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  1. My list is super boring: 2 boxes of Crunchy Taco Hamburger Helper 2 boxes of Lasagna Hamburger Helper Working on leftovers Still working on box of Frosted Mini Wheats Still not buying much and still trying to cook from what we have.
  2. Whole series. We really enjoyed the movie, but hadn't read the books first.
  3. Tonight I made two boxes of Hamburger Helper Crunchy Taco variety for dinner. One box was past the best by date and one box was coming up on the best by date in June. That's my first item for week of 4/8-4/14. Note to self: Do not buy that variety again!
  4. Yesterday, for the last day of this weekly challenge, we ate leftovers for dinner. The kids were not crazy about the ham and bean soup (even though DH and I thought it was great!), so I made them spaghetti. I used up a can of our less preferred pasta sauce that's been sitting a while, as I generally will reach for our preferred brand if we have it. I also ate frosted mini wheats again yesterday and both kids ate some really old Cheerios (and liked them!) I was going to use up a box of cake mix and a can of frosting that were a bit past best by date, but I didn't get to that. Might try
  5. That's totally what I'm doing too. I didn't mean to make it sound like I'm only buying dairy and produce. My typical method of shopping is to stock up on things we use regularly when they're on sale. I think this saves us a lot of money. Sometimes I go a little overboard though, particularly in the winter when I worry about getting snowed in. So I'm just trying to be careful about what I buy. Yesterday, I did buy 8 jars of our favorite pasta sauce cause it was a really good price. We have pasta usually once a week, so that will likely be used up in 4-6 weeks. Our favorite pancake syrup was on
  6. Would like your ham and cheese muffin recipe, if you get a chance to post a link.
  7. Ham and bean soup is in crockpot for tonight. Used up the rest of the ham (about 2 lbs) and threw the bone in too. Recipe only calls for a pound, but we're big meat eaters, so I don't think anyone will complain about a higher ham to bean ratio.
  8. It was ok. Probably cause it hadn't been opened. I don't like that particular cereal much to begin with. Now that it's open, I'll probably have to try to consume it fairly quickly.
  9. Was looking forward to a bowl of Raisin Bran this morning from a box I just purchased yesterday. Instead, I was good and opened the box of frosted mini wheats I bought 4 years ago or so thinking my husband liked that cereal. (He does not.) It has a best by date of June 2012. It will take me a while to use it up since I don't eat cereal every day, but at least it's a start!
  10. My roast with potatoes and carrots is in the oven, using up the roast that's been in my freezer since last Feb and several potatoes (one of which was half rotten) and some carrots. Lest anyone think I'm bragging or over-achieving, I also finally cut into a pineapple I bought two weeks ago. I have been looking at it every day thinking I need to cut it up and then not getting around to it. I figured it was probably too far gone,but I cut into it anyhow hoping maybe part of it would still be edible. Alas, I am pretty sure it is not, so out it goes. I will eventually learn my lesson and only b
  11. Resurrecting the thread since it seems to have died. How's everyone doing with their three items this week? I have used my first 3 and am submitting 3 more: - A roast that's been in my freezer since last February - Potatoes in my pantry that are on the downhill slide - Maybe about half the carrots in my fridge - The rest of the Easter ham - As many of the dozen eggs we hard-boiled for Easter as DD and I can consume before I decide they're too old (some people would probably say they already are) Ok, so that's five things....I have a lot to use up.
  12. I would suggest Asics. I just bought a pair of GT-1000s to wear around the house and I love them! I ave trouble with shoes being wide enough through the toe area too.
  13. I made a list from memory of things I need to use up and it was a page long! That means I have way more than that I'm sure. This week I'm going to try to use up these 3 things: 1/2 box Barilla Plus pasta (best by June 2014) - used 4/2, mixed 1/2 box with 1 lb regular pasta 1 box Uncle Ben's chicken and wild rice flavor rice (best by Aug 2015) - used 4/3 1 bag Bird's Eye Voila chicken stir fry that's been in my freezer a long time (best by 3/30/16) - used 4/4 1 bag Yoplait smoothie mix Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple (better by (7/15/14) - Do you think this is safe to eat? I may
  14. I need to be in on this challenge! I've actually been trying not to buy much except perishables for a couple of weeks now, which is forcing us to use stuff up. However, I am not doing it in an organized way which means the really old, really random stuff is still not getting used.
  15. $17 per haircut + $3 tip, need to go every 8 weeks or so, but usually am lucky if I fit it in every 12 weeks. My hair is short and layered and curly, so it needs cut pretty often to stay under control. I got it colored and highlighted a couple of times and that was about $90 and included the cut as well. DH thought the cost was ridiculous and would get angry every time I had it done, so I stopped doing it. I've used box color a couple times since then, at like $9 a pop. I have a color and highlight kit I bought for $12 that I want to use soon,but I'm chicken.
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