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  1. While AP tests happened this past spring. My older kids have been completely unable to sit for CLEP exams (which should be much easier to administer, as they are already computerized). But, the testing centers have been closed. The only one that is open in our area is offering ONE test to ONE person each day. Five tests per week. First come, first served. Why? I have no earthly idea. I can't imagine it's that difficult to Social Distance in the testing center, let alone disinfect. My rising junior and my 13 year old are taking the PSAT in the fall. Which reminds me, I need to follow up w
  2. I have my 3rd 11th grader this year (only two more to go). He won't start this schedule until October, though. He's focusing on PSAT/SAT Prep, and finishing up some things from last year. He's narrowed his college path to three schools, so we're tailoring to those school's degree path. He's interested in Computer Engineering and possibly video game design, so using ABET Computer Engineering and interests to guide what comes next. Math -- Precalculus (this is mostly a review, looking for any potential gaps), Starting Calculus 1 (going to stretch this over 2 years, mostly don't want to lo
  3. We are taking legal action to attempt to stop the nonsense.
  4. Wish it were a comedy. More like a horror flick. Sitting down with a lawyer, but apparently we need one in Alaska. Please pray for us. Each time she spirals, it gets so much worse.
  5. My daughter has really been enjoying the Self-Paced Omnibus course, but it looks like those end after 9th grade. How have you taught this for 10-12? I don't believe we will be able to afford the live online courses, which means I'd have to "teach" it (but I work full time). Looking for any BTDT experience with the 10-12 grade versions. Thank you! Lisa
  6. Udemy has what looks like a number of good courses along these lines.
  7. My oldest two both did AP courses. The courses fit with the student's goals and the college goals. My graduated senior didn't take a single AP exam this year (she wound up not needing them, and didn't want to deal with the hassle it became due to COVID-19). Since she's a math major, she wanted to start with Calc 1 again anyway (she could have started with Calc 3). She was very happy that her AP Physics C exam meant no science in college 😉 (she did AP Bio, but University Physics was required in her major). DS only tested out of about 15 credit hours, DD will still be taking CLEP for a few cour
  8. Updating on Ponygirl ... A "yes" from Macalester (hoping to see more financial aid in 11 days, thus far just one of their top academic scholarships...but not close to being enough). "No" from Swarthmore (but, she also didn't do her part in communicating with the swim coach there -- and it was a swim school). She really, really wants USCGA, but feeling like that's less and less likely with each passing day (most of her friends from last summer have all been notified, and either accepted there or USNA). She does have one full-ride offer, but it doesn't include swim, so she's on the fence there.
  9. Like mine ... I received wonderful news in that my NCAA forms were good to send in. Whew. I was all kinds of dreading copying it into a new format. Although, I didn't receive an answer as to them wanting outlines of Drawing 1 and Drawing 2, health & P.E. and things of that nature ... they are trying to determine the academic rigor of the homeschool. But, that doesn't stifle my happiness at NOT having to do more forms!!!
  10. Mom - sorry about your kitty. I still miss mine, and it's been about 7 years. I keep telling my husband that once we're moved in, I'm getting another one. Maybe that's why moving in is taking longer than it should... 😏 Swimming & Reading Failed at making Daikon Radish Chips... trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the daikon. I may just shred it and try to make "hash browns" Work...I'll be logged in. Work is pretty quiet at the moment. Unpack some new storage things (already put the papers and magazines inside them, moved my dish towels to new basket
  11. Swimming (Yawn) Household chores (laundry, unpack something) College Swimming stuff with PonyGirl Work (can I say that, if my only requirement is to log-in? I alternate between relishing and hating weeks like this. I don't mind the down time as much as I hate the 2 weeks at the end of the month when I suddenly have so much writing to do that I'm putting in 70 hour weeks) Conference Call School check-ins with my no longer babies. Swimming Again I'll work in a nap somewhere ...
  12. About a month ago, I thought we were done with college applications. Well, I knew USNA wasn't complete, but based upon the non-response from one Senator, the rejection from the 2nd, and PonyGirl's impressions of her interview, she didn't think she would get a nomination. I tried to tell her to complete it anyway, she never knew what could happen ... but as the weeks passed when she was supposed to have been notified, she just felt like it was a waste. Well, 31 January -- at 6pm, a letter arrives in the mail from our Congressman's Office. I tell PonyGirl that her "we're sorry" letter is
  13. I sit here, in the lobby of an athletic center. Waiting for the head age group swim coach to descend upon me to "talk." About what, I have no idea -- but being the type of person I am, I dread it. Questions roll through my head, "What did I do wrong?" "Has she decided to fire me?" "I guess it's serious, as it couldn't wait until I saw her tonight", "Maybe she just wants to talk through some other things and doesn't want to be distracted by the kids swimming." UGH. Adjusting to coaching here has been rather difficult. A sea of unknown expectations. I am frustrated. Moving, my
  14. PonyGirl has an interview with USCGA this week (tomorrow or Friday -- exact time TBD). She's already been there for both AIM and an athlete candidate "cadet for a day" programs. She has outstanding scores -- but we weren't able to get an outside teacher recommendation (I did two, dh did one, and a USNA grad/family friend did a 4th). When we were there for the candidate program, I was told that interviews were for "helping fill in blanks" about the candidate. I know her PFE was just okay (had planned to retake it in Dec at the special program, but it was canceled due to snow). I know
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