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  1. Thank you for all the comments. I've very frustrated. I would love to form a Co-op where I'm the lead Montessori teacher if I could find families who want to homeschool, but don't prefer to do the bulk of the instruction. A co-op where I'd be the lead instructor, but we'd all work together to make the school wonderful with many options. There are no Montessori options in the area. I hope to make some connections soon. Any advice or suggestions welcome!!!! Thank you Shannon
  2. Hello I've moved to the Lima Ohio area. Anyone here?
  3. Anyone from the Lima Ohio area? We just bought a home in the Shawnee area. Soon we hope to be in our home. I really need more support and social networking for my children kinder and 2nd. Thank you Shannon
  4. We're dairy free and much more. I think your meal sound fantastic! I live in the south, (soon to relocate to the north). You might wrap some already steamed potatoes, so they just need warmed the next day. You could shred some chicken with bbq to top on the potatoes. Or some olive oil and good sea salt over the potatoes.:)
  5. I know my first thought is to get involved with a church asap. I guess waiting to see where exactly we'll live etc.... I am so thankful you've shared that the people are pleasant when it comes to my choice to homeschool. I've had no problems in TX and started to get worried thinking Ohio would be different. I appreciate you sharing that peace of mind.
  6. I'm feeling uncertain about so many issues since we are moving from Texas to Ohio in a few weeks. I haven't found anyone homeschooling using Montessori, which is ok, but I'm really concerned about it getting cold and having no where to go. I really would like other kids for my children. I'm moving to the Lima, Elida, or Shawnee areas. I could really use a lifeline to help us get established. I'm kind of scared for my husband to go to work and feel like I don't know anyone. A few times I've though, well if we go to public school at least we'll have something to go to.
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to connect with other Montessori homeschools. I'm AMS trained and hope to find others to share in the journey. My daughter in the last year of primary and my son in the 2nd year of lower elementary.
  8. Our kids have strengths, but often don't strengthen the parts of the brain that aren't being stimulated due to abnormal early sensory info/process. Most of our kids have real strengths, but very weak areas. When we first took our son to Brain Balance he was 3 in his right brain and 10 in his left brain at 7 yrs old. He now has typical right/left brain integration and at 8 is normal. He actually became "dumber" in that he lost some of his high ability...but who cares, he's now normal. A long long list of other interventions prior to taking to brain balance. Body e
  9. I think you should trust yourself! I think you know what is best for your kids! All the best!
  10. Thanks Kristina, I'm a certified teacher, can I write the narrative?
  11. :001_smile:Hi we are moving from Texas to Lima Ohio. Anyone there? I have a kinder and 2nd grader. We follow Montessori but open to all! I'm traditionally trained also.
  12. Hello all! So thankful to be here. We've just found out we'll relocate to Ohio and in a few weeks! Currently we live in Texas. I've had zero pressure here doing what I believe to be in alignment with my children's needs. Specifically we'll live close to the Lima area. I'm traditionally trained and Montessori trained. I would of course love to find other families who are homeschooling using Montessori! However we can learn from all and I'm thankful to make local connections with other homeschool families. We'll likely live in a corporate apartment and up to 3 mon
  13. I believed my child would recover and he has. He started as completely gone and regressed at 15 months. He had no eye contact, lang, or communication of any kind. 7 yrs of intensity has brought him back. The top interventions: Diet (body ecology diet) Son-Rise biomedical (mitochondrial, hbot, supplements, chelation) Brain Balance Once you decide to believe that they can recover, many avenues will become open to you. If you believe that your child is special and will need special lifelong care or adjustments the end result will be different. Your child is young and
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