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  1. Do we have here any American homeschoolers that live in Austria?
  2. A couple of years ago I found a very interesting but a little pricey foreign language program that started with a text in English and they slowly replaced different words in it with a foreign language words (say French). I liked that program a lot, but I don't seem to find it. Does anyone know which one it is?
  3. We use Growing with Grammar and my DD 12 loves it. She enjoys the student manual and the independence that comes with it. We only do it twice a week.
  4. Hi, does anyone know where I could find material to reinforce The Manners Guide book?
  5. My daughter loves the Ninja Turtles and I would like to find something like a unit study for her. In the past I found something on the internet about sewer system, but can't find it anymore. She can handle some solid information since she is 12 , but all I find is geared towards younger children.
  6. When I first visited my mother in law in the US I was shocked with how salty she was eating. Fast forward ten years later and after she almost died from contacting E coli, she now can eat only a little bit of salt (close to what I eat normally). Her palate too was ruined from the salty foods. That is also the case with sweets. Americans eat waaaay too sweet. Now I know taste in older people is very diminished due to age. My grandma who had been an excellent cook all her life started complaining in her eighties that food didn't taste good any more. She was constantly complaining of her own cooking. To me, her food tasted as good as I remembered it.
  7. Yes, and watermelons. Today I bought a 20 lb one and I ate 1/3 by myself. Now that corn is coming it will be corn and watermelon all day long.
  8. Garden vegetables make the dishes on this list a hit in the summer. Ratatouille, real greek salad (no lettuce), home made salsa, yellow green bean soup, eggplant salad, bruschetta, roasted peppers.
  9. We had Ratatouille with pasta, hummus with pretzels and for me a truckload of watermelon.
  10. Hi, I need a writing curriculum for my 11 year old day dreamer. It is obvious to us that she needs to learn to organize her thoughts. She loves to read, she loves to listen to me reading, she loves to talk, but writing is a different matter. English is my second language and I am not as confident as I wished and we also live overseas. Where should I start? I dread spending the time looking for something that I don't know much about. Are there any curriculums that come with online teaching or some kind of teacher. How about any good written curriculum? I forgot to mention, she is a native English speaker.
  11. I had such a good laugh. :lol: Ladies you are awesome.
  12. Hi, we are a mixed family too. I am Romanian and my husband is American. We have spoken only Romanian to our daughter until about 2 1/2, when we moved from Romania to America. It is then that we started speaking both languages for abvious reasons. Fast forward 8 years later, it took a lot of determination on my part to continue speaking Romanian to her as she was starting to communicate more and more in English. When we started homeschooling, I decided it was a good time to have her learn from the Abecedar too. It went very good for us, since we treated it like a second language. She actually learned how to read in Romanian before English. That, plus semi frequent visits to Romania helped a lot with her Romanian. We are in our 4th year of homeschooling and just started our Limba Romana clasa a2a. This way she is forced to expand her voccabulary beyond every day talk. I also have her watch Romanian cartoons and I take time to read to her in Romanian. So I think a combination of options 1 and 3 will bring good results.
  13. I quit sugar and carbs for a few months due to health problems. Since it is known that sugar is adictive, it takes a few days to start to feel the difference and lose the cravings. Depending on your diet, I would suggest empting your cabinets of anything tempting and buying a lot of nuts, dried fruit, veggies, fruit... and eating protein to compensate the loss of energy.
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