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  1. to go alone with LOF. I will ck out Kinetic Books though.... love this board, btw.
  2. I will be using Beginning Algebra next year. Does anyone think this can be a stand-alone program?:) thanks........
  3. That IS very good advice, Donna A. thanks to all...............:iagree:
  4. I am planning on using this for our next school year. Can I supplement with Megawords for spelling or would it be too much? I just started Megawords 1 this school year and hate to think about dropping a good thing. I'll be using the 8th grade level ( we started Megawords in 7th to help with spelling and reading and really liked it.) thanks.....
  5. thank you all for your input....
  6. I will be ordering the Fractions and the Decimals and Percents books to use over the summer as a supplement to our current TT Grade 7 program. These look like so much fun ! Can you move right into LOF's Beginning Algebra or do you need to take LOF's Pre-Algebra. Also...I'm confused about the Pre-Algebra with Biology.:confused: Thanks for your help.
  7. I believe Landmark is a Baptist curriculum.
  8. If I decide to go from TT7 to LOF, can I move from TT7 to LOF Beginning Algebra? or should I go to Pre-Algebra with biology? and is this enough of science to use it for science? I looked for this answer and haven't come up with one yet. I realize LOF Pre-Algebra is new. I have reasons for possibly making this change, one of them being my budget and the reasons we like TT7 (using the DVD's) changes next year anyway. Thanks for any input!:)
  9. What is a good resource for extra word problems... either a free online site or workbook? I'm looking for 5th grade and up. Many thanks.:001_smile:
  10. I will be using the Basic program, then moving on to Word Works ( along with the Supplemental program) and then finish up with Advanced Winston Grammar. Where do you think I could go next with the Rod and Staff series or what grammar program do you think is a good fit after this series? :confused: Thanks much!
  11. I did use CLE in earlier grades. I'll ck it out again...thanks!
  12. Thank you Donna for the info. I'm the teacher...but I sure wrote it like the student. Never rechecked my typing :) But I guess with homeschooling it is a "we."
  13. I won't be using DVD's until high school and I was wondering if you had any feedback for me....BJU teacher's manuals are so cumbersome! I also read lot of whole books but I am considering using one of these for literary analysis. Thanks!
  14. did you use any quizzes or tests?
  15. I am using the Third Edition which I believe is the latest.
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