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  1. This is a good question, and I tend to agree with the bolded part at a certain level, but you do have to remember that no place lives in a vacuum. Policies in one area can create a president that other areas will refer to when doing the same thing. I think if an area wants to deal with an issue, they will also need to deal with the impact of their method. It is the purpose of the media to bring up things that are extreme. It is the extreme portion of this policy that makes it obviously absurd, but giving condoms to children without parent involvement is a hot issue even at older ages.
  2. Yes, thank you, this is more clear with less innuendo. My point would be that it happened this way exactly because people will not tolerate this type of encroaching control. It is the disapproval expressed on this board that checked this overreach not the lukewarm agreement that stopped it. Now wait a minute, I did not put words in anyone's mouth, I pointed out that certain ways of expressing things insinuate certain attitudes. When you suggest that people on this board do not understand representative government that insinuates a mild kind of "foolishness." When you invoke the wor
  3. Issues about overstepping appropriate authority go far outside of state or federal "gubmint" (?) agencies. The tendency to limit the freedom of others is very widespread in our current culture, and perhaps the overuse of power by school boards is where its effects are the worst if this is the type of thought process they produce. Again, this particular issue is part of an aggregate problem that, by itself is bad enough, but coupled with a host of other policies meant to protect people from themselves potentially undermine the freedom we have to homeschool our child or make any other decis
  4. But even in this debate, that problem cuts both ways. People who are against this type of gov't intervention in a perceived problem are often demonized as "uncaring" or "sticking their heads in the sand." I feel equally frustrated by this type of assessment, but it is hard to tell if people are twisting things or if they simply do not understand a different viewpoint. In all honestly to have the actual debate I mention (whether the result of this policy would be worth the cost) would actually require empirical evidence and not propaganda. I have no idea where to get that these days. Th
  5. It is annoying but it is a common enough thing. You see it on many issues from all sides. But it really doesn't matter how much "support" you feel for something. If you agree at all or very little sometimes the result is the same. You might agree to the policy with huge reservations but the result of the policy will not change based on that. And it is, in fact, the results of the policy that matter. And they may be both good and bad. The question is whether or not the good results are worth the cost of the bad results. No, no one should cheer about any of this. We probably all ag
  6. That is exactly what I was thinking it would be like for my dd when she did it some years ago. While my dd was not treated abusively, it was more or less a waste of her time. They gave her all the boring and undesirable tasks. She spent hours collating papers in a back room. She had zero interaction with patients (insurance issues I think), and zero interaction with medical professionals. She got zero sense of what a medical career might be like. The only positive thing was the time she spent in the gift shop listening to the elderly man that worked there talk about his life experiences.
  7. Incredibly relevant is exactly right. Keep up the good work, and stay safe in traffic! ;)
  8. :iagree: Yes, and people do that with propertyship, too. My experience with commercial/residential property ownership has been very enlightening on so many levels. BTW, Gatto doesn't play into this kind of thing by oversimplifying or suggesting conspiracies. He firmly places the blame where it belongs, on ALL of us. He won't let us have a pity party for ourselves. There is much work to do.
  9. It sounds like your dd has the best resource of all, a loving mother! Keep up the good work.
  10. John Taylor Gatto says it a lot more coherently with historical details, plus inside knowledge of the system. And he has a much better vocabulary. But if this gets some people's attention, then fine. That is a start.
  11. :hurray: Bravo! Poetry For The WIN! "Darkness" is classically symbolic of our inability to see in the dark which is instinctively frightening to us. Therefore light/darkness are all about perceiving and our senses, not at all about value judgements of colors. It is instinctive for all races to be afraid of the dark. That transfers over into other imagry as mentioned in other posts, images of storms, and the darkness of an eclipse and so forth. You have to be taught wrong to mix this up with the "color" of a person's skin. It does a terrible disservice to poetry and literature to misund
  12. It might help if, instead of thinking that you are the one hanging on, you imagine that it is God who is hanging on to you. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing Gotta love the BYU choir. Beautiful. Take care.
  13. I'm really sad your awesome post got deleted along with the thread, but I can't say I am surprised.

    Best wishes!

  14. You go, girl! Way to hold your own in a challenging "debate!" It was great to read through your posts.

  15. People who are pro-life are often accused of trying to tell people what to do with their bodies. But being forced to fund abortions or to perform abortions or distribute birth control are all forms of control that some people who are pro-choice (not all) would be very comfortable forcing. Not saying that we are doing that at this point, but some people would definitely be fine with it, and with this health care bill we are very much closer to being in a position to end up with that level of control. The events that we are discussing in this thread are exactly the sort of events that can le
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