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  1. I've really been up since 4am... the late shower/reading in bed for an hour notwithstanding. Now, I'm either enjoying 2nd breakfast or 1st lunch...not sure how that goes yet. Swim Practice (5-7), complete with 2 cups of coffee Work on freelance job (finished & turned in) Shower/Read Computer time with 2nd breakfast (more caffeine) Apply for jobs. Follow up on leads. Unpack/sort more boxes (believe it or not, I am making progress on this) Menuplan for next week Prep for Swim Practice (coaching) tonight Coach BED
  2. I think Ponygirl would kind of freak about gaining 3 inches! One more would put her in the range of "normal" based upon her growth patterns as a child, still shorter, but massively so. Her older brother is a bit jealous (he's still 3 inches off where he was expected to be, at 20. He started growing late, too, but stopped around age 18. Maybe if he kicks something into high gear his spine will grow, too! PokeMan started growing earlier, we're still waiting for his legs to catch up with his back...but he just turned 16, so we'll see!! She was on the earlier side for my family (1 week shy of her 13th birthday). Blondie will probably register on the underweight BMI due to her body type, growth, and swimming when she sees the doctor this fall -- and will be on the late side (although we've been prepared for awhile).
  3. She is, but her average level of training was significantly less prior to the growth spurt (She's gone from averaging 18 hours of practice per week to 25...)
  4. Whew -- well, so while not the norm, at least she is in good company! What makes this particularly funny is her 13yo sister is currently growing really fast (she's gone from 4'11 to 5'1 this summer. Before we left Italy, we had chatted about how Blondie might be taller than her by now... but now PonyGirl is growing, too 🤣
  5. Ponygirl is 17. She never had a growth spurt. She sat at 5'2 from the age of 15. She is now 17 1/2. Since moving back to the states, she's grown an inch. Coincidentally, her forehead starting breaking out like a young teen entering puberty. Once I find a doctor, I think we'll be bringing this up. Weird.
  6. Actually, the girl I'm describing was a high school student (also an assistant coach, who happened to be 18 at the time).
  7. Absolutely -- it is wrong. In the case (as described and adjudicated), the official in this scenario was blatantly wrong. Moreover, the official didn't follow proper procedure, either (no one seems to know if the offense took place prior to the event (in which case, the coach should have been notified and the girl given a chance to correct it), during the event (umm... yeah, that's a suit malfuction, not intention, so outside the scope of the rule) or after the event (in which case, it's the same result as prior to the event). In no way, shape or form should the girl in the article have been DQd for it.
  8. They do make training 2-pieces. The tops are built more like sports bras, the bottoms usually have a tie to help keep them tight. I have never seen anyone compete in them, only train. For the most part, one pieces work fine for training. But, I don't disallow 2 pieces (at least not in the pools I have run). I did provide examples to the parent(s) who were interested of acceptable 2-piece suits (their daughter was growing really fast... 9 inches in one year...couldn't keep her in a one piece).
  9. Well, USAS now has a bevy of rues we're supposed to enforce with differing age athletes (it's actually using things created nationwide across multiple sports). I foresee many headaches (I'm actually grateful to be primarily coaching 12U, (although, I will be petitioning to help on deck with the 14O, since I'm there anyway). I don't police my girls bodies -- but we do talk about dressing appropriately for what you intend to be doing. Often times, some girls don't think about potential for malfunctions that the vast majority would be embarrassed by (some don't care -- nothing I can do about that). But how we act and dress is part of nonverbal communication. We tell people a lot about ourselves through our manner and clothing. We should be conscious of that fact. For example, right now I'm clearly communicating by my dress that I am not going anywhere and would prefer to be in bed... but instead I'm preparing for my class tomorrow morning that somehow sneaked up on me. I will change into my coaching garb later. But for now, I'm homebound mom 😄 I am very uncomfortable with clothing standards that aren't somewhat uniform in application. If a man's butt crack isn't supposed to be viewed, neither should a woman's. If a man's junk shouldn't be visible when in a dive position, a woman's should not be exposed either. If a suit is sized down so small that the shoulder strap is acting like a pasty -- there is a problem with the suit sizing -- which should be addressed with the coach (I'm not sure how that helps anyone's performance...makes my shoulders hurt from seeing it). But the answer is certainly not a whatever-whenever attitude.
  10. This would rub me the wrong way. One standard. Tank tops are fine for boys, they are fine for girls.
  11. It was summer rec league, they usually hire high school assistant coaches. I currently coach on deck with college swimmers (assisting me). All of our lead coaches or above are all post-grads or mature adults with lots of grey hair...
  12. Some men are dawgs... no way around it. They haven't been taught -- and that's a failing that needs to be addressed, or they simply are dirty old men who don't care about polite society (:shudder:). At the beginning of swim season, (when I was the head coach), I'd hold a parent meeting. I told ALL parents to check their kids' suits. Suits wear out in different ways -- loose fitting suits may be more comfortable OUT of the water, but what goes up, will also pull down with the weight of water (If you can pull a girl's suit straps up to the top of her head, the top of the suit can also stretch down). Similarly, boys' suits often first show wear in the butt crack. When the suit is on and dry it may look fine -- ask the boy to bend over into a dive position and suddenly you can see *everything.* Suit problems are suit problems. Ponygirl is small chested, larger hips and rear. It is so hard finding a suit that fits -- but we know there are some styles that are just really bad, so we avoid them. She also hates wedgies and fixes them. She wears shorts around the pool deck, because she's more comfortable in them. At major competitions, she brings a sweatshirt, and goes topless underneath (pulls her tech suit down half-way). I don't get upset about suit problems. They are part and parcel for the course (unfortunately). The story from AK was disturbing on many levels (the swim wedgie doesn't bug me -- you can tell the difference between a fit issue and someone intentionally hiking their suit). The photographing, and targeting was awful.
  13. I spent all summer with a young coach (18) who hiked her suit up to her butt crack, and walked around the deck in that manner (she was not in and out of the water -- she was coaching on the pool deck with a hiked-up suit). If she attempted to do that this season, she would be in violation of safe sport rules -- rules she would have to sign and agree to in order to participate in the sport with anyone under the age of 18. As a coach -- we are supposed to be protecting our swimmers from both known and unknown dangers. Girls who are hiking up their suits to "get attention" and the parents who support, ignore, or otherwise blow off this behavior can't have it both ways. You can't simultaneously not care about them seeking attention for their bodies and also be upset when they receive the attention they are seeking from people they don't want it from. Sure, she may be trying to attract the attention of the 18yo hot guy on the team, but complaining that the 18yo pimply-faced, string-bean, lifeguard said something instead is a double standard on the part of the girl. The attention you are seeking does not suddenly become "bad" because it is not coming from the person(s) you are trying to attract. Either the attention is wrong, or it's okay. And this has nothing to do with modesty culture. I don't like that term. I think "modesty" is thrown around in ways it was never meant to be -- as certain girls could dress in a sack from neck to ankle and be immodest. However, we should be teaching our children to dress appropriately for the situation --- and if they are running to fashions that are not appropriate, it is time to dig deeper and explore the why behind the desire. We need to teach our girls to be honest with themselves about why they are doing something -- it's also part of teaching them how to be an individual and figure out what they like and why they like it. It's no different than my telling my girly-13-yo that she couldn't shave half her head (one of her friends did, and she wanted to -- basically, it came down to this -- if you can explain to me WHY you want to shave half your head, I'm open to talk about it -- but if you are only want to shave half your head because so-and-so did, my answer is no. Now, I will say that manufacturers bear some responsibility -- as a team, we ordered suits from Finis, and the mens' suit was cut WAY too low -- the boys even complained. We complained to Finis as well (to no avail). As for knee-skin style suits and jammers -- these are available year round -- what supposedly makes the tech suits more expensive is the type of fabric and the water resistant treatment. They do make knee-length suits (usually for old people, like me). And, yes, the fact is, they COULD make less expensive knee-length competition suits. Yingfa does (around $70 -- and this is a tech suit, small modifications could be made so that it is within the rules of not being a tech suit), others could too. Additionally, there are custom suit manufacturers (Agon, for example) that have several different styles of suits that can all be manufactured in the same design. These suits are no more expensive than the in-season competition suits from Speedo (about $59 for a women's suit). There are other choices out there.
  14. Unfortunately, the intentional hiking of suits up to create a wedgie has become more and more of a thing. Girls ask each other in the locker rooms if it's "high enough." If coaches don't tell swimmers to "fix their suit" we get reamed, if we tell swimmers to "fix their suit" we're perverts. The new training has also created more issues, as we have 18yo athletes exposing their bare bums to 17 & U, violating rules. IMO, team suits should be available in different cuts/styles to suit multiple body types. Wear the one that fits YOU (and yes, I took heat for allowing an 11yo to wear a 2 piece training suit to practice, because she was growing so rapidly, she was needing new suits every couple of weeks -- she went from 5'-5'9 in 9 months -- I couldn't do anything about the racing one-piece rules). Jolyn suits should probably be banned (HA! it's all THEIR fault...jk). We just ordered my girls' new team suits... one of them is titled "girls skimpy suit" very open back, high cut legs (imo, this suit is not suitable for curvy girls, ponygirl would die if I bought her that! Blondie wouldn't bat an eye. But at least there are 3 female suit options).
  15. I started having these conversations with LEGOManiac and PonyGirl years ago. I sat them down and told them it wouldn't be long until they started feeling like DH and I had really messed up somehow...they laughed. LEGOManiac wishes he had gone to high school full time. I reminded him that when we arrived, we tried to get him signed up for certain classes (Physics and PreCalc specifically), but the school counselor said that those classes were reserved for Juniors and Seniors and not for freshmen. Freshmen needed to take IP&C. It wasn't until AFTER he (and PonyGirl) took the ACT that they became so accommodating. I asked him if he thinks he would have enjoyed repeating the science and math courses in order to attend the high school more, and he flat out said "no." (he was at least honest with himself on that accord). I've given the kids a lot of choices, and we've talked about potential outcomes for the various choices. Thus far, I've been right much more often than I've been wrong -- so my credibility with the oldest two keeps going up (LOL). I don't know if LEGOManiac will wind up homeschooling his kids. He's dead set against it for now -- I just ended that most recent conversation with, well -- keep an open mind on the subject, you may wind up with a child just like you, which is how we wound up homeschooling in the first place.
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