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  1. Thanks ladies. [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Neat idea Ruth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I do intend to continue SYS but I thought I might supplement with something else and/or do a spelling intensive in August before we begin our normal schoolwork. In answer to some of the questions...we did do the Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading Level 1, 3-4 years ago and that REALLY helped with their reading. I bought level 2 but ended up not using it because it was very tied to a few novels (cross-curriculum) and I really only wanted it for reading and spelling. I do still own these though so that is an option. Also, I have 5 more kids coming up through the ranks, so if I purchased AAS, I could use it with them, so the price does not really concern me if it would be very beneficial. Would I need the student books with my older kids or would a teacher's manual be enough? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I tested my dd's this past month (rising 6th and 8th graders) and they did very well across the board with the exception of spelling. My 8th grader is dyslexic and has always struggled in this area and was very low. My 6th grader was just low average (30 or 40ish percentile). We've been using Spelling You See for 2 years and I have seen huge improvements in their spelling. And we will continue. But I was considering maybe doing AAS at a fast pace or something similar as well, as a review of the rules. I'm not sure what curriculums are out there. Any thoughts? Would LofE or Apples and Pears be better? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thank you for all of these ideas! I'll look into them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. My 7th grader has decided she wants to go into nursing and she has requested a more rigorous science course. Preferably, we'd continue it through high school. I'm really only familiar with Apologia and I know it's very popular among Christian homeschoolers. We are Christian, but I am not opposed to secular curriculums either. Thoughts?
  7. Bumping this for you since I have the same question. Did you decide to give it a try?
  8. I like the looks of the Mathematical Reasoning books too. Thanks for all the great suggestions!
  9. If I used the Key To series with LOF, would I need something else for all the other math skills that should be reviewed periodically? i.e. Measuring, long division, long multiplication, how much time has elapsed, etc. I liked the looks of the Key To books but I was afraid both of those math choices might be too specific in the skills practice.
  10. Thank you for the ideas. I have 2 friends who use those LOF books as a complete math program for the year. They lean toward the unschooly or relaxed schooling side, so I wasn't entirely sure if it would fill a whole year or not. It felt too light to me, but I thought maybe I was expecting too much of my children. I'm glad others here seem to have the same thoughts as me on this. I will look into all of these different suggestions.
  11. We tried BA in 3rd grade and it was much too hard. I haven't looked at it again since but that's a good idea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Bumping to get some thoughts on this today. We head out for a homeschool conference tomorrow and I'm hoping to pick up all of our books there this weekend.
  13. I've really struggled to find a good fit when it comes to math with my rising 5th grader. My older dd uses MUS and it's been a great fit for her all along, but this child was bored to tears with MUS. She gets math concepts easily but it's really not her favorite subject. Last year she did Oak Meadow math 4, but it really was too easy for her and I wasn't that thrilled with the overall program. I let her look at several different programs and she really wants to do LOF. I'm planning on her doing LOF Fractions as well as Decimals & Percents. She loves to read so this should be a good fit for her. But only 6 practice problems just seems a little light to me. So I was looking for something to supplement it a bit. Singapore has been suggested to me, but that's really a full program on it's own, isn't it? MCP math looks like it could be a good fit. And it wouldn't cost me a fortune. If you all have any better suggestions, I'm open. I'd like a program that will compliment LOF, and not over-burden dd. And she needs something that isn't just numbers. Words, graphics even, are good for her. She's a doodler, a little ADHD maybe, but straight boring clean pages (like MUS) make her a bit crazy.
  14. I bought the manual on Ebay for $100 and made up any manipulatives I needed. Some you could even copy from the manual (it wasn't intended for that, but there are pictures in there for the instructor to know what is going on, so I copied and whited out and copied some more. It worked.) I was very pleased with the program just with the manual. My girls learned so much from it, it really helped us along in our learning to read journey.
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