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  1. Hi! A few other suggestions.... Lessons from History: The Art Part by Sybil Wickstrom. These books would go perfect with Truthquest and your timeline. They were created to go with the Lessons from History guides. I believe there are five books (without running to check our library). The books Art Part books have correlating arts and crafts activities for History topics and time periods and are very teacher/user friendly (spiral-bound). I'm sure you could find them used (not sure if they're out of print?). Rainbow Res. have a few left. Another idea...not sure how you stand on tv....but the book, Learning with the Movies by Beth Holland is an excellent resource. It has historical movies chronologically categorized beginning with Bible/ancient Egypt and going at least to the Vietnam War. There are also movies under sub-categories such as Music/Arts, Science/Nature, Medicine, Holidays, Horses, Sports, etc. The author also "rates" each film according to her own opinions to give you a sort of "heads-up" on what to expect. This is a helpful page for the same idea: http://heartofwisdom.com/blog/learning-american-history-through-movies-free-timeline/ And another: http://astore.amazon.com/amercian_history_movies-20 One last suggestion on the audio stories idea would be the Adventures in Odyssey Adventures in American History...8 hrs, of stories compiled chronologically from 1620-1975....23 stories in all. Included is a simple timeline and episode guide. I also have the Liberty's Kids DVD's...not sure about them as I haven't seen them yet. Those are just the Revolutionary War. Anyway..........hope you find what works for you and your family! :001_smile:
  2. Yes...Internet Explorer. Never had problems with it 'til this year. Shoot. Can't see inside the book :sad: . I'm big on "samples". LOL. I will see if our interlibrary loan has a copy! Thanks! I've never heard of Ubuntu!?? AND.............. on your new little!!! I am SO jealous! :p I am 48. Our oldest is 22...youngest 9. :crying:
  3. You should just put your F/S list HERE! Just preface it with a title that says something like, "sorry...can't post on classifieds". Then, inside you could explain. I totally would! :tongue_smilie:lol. It's not YOUR fault you can't use the classifieds boar. I doubt anyone would fault you for that! JMHO :-) and sure...I'd love to see your list. :thumbup1:
  4. SHEEEEESH! RIGHT after I posted that, I looked over and my avatar was GONE....AGAIN! What in the world!?? LOL!
  5. I am using Windows 7. Have been having other issues too. Can't change the typestyles in these posts can't "bold", etc. I also have to get my emails in reg. text (not html) because it takes forever for them to come in, if I don't. You can't post classified ads!?? BUT...you can do regular posts everywhere else on here? That really IS strange! :confused1: I'm assuming you've emailed the board's technical crew? I did that about another issue I had...my "content" disappeared...under my name. Then, a couple days later, it's all back. Oh, and my avatar has disappeared twice now and I had to put it back. LOL It's a photo I took, too...so, I know it wasn't violating any "rules". I've had friends that have had different issues with Firefox. I wonder if you could try a different browser? I've been debating about updating to the Windows 8.1. I'm chicken to do it, though. lol. Seems like I finally figure everything out in one version and I hate to start over with a new one! Creature of habit, I am! Hopefully you can figure out how to post classifieds, though! That's a strange one!
  6. Thanks, Kareni! I will see if I can get it through our interlibrary loan. Question... I've been wondering how to do a link like you did. I thought you were supposed to highlight the text, click on the "chain link" icon and then paste the URL in the box. That doesn't work for me, though. Then it won't let me close the dialog box. :confused1: So... I end up just copying the link and pasting that in my post. I guess that works, too...but not as nice! lol If you get a minute (or anyone else that sees this) and know what I'm doing wrong, I'd sure appreciate a little tutoring on the subject! LOL TIA :001_smile:
  7. FAMILY WRITING BOOK (fun writing without the "pressure") I was curious if anyone else has done this? I got the idea from Marjorie Frank’s book: If You're Trying to Teach Kids How to Write, You've Gotta Have This Book! (revised edition). Basically, the idea is to get a large, 3-ring binder, decorate the cover, and add divider tabs. You place the book somewhere centrally located in your home where it is easily accessible to all. You will be making and saving MEMORIES from all of your child-raising/homeschooling years. I just thought the idea was genius. I SO wish I had run across it when all of our children were younger! It encourages EVERYONE to write in a fun and nonthreatening way. Especially the littles when they see Mom and Dad and older siblings writing and sharing for fun! Our cover has "Our FAMILY Writing Book" on it and then everyone's names written around the... title, using “The Game of the Name†idea (also from the same book). You write the person’s name in all caps and then under it, you use each letter to write a silly sentence. Like for BRICE – Bison Run In Circles Everywhere. KEVIN – Kangaroos Eat Vegetables In Nepal., BENJAMIN – Big Elephants Never Joke About Mice In Nests. AMBER – Antelopes Make Beautiful Eskimo Rugs. You get the idea! We added drawings to match. The sillier the better! FUN! I am currently trying to think of a way to show when someone adds a new writing entry to the book and wants to share it with the rest of the family. I was thinking of making a chart to keep in the front of the book so they could check off which tabs/categories they added to. Or maybe a simpler way?? I wish they made people sticky notes or something, then everyone could have their own and add "themselves" in the spot in the book where they wrote something. Hmmm....any ideas? Mabye I could make everyone into a bookmark (full body photo cut out)! Hey... actually not a bad idea! lol So far, these are the “tabs†we have in ours: ADVICE – Can be anything from anyone…. Family rules, scriptures, reminders, problem solutions, tips, silly stuff too. BOOK REVIEWS/LISTS - This is great, because older kiddos leave reviews for books the youngers can look forward to being able to read someday….a book that big sis loved, etc. Even a list of "want to read" books could go here, then be reviewed as they are read. CONVERSATIONS - This is awesome for remembering all those funny things your kids say! Or maybe a conversation with Grandma or a famous person, etc. Careful, though...the kids can write down what YOU say! LOL DEFINITIONS - Any new word learned. Especially good if you do “word of the day/weekâ€, etc. DRAWINGS - with captions DREAMS - Write the date, what the dream was about (in detail), and what they think it “meansâ€â€¦if anything. FABLES & FUNNY TALES - Summary of one you hear and like or better yet, a new one that you wrote. FAVORITE THINGS – Put date, each family member gets a "page"…items like favorite book, subject, holiday, season, dessert, meal, drink, movie, color, tv show, etc…Good to do new ones every so often to see what has changed with everyone...don't forget to date them! FIELD TRIPS – Ideas, plans, memories recorded. I keep a 3-ring folder in this section with their field trip forms that we use. Can also add photos pages! FOREIGN LANGUAGE WORDS / PHRASES GAME OF THE NAME (described above...our book cover) – Each person has their own page. Anyone can add name sentences to anyone’s page. You might want to lay down some “be nice†ground rules for this one! ;) HOPES/PRAYERS - We have little smiley face stickers in this section that we put beside answered prayers. Leave space after each entry to write answers/outcomes, etc. HOW-TO’S / INSTRUCTIONS – How long to cook popcorn in the microwave, how to make a pot of coffee, how often/how much to feed the animals, what supplements to take when feeling sick, etc… I LEARNED TODAY – Great for Dad and in our family, Grandma ALWAYS asks, “SO…what did you learn today?†lol IDEAS – Great things to try, to do, to make, whatever… JOKES/RIDDLES – This is a popular one with everyone! Lol LISTS – Bucket list for each family member, shopping lists, anything… LYRICS – Our 16 yr. old currently writes her own songs. She also likes to write down lyrics she is trying to learn. We photocopy the ones she is willing to share (so she can keep her original). I add our school song lyrics here (continent song, months of the year, etc.) MEMORIES – This can be ANYTHING the child (or Mom/Dad) wants to remember (think...diary entry). MESSAGES/LETTERS – Each child can have their own section or you can just leave them all in one. I wrote the first letters and this also gives a sort of guide to follow on “how†to write a letter. Our boys just added a “Dear Mom, this is what we want for Christmas.†letter Lol. The person that puts a new message in for someone, adds one of those colored sticky note arrows for that person (we each have our own designated color…so you can see at a glance if you have any “mailâ€). When our older kids were small, they each had a mini mailbox that other family members could add messages to, so this is "sort of" like that. MENUS – Never again will you hear, “What’s for dinner?†That is, IF you fill in the plan for the day/week. lol. THEN…meals get rated on a 5 star rating by all family members that want to “weigh inâ€.. Comments can be added such as, “Yuk. Don’t ever make this again!†or “I could eat this for every meal!†, etc. Our kids also used to play “restaurant†all the time and they made menus for them…those could go here, too. METAPHORS MOVIE REVIEWS - everyone rates the movie with 1-5 stars and then writes a summary, their favorite part, line, character description, etc. NATURE FINDS – We have a running list of insects, amphibians, reptiles, etc…. Write date and place found. PLAYS/DRAMAS POEMS/RHYMES – I also put MY poems here and some from the older siblings. PROJECTS - Great place to write about any project...don't forget the pictures! PROVERBS/PARABLES/ADAGES QUESTIONS – This can be any question, anyone wants to know and anyone in the family (one or all) can answer them. We add a sticky note here too, so everyone knows there’s a NEW question that hasn’t been answered. I drew question marks on a pad of those skinny post-its. QUOTES - From the famous or from friends/family members. You could subdivide these too (historical figures, religious figures, scientists, etc.) RECIPES - I add “kid-friendly†recipes here and our 16 yr. old dd puts recipes in here that she uses often…ones she finds online and in her cookbooks. REMEDIES SCHEDULES - Currently, our 16 yr. old’s driving times are here as well as our youngest’s flag football schedule, etc. On the football schedule, our ds writes how many flags he grabbed, “I made an 80 yard touchdown in this game!â€, etc… Our dd jots down anything specific from each driving trip… “A deer ran out in front of me tonight!â€, etc. SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS SILLY SAYINGS SIMILES and METAPHORS ( a few pages for each with title at the top) SPORTS REPORTS STORIES – I put MINE in this section that I wrote when I was a child (Mom saved them all!) and some from the older siblings. TELEVISION PROGRAMS – Write about favorite shows/episodes…what happened, favorite lines, etc. TONGUE TWISTERS – TRIVIA/COOL FACTS VACATIONS – Ideas, plans, memories recorded, pictures, etc. WEATHER REPORTS – Especially if something unusual happens with the weather…maybe write about an especially wet spring, cold winter (record amount of snow & temps), or like the day we got tons of huge hail…don’t forget to add pictures! WONDERFUL WORDS – This can also be sub-divided: adjectives, adverbs, compound, big/long, great-sounding, alliterations, onomatopoeia words, homophones, “JAILED†words (break common spelling rule), music, sports, science, silly, etc. Sorry this was SO LONG!! I would love to hear YOUR ideas! :seeya:
  8. Neesy


    SO SORRY! I should have read about this board first. :blushing: My apologies. Not sure if I can delete this? I'll try and move it over to the curriculum board.
  9. What about this one? Write On: The Kid Friendly Mother Pleasing, Gentle Way to Learn To Write (Volume 1) Paperback – February 13, 2012 by Karen K Newell
  10. Along the same lines...check this out. It is great! Especially if you have access to interlibrary loan. We used it with our olders along with a "movie form" that I made for them. There is a great review here, so I will just say, "ditto" to everything! :lurk5: http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Movies-Guide-Education-Fun/dp/0975392239
  11. OH!! I totally forgot about THOSE! We used to have the Beethoven cassette when our oldest two were in elementary (12 YEARS ago)! Yes...it was really GOOD! I'll have to see if our interlibrary loan has them on file. Thanks for the reminder! :thumbup:
  12. Oh MY!! "I LOVE the hive! THANK YOU so much! :grouphug: I had to start a word document to write them all down! Haven't heard of most of them! Oh, and Raining Pineapples.... I cannot believe this! I TOTALLY forgot....I have ALL of the Lyrical Sciences packed away in a box "to sell". :blush: Our oldest three kiddos just never got around to using them.... didn't really "need" them. THANKS for jogging my memory on that one! I have Geography Songs, too...from way back when (it's a CASSETTE!), but those songs never seemed to "stick". We probably just didn't listen to them enough and I know we didn't use the workbook. Will definitely try that one with ds. Anyway.... thanks for taking time to post. :thumbup:
  13. Developmental Math K-2 Rod and Staff Math (love 3 and up) Horizon Math (after 2nd grade...I "think" these have been redone since then (1999/2000?) though...not sure?) Alpha Phonics How to Teach Any Child to Spell Prima Latina Introductory Logic
  14. So far on my list of "THESE REALLY WORK" are: 100 Sheep - Skip Counting songs. Our oldest 3 STILL remember the words to those songs! LOL Hide 'Em in Your Heart (scripture songs) Go to the Ant (Judy Rogers- scripture songs) The continent song (This old man...knick knack paddy whack song...N.Armerica, S. America, Europe, Asia, Africa..Australia, and Antaaaarctiica...now I know my continents!) :hurray: Days of the week song (to the tune of "Found a Peanut"... There are 7 days, there are 7 days, there are 7 days in the week...Sunday, Monday, etc...) Months of the year song The Vowels song Anyway, you get the idea! I also have the "Schoolhouse Rock" cd's....remember those as a kid, any of you?? "Conjunction Junction What's Your Function"..... ring any bells? lol Getting ready to pull our "Grammar Songs" out, too! LOVE that one! I'm just curious as to what ELSE is out there that we might be missing! :bigear:
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