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  1. I wanted a Chick-fil-A Chicken Salad Sandwich. Sadly, it has been erased from the menu. Beyond that... GOOD Mexican food at a restaurant...sadly, our restaurant closed, so I'm waiting and looking. To be honest, I haven't really missed much American food -- good ethnic food, YES, because Italians really can't do anything other than Italian well. 🤣
  2. Haha - I'm feeling so lazy right now, it's funny. I am truly grateful that the girls and I were able to start this transition back to the states in our hometown. It's made everything much less overwhelming, because I'm at least pretty familiar with the roads, traffic patterns and where things are. We still have a pretty big transition to VA Beach, but at least we should only be dealing with the normal crazy of moving by then 😉
  3. Almost nothing today. Pantry/Freezer list of what is at my parent's house Meal Plan for next week Shopping List Answering random questions from my husband and sons, helping them work towards the final pack-out goal! Shopping Plan for Friday (planning for this to be much longer than I ever would really shop, because I'll have the little girls and they will say, "OOOHHH, Mommy LOOK!" at everything. So, wearing the walking shoes as we traverse the mall, go to Costco, Wegman's, the Vitamin Shoppe, and the shoe store. Swimming!
  4. Once I get my milk share, I will be joining you.
  5. That's an apt description. I am tempted to make my own "ultra filtered yogurt" with the Fairlife milk, and add some freeze dried/powdered berries for a more intense flavor. It has to be better than This! (not sure about the cost of it... but yeah, pretty yucky) I'll make a note of it. There are so many grocery stores and not everything seems to carry everything we like. I haven't been to Wegman's yet, but I'll look there. When we get to VA Beach, my main stores will be Wegman's, Kroger and Trader Joes. Here, my main stores are Wegman's and Giant. I will probably go back to making more things from scratch, but right now, I just can't. I was truly grateful for the pre-chopped onions, tomoatoes and cilantro in the produce section. My parents' house is being renovated, and I have no idea where some of their equipment is... I wanted pico de gallo, and Giant made it easy to dump everything together and add a lime. I'm sure I paid a lot more, and I know the tomatoes aren't as good as the ones in Italy, but it was yummy., and now I can make egg tacos for breakfast 😄 We are menu planning for next week tomorrow -- and will be working to stay in some kind of budget. I probably bought too much bread for the four of us (6 bagels, 6 small sandwich rolls, 2 loaves of brown bread...yeah, I got too much.
  6. It is HOT outside. Like, mid-July or August HOT. Took me half the day to get the internet working. I got our cell phones working, too. So far, I've been to Wal-Mart, Target, Giant, T-mobile and Chick-fil-A. Going to the pool in a moment. I've dealt with the NCAA issue for my son, and sorted all of my mail and opened all of the books that were here waiting for me. I've answered all of my husband's moving questions and sent the official notice about moving to the schools back in Naples. I've been disappointed by two things: Chick-fil-A eliminated their chicken salad sandwich (pretty much the only sandwich I ate there). And this YQ yogurt from ultra filtered milk that was just flavorless. It seriously nearly tasted plain. They had to use carrot juice for color -- so I'm left to wonder what happened to the strawberries they were supposed to use for flavor, because I didn't get that at all. Tomorrow, I'll just be working on menu planning for next week, doing some reading and some other project work. Friday, I'm shopping again! I'll be off to Costco, the mall, Vitamin Shoppe, Wegman's, and the gym.
  7. My Wednesday is nearly over, but it took me awhile to hook up the internet. Unpack Get kids' unpacked Get new phone numbers (set up family plan with T-Mobile) Target (because DD needed some shoes, I needed a toothbrush & toothpaste, and we had to "see" the store). Giant (because we needed a better variety of food). I walked in with a very basic plan. We did walk down all of the aisles to marvel at the selections. I'm still shaking my head over some things. And, I have no idea how what I purchased could possibly add up to $260!! I'm going to have to dissect that receipt. I mostly bought a few items of this and that to try, as I'm no longer familiar with most of the things on the shelves. Do Not Buy the expensive yogurt made from the ultra filtered milk... it's just a big disappointment (and I LOVE the ultra filtered milk). I'm going to have to really work at modifying our grocery plan (I had it down, so I could tell within a few dollars what we were spending at our major shopping stores in Italy... but I'm apparently way off now). Make dinner Go to swim practice Bed!
  8. This is it! Get on a plane in Italy Sit in an airport in Paris Get on a plane in Paris Go through Customs in Virginia Get in a car and ride back to my folks' house. Find the hidden key, dump our stuff, change our clothes and... Get in a car, to take the girls to the pool (because we have to stay up until at least 8pm Eastern time (2am Naples time) Grocery shopping Dinner Bed -- sleep in at least until 7am. I'll see you tomorrow!
  9. Freak out every time I realize I am leaving tomorrow. Freak out at everything that I'm trying to finish up for my husband before I leave tomorrow. Freak out when trying to fit everything I need into one 50# bag (and help the girls pack), while also trying to make sure that we don't go overweight on our express shipment. Crying because I have to say goodbye. A list, I'm guaranteed to succeed with 😂
  10. Less than 24 hours. We are seriously wigging.
  11. Pet owner, here... TBH, my children have been harder on this house (any house) than my dog ever has. But, she spent years crated every time we left, and every night. It was a slow process (true for my other dog and my cat). They never chewed up, peed on or otherwise did anything to our houses. My brother's pets, on the other hand... pee'd all over the dining room and his dog tore up a door. I'm not sure why mine were so much better than his... but for whatever reason they have been. That said, I don't think homeowners should be forced to accept pets. Just like most people won't rent an 1800 square foot home to a family of 7 (which is why we may wind up having to buy a home in the next 30 days).
  12. OH, and the piano (that doesn't work) got claimed within 5 minutes of posting. The bookcases? I still have. Well... two-three weeks to sell stuff still! I have one huge bookcase of curriculum/books that we're either selling or giving away. Everything else is packed. School supplies still to sort (not taking anything that's mostly used home, we'll just give it away). Still have to finish the school supplies and a few odds and ends. I'm nearly ready to pass this sucker off to my husband. 100# of school trash is gone (5 years of work here, consolidated down into a few envelopes), tossed all of the high school work (except for some papers) from the oldest, kept all of the high school level work for the next two. Tossed some decorations I'm not keeping. Tossing all of the miscellaneous wrapping stuff (keeping the gift bags) tossing the old (very old) Christmas boxes, tossed my wreaths, donated 3 coolers to scouts, donated 1 griddle to scouts, sold the other one. I still have to go room by room (NOT the boys' room) and move out anything that is being sold/donated or expressed or regular pack out. Have to do my room and little girls. My husband is feeling better about the move. We should be at least 2,000 pounds under what we brought here when everything is said and done. Not too shabby.
  13. Trying to pack things into one 50# bag, and one carry-on is NOT going well, we're going to have to head to a store the day we get back, because we can't use the weight for any personal care items. The guys will get two 70# bags and one carry on in 3 weeks (I'll be picking them up, though -- so they at least have a ride). Third shipment is our express... and finally household goods. We still don't have an answer on our rental. DH is calling the landlord tonight -- basically apologizing and saying we're sorry, but we *have* to know. If the answer is no, I need to work double time on my interviews (which means driving back and forth from Fredericksburg 😞). I need to figure out the job situation before we can finalize the house situation. I have four interviews. One is definitely an a.m.; I may be able to squeeze them into two days and only spend one night in a hotel -- so we'll have to see. Friday, I've been asked to interview in one place. Saturday afternoon, I'm supposed to be in No. VA. I may see if I can just interview Thursday and Friday and then return to Fredericksburg, and drive to NoVA on Sat. Lordy, this is complicated! Wish me luck. in 48 hours I'll be on a plane (still) with 4 hours to go).
  14. Some things we buy in blu-ray, other things we buy digital. Regardless of how it's purchased, it all gets digitized and put onto our Media Server -- which is also how we access Netflix, YouTube, etc. (I don't know what will be included when we get stateside in that mix stuff).
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