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  1. I have recently pulled out my 2nd and 3rd graders from school and used the placement test for WWE. They are both VERY struggling writers, but I think it is from lack of instruction and not any organic problem, per se. I put them both in WWE 2, which is on target. The couple of weeks in WWE 2, the dictations are 1 sentence. Now, we are now reaching harder dictations (commas, 2 sentences), and they are struggling a little, and I have to break down the sentences and read them several times, but they are getting the hang of it. I also have a first grader who is using WWE 1. WWE 1 does not
  2. Although I have been supplimenting for some time now. I have spent around $200-$250 per child for my three boys for the whole battery of subects. Much of what I have bought can be reused (I have 3 boys), and I make use of cheaper ebooks. I have found excellent used books at a local bookseller, and I make use of alibris and Amazon for online used books. Perhaps the tip that has saved me the most money is this: Before I purchase any curricula, I give myself at least a week to think about it (online shopping carts work great here), and I stick to a monthly budget. This technique alone
  3. The Ancients Encyclopedia is more in depth than the Internet linket Encyclopedia of World History but probably redundant. Usborne has a smaller set of books; one on the Greeks, one on the Romans, and one on the Egyptians (I think), and the Ancients Encyclopedia is all three of these books combined. I bought the Ancients Encyclo. because at the time, I could not get the World History Encyclopedia, but if you have the World History Encyclopedia, skip the one on the Ancients.
  4. I pulled my boys ages 9 and 8 out of school this year as they were behind in every subject. I put the 8 yr old in FLL 3, and the 9 yo in FLL 4. The books are very similar; both FLL 3 and FLL 4 start out with very basic parts of speech. We are getting to the diagramming in FLL 4 and it is VERY gentle. My 4th grader is an average student and is doing just fine in FLL 4. Per Peace Hill Press, put the child in at grade level because each level has extensive review. I can tell you from looking at the books that the big difference between FLL 3 and 4 is in the diagramming towards the end of th
  5. My ds 8 begged to be hs'ed since 1st grade because he was "bored" but now that I have pulled him out, he is still bored and complains when I ask him to do even the simplest of tasks. I too, am using SOTW which he complains about (he is very bright, but also very lazy). I found on a Peacehillpress youtube video, SWB going through a lapbook that a student did for SOTW 1. My son is very hands-on and crafty and when I showed him the video, he started coming up with all these ideas for his own lapbook. Yesterday he was going through the Egyptian gods and comparing them with the Greek and Roman
  6. Nerf guns!!! Perfect!!! It just so happens that I have a gun or 4 lying around. Thank you for the suggestion! I appreciate the feedback. Through this post, I have discovered Rummy Roots, Balderash and several other games. I will file this information away for when the kids are older....
  7. Vocabulary books are boring, especially to 3 grammar stage boys. Do any of you have vocabulary games that you play? I thought about making index cards, sticking the words to the wall, giving the boys the definitions and making them race to match them. That idea is still being molded, but I figure there is someone out there who has found something fun. Thank you!!
  8. I agree with the "spine" theory. We have used SOTW as a jumping off point. We skip some sections and spend more time on others, but the CD's are gems. My boys listen to them over and over. Thanks to SWB's references in the Activity book, we have been able to find other books about the subject we are interested in and as a result, we may not pick up the SOTW book for weeks until we have exhausted whatever we are studying. When we are ready to move on, SOTW moves us along on the time line and we start again. I think if I were to use SOTW exclusively, my boys would mutiny (they HATE the c
  9. I have an 8 yr old boy who I am pulling out of school. He is very bright in the LA arena but is immature and lacks fine motor skills. I was considering MCT because he is bright and his writing skills are so behind, but I am concerned MCT does not have as "complete" of a curriculum as FLL and WWE (I already own both). MCT is so incredibly expensive but I will buy it if there is a decent chance he will do well (he HATED school, was incredibly bored and begged me to pull him out...starting in 1st grade).
  10. Thank you so much for the input! Saxon is used heavily in HS circles around here and I just wanted to look around first...especially since I own MUS and SM is inexpensive, and I hear Saxon lessons take 45+ minutes. My little boys do not have the attention span for that. I think we will keep MUS and buy a lower level SM Word Problem book to supplement. You have been so kind to respond.
  11. I am pulling my 3 boys out of school this year, in fact we have already started "homeschooling" although in Math so far we are using summer bridge books. My 9 year old had TERRIBLE math computation scores on his Iowa tests (28-33). The 8 yo didn't do much better. The older is an average student, the younger is very bright in the LA arena but they have trouble applying the math (read: word problems). The 9 yo generally likes math but the eight yo HATES drill. My 6 yo is happy-go-lucky, and at this point, is along for the ride. I have a whole set of MUS manipulatives and both Primer and Al
  12. The BIGGEST top loader I could find. It is water and energy efficient (read: it smells if you leave clothes in it) and it cleans the clothes as well as my old agitator. I've had it for almost 2 years and I still love it.
  13. I have 4 kids and the youngest 3 boys are in a sweet Catholic school but the education the last couple of years has been subpar. The principal and I are revamping it but my 9 year old scored in the 20-30 percent on his IOWA test for his math, 40-50 for LA and after substituting in his class, I know how bad the education is and how far behind he is (average student). My 8 year old is very bright but scoring in the 20-30 for math and has been begging me to homeschool him. The 6 year old could care less, but I won't leave him in school if the other two are coming out. I have been supplimenti
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