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  1. Thanks! I'll check it out... My son so far has had almost ZERO interest in creative writing, which is fine with me... But I would like to introduce it to him in a way that would make him realize that he might actually really enjoy it!
  2. I have a 4th grader who has completed up to level 3 of WWE... I know SWB says that he could probably go right into WWS1 (even though it's supposed to start in 5th), so we are going to try out the first week and see how he does... I was also wondering though, if The Creative Writer could be used for a 4th grader as well, and could they be used together or would it be too much? I was thinking I could start him this year, alternating the weeks that we use WWS and TCW, taking 2 years to get through both books... We just haven't done a whole lot more writing than WWE and I'd really like him to start thinking about writing his own stories/poems etc. in addition to what he's learning through the WWE/WWS stuff... I just haven't put any emphasis on him learning those things yet...Thoughts?
  3. Ok one more question :) I just looked up Hake and it's grammar and writing... Would I do the writing part of it and forego WWS?
  4. How independent are these programs? I'd love to be able to break away from sitting with him for the whole lesson like we have to do with FLL, as next year I'll also have a 3rd, 1st, and kindergartner to teach, plus a busy 3 yr old and an infant...
  5. What is MCT? I don't know all the abbreviations :willy_nilly:
  6. Hello, I am just wondering what would be best to move into for LA for my oldest next year? He is in 4th grade now, and I'm just thinking ahead... This is our 3rd year homeschooling, and we have been using FLL since 2nd grade (now on level 4), as well as WWE (also on level 4, and we're going to try out the 1st week of WWS1 just to see how he does working independently)... We just started using MFW, and they recommend Writing Strands and Primary/Intermediate Language Lessons, but I stayed with SWB's books because we have enjoyed them so much and I wanted to continue in what we were already doing. I'm assuming we will move on to WWS once we're done with WWE, but what is best for grammar? I heard a rumor that there was going to be a book called Advanced Language Lessons, but is that just a rumor? My issue is that I don't want to switch to something that will be behind from what he already knows, so he doesn't get bored... It would be great if we could find something that continues where FLL leaves off... Not sure if Intermediate Language Lessons will not be enough, so I'm just looking for some good suggestions :) Thanks!
  7. We used it last year... Hmmmm... It kind of depends on what you include in the lesson... If the child does the "power up" workbook page each day, that in itself can take a good 15-20 mins... Then there's the new concept... The book is written to the student, and can be learned independently if you have that kind of kid, and usually the new concept is a portion that they read, there are examples, etc... Could take 5 mins, could take 15 mins... Then there's "lesson practice," which is a few (4-10) problems practicing ONLY the new concept... I would usually go over this with him, takes maybe 5 mins if they understand the concept... Then written practice (20 problems practicing pretty much all the stuff they've been learning)... Depending on your kid, this could take another 20 mins or another 40 mins... So, if you do everything, the entire math lesson *could* take anywhere from 45 mins to over an hour... I felt that it was a LOT of work for a 3rd grader, but he really did learn his math really well. This year we are using intermediate 4, but we have cut out the power up (except once a week), and when he does the power up, I let him skip the written practice for that day. This seems to be much more reasonable for the whole family. And now that he's in 4th grade, he is working pretty much completely independently, unless he has a question or is having a hard time with a concept.
  8. I guess I was more asking if people use the WWE workbook along with MFW, or just use the technique (the text) along with things that you and your children are already reading... Is it better to use the workbook, or just to use the WWE format with selections that we are reading in MFW, so that it's not so much a "separate subject" as it would be something sort of folded into the curriculum you're already doing?
  9. Thanks for the input... I decided to start with exp. because we already have had lots of geography study experience and I'd like us to stay on track historically rather than taking a year off from history. I know the website suggests to start with ECC unless you've got a good background in geography and cultural studies, which we already do... My oldest will be in 4th grade, and I feel it's time for him to finally start learning some American history- I don't want to put it off for another year. I'm still not sure what I'll do, I have the WWE text that gives a guide for what things to focus on, but maybe I'll still get the workbooks in case I find that putting together the assignments is too much of a task for me.
  10. I am using MFW Exp. - 1850 next year, with my 2nd and 4th grade boys... I will also have a kinder, preK, and 2 year old... MFW recommends writing strands, but we have been happy so far using WWE workbooks (levels 2 & 3 so far for my oldest, and level 1 so far for my 2nd child)... I was just wondering, if any of you use MFW with WWE, is it better to do the workbooks, or to just use material we're reading for the writing assignments? I'm just thinking that I won't be as diligent to keep on with it if I have to put it together myself, but maybe it's not that hard? I'm also wondering if using the workbooks will just be "one more thing" in our already full schedule... I guess I'm looking for opinions, or experience that anyone can share? Thanks!!
  11. My son is doing intermediate 3... It has definitely been challenging to him, and we like it EXCEPT we didn't get the workbook (didn't know about it until recently!), and I feel that having to copy everything onto his own piece of paper messes him up a lot... If he doesn't exactly copy a digit correctly, he will get the problem wrong, etc... Some things get lost in translation that way... But we LOVE that it's not scripted like the K-3 program, he can (pretty much) work on it independently, but what I don't love is the copying onto a separate sheet, and that with the "power up" section, the work can actually end up taking a long time for him... Does everyone do the power up every day? That's what we've been doing and it just can get to be very time consuming...
  12. Spelling Power is a great independent program... You assess him and he works on whatever level he's at... It only takes 15 minutes a day- the first 5 minutes, you test him, and the next 5 minutes he studies the words he missed on the test using a 10 step study method... The last 5 minutes he does skill building activities independently... Another plus is that it's just one book that you use through the high school level! We just started using this curriculum this year and we love it so far...
  13. Hello, I am teaching my kindergartner how to read using OPGTR (we started out using 100 EZ lessons but went on to OPGTR afterwards to review and make sure everything was covered)... He pretty much has a solid 2nd grade reading level... I'm wondering if there is some kind of suggested schedule for the point in OPGTR that we should start FLL and WWE? We are at about lesson 70 or so. Thanks!
  14. I'm not sure about pearson's d'nealian, but I just started homeschooling my 2nd and kindergartner... My 2nd grader spent 2 yrs in public school where they taught the block letter/stick and ball method, but I wanted him to learn d'nealian as it's a much better transition to cursive... Now 18 weeks into the school year, with just practicing with the workbooks (2nd grade level), our ES (education specialist) says he has the neatest writing she's ever seen from a 2nd grade boy, and he has transitioned beautifully into cursive writing... I think the workbooks provide plenty of practice- he does a 2 page spread every day, and he's almost done with the book... We will move on to the 3rd grade book when he finishes this one... It was a transition, it did take him awhile to adjust to forming the letters differently, but he is doing great with just the workbooks!
  15. DS is in kindergarten and just finishing up "100 Easy Lessons" for reading... I'm wondering what to do next, and am torn between Rod & Staff reading/readers and Pathway Readers... Does anyone have experience with either or both of these and what did you think of them? After finishing 100 EZ lessons would I put him into the 1st grade set? Thank you for any suggestions! We also have ETC but I'm not thrilled with it, it's kinda boring for him... I would just love to incorporate more of the Bible and/or character building into reading...:)
  16. Hi I was wondering how First Language Lessons holds up against Rod & Staff English? We are using FLL 1&2 right now (2nd grader), but I'm thinking about using something next year that has more of a biblical worldview... Just wondering what people's opinions are about these--- And also is there Christian curriculum out there that is set up to follow the trivium? I kind of like pulling from different places but it might be nice to just have a full curriculum that all goes together--- or not?? We're new to homeschooling this year (2nd and kinder, plus a 3 yr, 2 yr, and 7 month old)
  17. He is doing surprisingly well with handwriting, he's not big on the fine motor skills, as he is a VERY active boy and mostly wants to run, climb and smash things LOL... But we don't do the letter writing from 100EL-- We're doing a D'Nealian workbook that he LOVES, so we alternate- one day he does a workbook page of copying a letter, and the next he writes words that have the letter from the previous day in them (that I write out on his handwriting paper)... But he really LOVES doing workbook type stuff... I think I'm going to get the pathway readers- but do I need that giganormous set, or just the readers? I was looking at the ETC workbooks and they seem like something he would really like. I did check out the inside of some of the readers, and they seem easy enough for him... One more question- for those who went on to ETC after completing the 100EL, what level is appropriate? It seems like book 1 is too simple... I don't know anyone else who's used them, so I'm not even really sure what level we would need...
  18. I agree that it's way too long, that's why I've been so frustrated with it... I want my kids to LOVE reading, but these long stories are making it drudgery for us... I am feeling better about it though, after reading all of these helpful comments! I think we will maybe split it up into 2 days per lesson... About the Pathway books, are those the Pathways readers (by grade) that you would find on timberdoodle.com? (the Menonite/Amish books?)I think a friend told me about those... And how does the ETC program work? Would that be something we would do alongside of 100EL, or instead of? And I heard that the Pathways readers have workbooks to go along with them, but I can't find them anywhere... For the 100EL I don't have him read the words or the stories twice, just once... I feel like it's taking so long because he sees the length of the story and just gets all frustrated and flustered as soon as he sees it... We are also reading a BOB book everyday (the same one every day and then we change it the next week), and he speed reads through those no problem! Thanks for all the helpful advice! I'd love somemore info about ETC and the Pathways readers.:001_smile:
  19. Hello, I am teaching my 5 yr old to read using "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons..." We are at about lesson 78, and the lessons that are supposed to be taking 20 minutes are taking an hour or more! He is reading VERY well especially for just turning 5 a month ago, and has done great with the reading lessons up to about a couple weeks ago... I am wanting to set it aside and try something else that isn't so time consuming and tedious... I have The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading and was thinking about moving on to that, but I'm not even really sure where we would jump in! Has anyone use the 100 lessons book, and what did you do afterwards? Hoping I'm not the only one who has issues with this program... Thanks!
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