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  1. I have never been to Colorado, but Yosemite Natoinal Park in California is absolutely beautiful! The "peak" season with the vast number of visitors would be in summer. Best time for a Fall trip would probably be in October. Early November is pretty - but you can't always count on the weather. You can go hiking, rent bicycles, shop, visit museums, camp and more. There are restaurants, a motel, a hotel, a doctor's clinic, bookstores, a post office, small grocery store, souvenir shop, a library and more in the Valley alone. The park is huge. I hope that wherever you decide among the many wonderful suggestions you have received (and will receive), that you and your family have a most wonderful experience!
  2. That's great your daughter has learned so much! I am sure she will be able to use those skills for her whole life. We are doing home ec here this year as well. Our style is we keep track of hours (might be harder for you to go back and calculate so much). When she has a semester's worth, she will receive 1/2 credit, and when she has a second semester, another 1/2, etc. Since home ec is usually an elective, I would think you could make it either a semester or full year course (or longer). I would think this would help her overall transcript, etc. Hope this helps!
  3. Stanley A. Smith Randall I. Charles John A. Dossey Marvin L. Bittinger
  4. .....and someone with a degree in literature spent a lot of time designing that name!:lol: I am guessing it must be a clever acronym I - inter L - library L - loan i - ? a - ? d - ?
  5. I just acquired an older (2001) copy of the student text. But, I am not sure how it compares to others. It looks like I might need some workbooks and a TM which are rather expensive and I am not sure if this program would be beneficial for us. Just trying to weigh the benefits, or see if I just need to go with something else altogether. Aha! Decisions, Decisions! LOL Any thoughts?
  6. I have a delicious recipe for zucchini lasagna. My recipe does not require pre-cooking the zucchini and it has always come out fine. But it all goes in the oven for at least 30 minutes. Hope you get some helpful info!
  7. I was very young (maybe 4) when they walked on the moon! I didn't really see it on tv, but during the time it was being broadcast live, my dad took me outside to see the moon so I would connect the importance of the news story. Alll I can really remember is squinting and telling him I couldn't see any people! The next news things I seem to remember is a somber faced person who seemed to talk and talk for what seemed like a few days - later I learned it had to be Watergate. (only because the footage on Mr. Holland's Opus movie triggered the memory)
  8. Hope you enjoy him! I just had to smile at your post. When we adopted our dog, it took several months of looking on the internet and a few trips to shelters. But not we have a mixed breed for the last 1 1/2 years, and he is a good match for our family.
  9. I just bought a hefty sized Good Housekeeping cookbook at Barnes & Noble for part of a wedding gift. This was hardback and thick for only $9.98. It had many categories and several selections in various skill levels. I also like the many Taste of Home cookbooks - but they don't always have nutritional values (if that is important to you) Hope you find a good one! Pam
  10. Hello, I am looking for either this book or something similar to help dd. Are you aware of anything like a book with word and/or phrase lists to be used during revising? We have a thesaurus but really need something more of a bridge at times. Thanks, Pam
  11. Hello, Dd is ready to move up to a more advanced Thesaurus soon. We have been using the American Heritage Student Thesaurus which is listed for grades 7-10. However, we are finding it a bit too limiting even though it is within her grade range. I am looking for a hardback edition, written in the past 10 years or so (if possible), in a dictionary format. I don't necessarily need an index or cross-referencing volume. Ideally, this would be suitable for high school. Any ideas or recommendations? Thanks! Pam
  12. The absolute worst was going to the specialist and we had to wait an hour in the exam room. Okay, so doctors are busy - especially if they are a specialist. But, this guy was in the next room for 45 minutes talking to another person (doctor - ?) about his new sports car!!!! We could hear him!
  13. My ds used the World History program. However, we modified it a bit by not necessarily using all the literature. We kept the tests light or used them orally. This son never really enjoyed any form of school and had many struggles. Having said that, he LOVED the way Mr. Notgrass presented the information. In fact, I caught him one day on the library web site for the online catalog searching for other titles! DS then begged to use the Government program as well. Hope this helps!
  14. Hello, My dd just discovered the format of Life of Fred and seems to be enjoying it. I am curious if anyone is familiar with anything like this format for a sciene program? I don't need a "lab-heavy" course. She will begin 9th grade in the Fall. Thank you, Pam
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