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  1. PonyGirl -- Virginia Wesleyan (Swimming, Honors College, Academic Scholarship); Liberty University (Honors College, Academic Scholarship -- Swimming TBD) Two down, 5 more to complete (we should hear from VMI and have an idea about the two Service Academies next... and Ivies are all RD, so awhile to wait there).
  2. My oldest daughter has never really had an issue with acne -- barring the occasional hormone-related pimple here and there. However, in the past 5 months, she has developed quite a bit of acne that doesn't seem to clear up. The last time she had acne this badly, it was firmly rooted in her diet, she had gone vegetarian and her milk/whey/sugar consumption went way up. A year ago, she went vegan. She is a highly competitive athlete, so her nutrition is carefully monitored to make sure she's getting a full complement of bio-accessible micro-nutrients (and the macros). She has strong food sensitivities to tree nuts. She can (and does) consume pine nuts, seeds, almonds and peanuts. She uses Almond/Flax milk and pea protein powder, and then eats quite a bit of Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan. My first thought was this could be dietary again. The only change she had made in her diet was switching brands of pea protein powder. She did notice that the new brand seemed to upset her stomach. She switched back and those issues resolved, but the acne remains. **full disclosure, I am extremely sensitive to peas and pea protein even today, although I can now tolerate peanuts -- which I really couldn't eat as a child** DD only responds to cashews the way I did to peas. DD does not consume much bread or sugar** We've already tested and ruled out anything that she's putting on her face, and she did recently grow an inch... could have another inch hiding in there somewhere I suppose. The changes we made all had some minimal impact -- but she still has quite a bit of acne on her forehead. The acne on her cheeks seemed to clear up when we switched her wash cloth (to a Norwex one, and just uses water). I'm guessing I need to take her to an allergist and have a full compliment of testing done again. DD knows we need to do this, but a part of her is dreading it, because if dietary issues do come up, she will be very upset. Maintaining her lifestyle has been fairly difficult already with the limitations she's had due to the known food sensitivities. -- in the meantime, is there anything else I should look into?
  3. Today is my first day of full time employment in 10 years... Swim Practice Write (and get paid for it) College application stuff for PonyGirl Dental Appointments (attempt to make) Window Replacement Kids' School check-in/oversight/planning Clean out Refrigerator (check food status) Work on some online coach training Leave for more swimming & coaching; do some additional work after I'm done GO TO BED. GET SLEEP.
  4. I'm struggling today. Spent the weekend in NC helping out (and not getting much sleep). So, my Monday is off to a bit of a tired start. 5am Swim practice, where I work on video coaching job Home, do more video coach training Work at getting set up (email/programs) for my REAL job (I was offered and accepted an incredible opportunity -- first day is tomorrow) 45 minute power napish (yeah, I know it should be 30 minutes... 45 it was) Pack up to leave, packing up writing projects that are due Weds, and I need to get started on) Unboxed NORWEX stuff, did a quick video with the girls showing them clean the windows with water (err...clean BUTTER off the windows with water -- what sorcery is this??) Heading out to coach now -- and do a bit of writing work. Have a great day everyone!
  5. My oldest grandparents were born in 1910. All of my grandparents were born in the U.S. On my dad's side, my grandfather was 1st generation American citizen, my grandma was 2nd. On my mom's side... pretty much that is a hodge-podge of way-way back, came on the boat and met the boat and everything in between. My husband's side, both were 2nd generation US citizens, with a strong dose of native Americans (confirmed by DNA and family genealogical record -- but apparently they never joined the rolls and all descendants are ineligible)
  6. Thank you -- this job is like my life coming full circle -- a return to what I left mostly behind 17 years ago when PonyGirl was born. Virtual office that only cares that work gets done, not about sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day "working." It almost sounds too good to be true -- but it's a very well respected agency (Fortune 5000), with retirement/profit sharing/training opportunities, etc. Pay-wise, it will bring me to roughly 70% of what my husband makes (not as much as I could make freelancing -- which would be about 1.5 times what DH makes), but without the stress of having to actually beat down doors to find the work -- which is the stressful part).
  7. Leaving town today... Swim Practice Class 2nd interview with agency (am actual job that would allow me to STOP trying to cobble together a bunch of PT work, and ease a lot of financial/mental stress on my part) Pack/clean up Leave a "to-do" list for the men and PonyGirl Spend the evening with my parents -- maybe actually get a good night's sleep for the first time in 2 weeks.
  8. Well, today is the day -- Warner's packet is due. We've received one letter. Letters from Italy and CO apparently are delayed by mail system. DD will call later today to tell them why she can't complete the packet in the manner requested. Still time for others. Trying to encourage her, but like being on the wrong side of a breakup, it's still kind of sucks. Funny thing is... we wound up NOT waiting on the Biology teacher's rec. He never replied to DD, but the letters just showed up at our house one day. The NROTC contact got back to us -- and said that I could write her math recommendation, but the school's academic adviser would need to write the counselor letter (which I wrote). I can only write one of the three letters (she has one from a different swim coach) -- but they keep giving her alternatives that all equal me. I get the feeling this guy doesn't understand homeschooling. DD did wind up getting the ACT score she needed for the full-tuition scholarship (YAY). Moving forward on this the best we can.
  9. Life is pretty crazy. Still getting used to the 5am practices every morning -- getting home at 8:45 at night and trying desperately to sleep and not nap during the day is a hard adjustment. I've also been really pursuing more freelance work (or a job), which has kept me a bit busier in the midst of school and unpacking. FWIW, we did find our silverware last weekend (only took two weeks and an unknown quantity of boxes... they were packed with 2 jars of powdered peanut butter, 1/12 of my large soup/salad bowls; a bag of my husband's books for work, 2 empty back packs and doll bed bedding...basically random items from around the house like so many other boxes we're opening (making things take that much longer!!) Today: 5AM practice AP Testing followup Calls (for work) Freelance job that came in last night College application work for Ponygirl reading (for work) prep for coaching tonight make carne asada (freeze half for later) -- we now have carne asada and shredded adobo chicken for "make your own quesadillas" (everyone in my house is at an age they can self-serve this during lunch... clean out the fridge three loads of laundry get ready to head to NC DO NOT, under any circumstances, fall asleep.
  10. I've really been up since 4am... the late shower/reading in bed for an hour notwithstanding. Now, I'm either enjoying 2nd breakfast or 1st lunch...not sure how that goes yet. Swim Practice (5-7), complete with 2 cups of coffee Work on freelance job (finished & turned in) Shower/Read Computer time with 2nd breakfast (more caffeine) Apply for jobs. Follow up on leads. Unpack/sort more boxes (believe it or not, I am making progress on this) Menuplan for next week Prep for Swim Practice (coaching) tonight Coach BED
  11. I think Ponygirl would kind of freak about gaining 3 inches! One more would put her in the range of "normal" based upon her growth patterns as a child, still shorter, but massively so. Her older brother is a bit jealous (he's still 3 inches off where he was expected to be, at 20. He started growing late, too, but stopped around age 18. Maybe if he kicks something into high gear his spine will grow, too! PokeMan started growing earlier, we're still waiting for his legs to catch up with his back...but he just turned 16, so we'll see!! She was on the earlier side for my family (1 week shy of her 13th birthday). Blondie will probably register on the underweight BMI due to her body type, growth, and swimming when she sees the doctor this fall -- and will be on the late side (although we've been prepared for awhile).
  12. She is, but her average level of training was significantly less prior to the growth spurt (She's gone from averaging 18 hours of practice per week to 25...)
  13. Whew -- well, so while not the norm, at least she is in good company! What makes this particularly funny is her 13yo sister is currently growing really fast (she's gone from 4'11 to 5'1 this summer. Before we left Italy, we had chatted about how Blondie might be taller than her by now... but now PonyGirl is growing, too 🤣
  14. Ponygirl is 17. She never had a growth spurt. She sat at 5'2 from the age of 15. She is now 17 1/2. Since moving back to the states, she's grown an inch. Coincidentally, her forehead starting breaking out like a young teen entering puberty. Once I find a doctor, I think we'll be bringing this up. Weird.
  15. Actually, the girl I'm describing was a high school student (also an assistant coach, who happened to be 18 at the time).
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