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  1. Thanks for the tips. Im actually struggling with this myself. I learned these topics a very long time ago in my Spanish-Speaking country. But in the US public schools, I never learned about it, so Im having a hard time and its probably why she's struggling even more. I tried looking up MCT and didn't find anything. I also took photos of the pages we're doing. Grammar Topics.pdf
  2. My daughter is severely struggling with her grammar lessons. Every worksheet we’ve done in these chapters she’s scored less than 40% correct. Any other resources: books, videos, worksheets? She’s doing English Workshop second course by Holt 2nd Grammar Topics.pdf
  3. I’m in dire need of the pages off the teachers book for Chapters 10,12,14. New one won’t arrive for weeks. also, any other good accompanying resources for this book for practice purposes or more explanation.
  4. Thank you so much for the great advice and resources you have all shared. I’m looking into each and every one of them.
  5. http://www.wallace.ccfaculty.org/book/1.10 Distance.pdf Her teacher uses this resource often, but it doesn't have sufficient explanations and worked out examples. Their math curriculum is very heavy on word problems overall, which of course, my daughter struggles with dearly.
  6. http://www.wallace.ccfaculty.org/book/1.10%20Distance.pdf Her teacher uses this resource often, but it doesn't have sufficient explanations and worked out examples. Their math curriculum is very heavy on word problems overall, which of course, my daughter struggles with dearly.
  7. this sounds a lot like us, minus the living overseas. I will look into these programs, her writing is terribly unorganized.
  8. DD is in 4th grade and her math knowledge has some gaps, likely due to some attention/anxiety issues. We know that she is a very concrete thinker that struggles with abstract concepts. She requires incessant repetition to for it to finally "click" As of now, her biggest struggles are in Geometry, Fractions, Order of Operations. Any tips... we just bought Math Mammoth Geometry, but am open to hear about any others. She is also not homeschooled, so it can't be a super involved program. Thanks!!
  9. Haha. This makes so much sense. Please do let me know if there are any materials that you like. I noticed tonight that when doing reading comp homework answering what types of tasks could a monkey do for a disabled person... within it, it mentioned that they can do things such as holding spoon or brush. But she couldn't come up with what types of tasks could a monkey possibly do with these things. When I told her, how about brushing hair, she had a duh moment and said, well obviously, would he just stand there holding the brush. So I'm guessing there may be some issues with "Inferencing". I tried looking at some, but they seemed for a lower level. In regards to other evals, she got an hearing and auditory processing, for which she was avg to above. And even a thorough eye exam which showed that she needed reading glasses. Lol. I've literally done everything I could to give the school as complete a picture as possible. They seem to be wanting to work with us this far, but I'm really trying to educate myself and help her as much as I can at home to better prepare her.
  10. Thanks for your comment. I wished I understood more of your message as it seems to really be pointing me in the right direction. The board of ed here in NY will have me do their own assessment So I'd have no clue how to possibly combine all of these results into a plausible argument. I'm also wondering how is it that her neuropsychology did not pick up on the language issue as strongly as the speech therapist did.
  11. when I mentioned CTP, I meant the test given out to independent schools nationally by the ERB. I found this link online that explains it https://issuu.com/summitcds/docs/erbs Thank you very much for your response!! Her official diagnosis was Generalized Anxiety, especially Performance Anxiety. She recommended CBT Which does make sense, but it makes me wonder how about all of these "sprinkled little things." I had been trying to get her speech therapy by the dept of ed since preschool, but they always denied it, and I feel like it's all just finally mounted and peaked. I am an avid workbook/resources researcher, but i've been at a loss as to how to proceed with her. I feel like whenever I sit with her, she kind of locks up for a long time, until she finally gets it, then she's a rockstar. But I can't quite tell what is it that she struggles with. And I feel like the neuropsych says that academically she's fine, with no learning disorders. I attached yet another portion that I thought may be useful, sorry, I have like a 50 page report.
  12. Well she bombed the test called ctp given by private schools. They've also been complaining of her low reading comprehension and vagueness. At home, she often takes forever thinking of an answer when we're reviewing/doing homework, as if she's terrified to speak up, and cries often/easily during, which leads to terrible frustrations of, "ssppeeaakkk please, say anything." She often comes home with large knowledge gaps, almost as if she wasn't around for the lesson that the homework was about. She's fairly strong in math, but word problems can be really tricky until she fully understands what exactly is going on. With her reading, I notice that she often doesnt connect sentences together logically to make meaning of the paragraph when asked to state what she just read, has a hard time figuring out new vocab in context. (we were thinking of starting to do that exaggerated thinking outloud while reading with her so she practices stopping to think/feel while reading) Socially, she gets along with mostly everyone but has a hard time actually making a real friend. We are having our meeting with the school and the learning specialists next week, and honestly dont know what to expect. But this is def a school for high achievers and we're worried about her future there. She is def a pleaser one on one at school and during the exam, and has a lot of stamina, and although they say she has issues with abstract thinking, she often asks a lot of existential questions (probably stemming from anxiety) such as "how do I know that I am alive, if when Im dreaming it feels like im living, maybe everything all this time is a dream", or years ago she said that she'd rather die first than feel so sad from seeing me die. I attached other parts of her eval as well as a separate speech eval she got a month before neuropsych.
  13. Ok, I uploaded the scores, let me know if it would help to see the neurospsychs thoughts.
  14. We got our eval back and not sure if theres a way to upload a pdf onto here.
  15. My 9yr old, in 3rd grade, is having issues with her writing and reading comprehension. I've noticed that she has issues answering Wh questions, not really understanding what they mean and not providing enough details. This has been a long standing issue that the school hoped shed "grow out of". But now they're considering a big issue and are wanting a full neuropsych Eval. For example, Why was Susie calling the Doctors office, because it's the Doctor. Any tips on how to tackle it at home.
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