basic addition and subtraction facts, Beta covers long addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing. Gamma covers everything multiplication and Epsilon covers division. It's very easy to do and also easy to cover more quickly than normal. Given that there's usually 30 lessons, you'd probably need to move through 2-3 lessons a week, which is doable if they're getting it okay. I don't have suggestions for the other subjects.
  3. I'm new here, but just read through TWTM and the recommendations for middle school biology looked so fun! Tons of dissection kits recommended. Honestly, I'd just go back to your book and order the things recommended. I bet a 4th grader could handle the easier stuff suggested for logic stage kids doing biology.
  4. I'm not following you all very well, guess I haven't spent enough time on these forums yet. ;) Tell me, what are the differences between ed. 4 and 5 and would it be helpful to have both books? I don't totally understand what the McCall books are or if I would need them. So, I could and probably would continue the program into the school year if it was working well, but would it suffice to continue at the pace of only 30 min. 3-4 days a week instead of the intense pace we might do over the summer to catch the girls up? And you're saying this program is more of a spelling program, but as such, will teach fluent reading by the end? Even for learning challenged children? Tell me it's nothing like Saxon. We tried Saxon, which supposedly was orton-gillingham inspired, but it was dreadfully boring and we did not see the progress that we were hoping for.
  5. Is it a program that you could do with older elementary children, as a brush up on phonics, over the summer (assuming we could commit at least 2 hours a day, 4 days a week)? I don't want to continue doing reading lessons forever. I feel like we've been at this for too long already. And we're using WWE and FLL for writing and grammar and have had great success with that. So I don't really wish to do a program with grammar involved. I ordered the 5th edition, hope that works for me. I will look at getting some phonogram flashcards. Can we just make our own notebook with whatever we have available in the house? Or is it a specific one we need? I guess I'll continue with our current program until summer when I've had time to figure out the spalding method and we have more time for this program. Then we'll abandon or take a break from it since that would be too much. They're very different methods, but I think both have value.
  6. Hi, I've been reading on these boards for a few weeks and haven't found the answer to this question, so thought I'd post for once. ;D My girls are both reading delayed (7 and almost 9), but are making great progress with a current program we're using. The problem is that they were not making progress with traditional phonics based programs, so I finally switched to something mostly whole words based, which is helping them to actually start reading finally. I'm considering, now that they're starting to making progress with reading, doing some intensive phonics instruction over the summer. My older dd is dyslexic and has auditory processing problems, my 7 yr. old may or may not have dylexia, she seems more "normal" to me than my older daughter, she's just not focused (ADHD is very likely) and has little desire to learn to read. So, I want to continue with our current program, also do more phonics instruction with a better phonics program than I've previously used. I've seen great reviews of LOE and WRTR here, and just based on cost and track records, I'm considering WRTR. But I have no idea how to choose which level to start with. My girls would technically be 2nd and 4th this summer, and my 7 yr. old might be able to do the 2nd grade level, but I would think my older dd would be maybe at a 3rd grade level, or maybe just 2nd too (although she reads much better than my 7 y/o.) Is there a placement test?
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