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  1. If you're using Veritas, Bonitas, Decor as a motto, are those the correct endings? (Can be translated Truth, Goodness, Beauty, right? We're still just dabbling in Latin, starting full on this year.)
  2. I can't even wrap my mind around starting back today....we're not starting back until September. I need LOTS more time (although we are starting our CC back earlier than that...)
  3. Oh, that's super good to know! A local mom offered to sell me hers because she said it was easier and faster for her and her children when she just taught the lessons. I think I'll be saving my $35 and spending it elsewhere though. While I'm not fluent in latin by any means I have a decent grasp of things so we should be ok (knock on wood! lol) Thanks!
  4. If you search the CC side you should be able to find the updates. I have the old one and I've been able to use it and just print/tape in the updates.
  5. I'm going to be doing Latina Christiana 1 with my 3rd grader this year and my advanced 1st grader will be sitting in on it too. They both have some latin exposure (Song school latin, English from the Roots up, and Classical Conversations). I'm wondering if the DVDs would be helpful to them (making less work for me) or if they are geared more towards the older end of the range. Thanks for any helps and tips you may have!
  6. I'm trying to decide if I want to get the Resource CD or the Audio cd for this year for CC. Last time around (3 years ago before the new Timeline stuff) we got the Resource CD and then put the audio files on the children's ipods. I'd like to do that again but I need to know if the Resource CD has the Timeline Song on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
  7. I did Mapping the World by Heart with my homeschool group when I was probably...10 or so? possibly not even that old (so that was some 19 years ago or so). It was VERY thorough. I learned a lot even at that age and actually very much enjoyed it (I am art oriented so I'm sure that helped). My mother also did it alongside my brother and I and I know she really enjoy it as well.
  8. These are all awesome answers! Thanks so much!! We did Classical Conversations last year with her (as a 4 year old) and she has memorized all the things they did in cycle 2. I think I'll look into the Song School Latin as that seems more up our ally. Thanks again everyone!! :grouphug:
  9. I want to hear from those of you who are doing/have done Prima Latina with a 6 year old. I'm going to be ordering our first grade memoria press curriculum soon and Dh and I are trying to decide if we should wait till 2nd to start Prima Latina or if we should just jump in now. For what it's worth, DD won't be 6 until August. We'll probably start phonics earlier in the year (like whenever we finish the K one) but wait till the "normal" school year starts to start this IF we decide to do it. Advice? Opinions?
  10. I was reading Home Schooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit a while back and seem to remember her mentioning something about one of her children holding the pencil too tight and what she did....but I can't remember what it was! I'll see if I can find it for you later today. Sorry I'm not more help. My 4 year old has a horrible time holding his pencil right and I'm so bad at correcting him because my 5 year old has always held hers correctly!
  11. Schools in our area started a week or so ago, but we're not starting till after labor day either!!
  12. I don't know your religious views but if DD tried something like that we'd be going straight back to our beliefs about learning, mainly that all learning is to glorify God and help us love and serve him better. That being said we'd go to Deut. 6 and talk about how God instructs PARENTS (ie mommy and daddy) to constantly teach the children, and how that includes school time for us. :)
  13. Honestly, I think just getting to pick out a "cool" new folder or something like that is just as good. We're starting "school" after labor day this year (my oldest is also only 5) and while we do have a bit more to do since we do Classical Conversations, it's still not that much different than every day...and I think that's ok. I was home schooled growing up and I remember being so excited if I got to pick out a fun binder or trapper keeper instead of just a solid colored one, kwim?
  14. I love this one http://www.writingwizard.longcountdown.com/multi-word_handwriting_worksheet_maker.html because you can make them for anything you want! (writing practice)
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