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  1. oh man!! I get sidetracked by life and come back to find you've successfully gotten the evolution thread closed! darn you to heck! :D


    see ya around ;)

  2. It causes a break in the part of your brain that keeps the song going... it's that or get to the end of the song... or sing... ~it's a small world after all~ But in that case the cure is worse than the disease.
  3. Wanna know how to fix that? Do some math.
  4. Gosh no... bemused would be the right word methinks.
  5. Well thanks for all the nice posts. So... I'm upstairs giving the kids a bath... and my wife comes in. "There's a thread with FOUR pages of posts about you..." Ummm... It's not like I instigated it or anything. Anyway. You have to lovephred. We ordered a case of this and gave out bottles at Christmas. (Yes... an atheist Christmas. Get your yuks in now before they're sold out!)
  6. Well... Phred is Fred. And I'm not a Viet cong terrorist. I like to smile and laugh. It's just hard to make a well-reasoned point and be funny at the same time. Besides, with kids 8, 7 and 3 running around, my mind doesn't get much of a workout. So you guys see the serious side. Heck, it's not unusual that I'm trying to rationalize my way around gun control, or morality or some such only to be interrupted with, "I'm poopy." Now, why my ds wouldn't tell mommy at this critical point is history is beyond me. But, he picked me to honor with his, "It's just a small one... yittle" so how can I refuse? Anyway... I've added an avatar I think should sum me up pretty well.
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