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  1. 23 hours ago, WendyAndMilo said:

    So my DS is going into 8th grade this year and I've decided to use History as the vehicle to teach a variety of note-taking skills, quick summaries, etc.  I didn't want to challenge him on all fronts so the actual history sources are a little lighter that 8th grade level.  So I would suggest to keep SOTW and Zinn the way they are and you can use the questions at the back of SOTW or elsewhere to go deeper/more interesting if you think your DD can work with that.  I personally think it's easier to build up on the fly than it is to take away stuff.

    That makes a lot of sense. I am feeling similar, I want her to get the content, but more than that I want her to learn how to take notes and do outlines from history. It just really seems like the best subject to do that with. I already know I love SOTW, This will be her 2nd time through and my son also went through it once. Are you using anything specific, or just what TWTM suggests and mom brain?

  2. 21 hours ago, Little Green Leaves said:

    I looked at reviews of the Zinn book but I saw that it was aimed at older kids -- middle school and high school, I think. SOTW 3 and 4 are aimed at 3rd and 4th graders

    I know. DD is 8th grade, but she really struggles with reading. SOTW 3 and 4 are at a level she is good with reading independently now. I am adding the Zinn and she will be outlining and keeping a notebook like in the logic stage of TWTM at the 8th grade level. 

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  3. I am finally getting organzied for next month. It looks like this might be my last year of homeschool as DD plans to attend Public High School after this year.

    Math: AOPS/Singapore Algebra 1 with WTMA

    Language: Spanish 1 WTMA

    Writing: Creative Writing and Writing with Skill 2 also WTMA

    Science: Oak Meadow High School Biology with me. We will add disections which my sister will do with her (thank goodness) and Trackers PDX once a week.

    History: We will be doing SOTW 3 and 4 and Howard Zinn's History of the United States and using the binder method from TWTM

    Logic: Art of Argument, with The Basics of Critical Thinking, Critical thinking Dective and Crypto mind benders/ science. 1 per day, 4 days a week.

    Grammer/Vocab: Word Roots 1, editor in chief level 2 and Grammar for the well trained mind.

    Ambleside online: Plutarch, art and music studies

    Geography is still in flux. We have a workbook, might just call it good.

    Health and PE: Oak Meadow Intergrated Health and Fitness. Horseback riding and working at the barn, soccer, and hiking

    Reading: I am looking at the Ocular Motor Therapies work book and the shadow triology from MCT

    Tech Stuff: She is going to start the AP College Computer Science with Khan academy. She plans to take 2 years and to find somewhere to take the test after 9th grade (her school doesn't offer it).

    Music: Continue with Piano, Clarinet, and Ukulele. She might ad guitar this year. Who knows, that is all on her own.

    I feel like I have forgotten something. I have given up on spelling

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  4. I just decided on Thursday to pull my youngest out of school. I haven't homeschooled in 2 and a half years, so I need to dust off my brain and find my books. I will edit as my plan solidifies. This will be 7th grade and catching up and filling in from the last couple of years.

    Math: Easy, Thank you WTMacademy. She will do AOPS Pre-Algebra

    Science: OMSI homeschool science club, and a mixture of exploring Science topics (ie MP History of medicine)

    History: Using Story of the World, condensed to get through all 4 years in 2 years. 

    Spelling: Probably Phonetic Zoo

    Grammer: Analytical Grammar

    Handwriting: Can do cursive. One last chance to improve the handwriting before I give up.

    Writing: WWS1

    Literature: 1 book a month with workbook. (MP, Cricket in Time Square, My side of the Mountain, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, The Hobbit, + 4 more)


    Foreign Langauge: Spanish of Japanese with WTM academy

    PE: Soccer, horseback riding and hiking.


  5. Last Update for awhile. DS finished level 2 and has tested at a 7th/8th grade level for spelling. It caught him up and he is right where he should be spelling wise. He is going to 8th grade part time next year for Language Arts and Social Studies, so spelling is now over for him. 


    DD is starting AAS1 next year, and will probably go to Phonetic Zoo after AAS3 (unless that program works better for her.) This has been a success from start to finish.

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  6. I would like to see a lot less specific resources. Maybe an online resource guide that can be updated and a code with purchase to access it. If you need some, just what you consider are the one or 2 best, and then maybe an appendix of alternatives. 


    I have browsed through a friends 1st ed. I would like some of that back. The how to do it on our own. How to teach with resources and not hand holding curriculum. Things that would make it easier to take curriculum's and customize them.


    I have heard you speak, the Homeschooling the 2nd time around. A chapter on that would be great if you and your mom felt like writing it. I liked what you said about not rushing to get kids into college young. Talk about the gap year between homeschool and college, about specializing. 


    A chapter about how we don't need to do it all, to not be perfect. The cheerios anecdote would be great. You come across so perfect and ideal in TWTM, some stories of failures, or amusements when things didn't go right. Look at your conference presentations, if you could get some of that into the book. A chapter we moms can read, when we just need to know that not only someone else has been there, but that you were there. That it will be okay, and we aren't ruining our kids by homeschooling. (I hope that makes sense).


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  7. Do you outsource anything? With dd11 you could outsource one or more things fairly easily. Wheelock Latin is taught by the Lukeion project. AOPS algebra by either AOPS or WTM academy, and WWSII with Well trained mind academy. 


    When I read that, what I worry about most is you becoming burned out. That is why I would seriously consider outsourcing at least one subject (for me I started with writing as that was the most work for me.


    It is a busy schedule, how has it worked this year? 

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  8. I taught ds to read with the same books my mom taught me with in the 1970's: A Pig can Jig



    DD didn't like those, but she has learnt to read with McGuffey Readers.


    Also IEW's Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization. 


  9. I have a son in Expository Writing 1, and as ProfessorMom said, there is some Grammar. I supplement with Analytical Grammar. I like keeping my program seperate. He has a Language Arts program that supposedly does everything, but I only use it for the Lit. I cross all the writing out as it is just not as strong as WWS.


    As for the expense. When you look at other classes. The price is for the full year, and they meet twice a week. When you factor that in, I found the price to be competitive. 


    If you are looking at bang for your buck, I would go with this. I am not affiliated, just a happy mom. We tried WWS1 twice and just could not get through it. My son is a struggling writer, and writing is now his favorite subject. His papers are all read, graded, with really constructive notes. We have Kayla Meyers, and she has really gotten to "know" her students over the year. She praises them when they remember and use notes she gave them in the past, and gently reminds when they haven't. Outsourcing writing has freed up so much of my time, it was the most time consuming subject for me.

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  10. I've been really liking this thread as I've been looking for a program for my struggling speller. The regular workbooks just don't seem to help. Here's my question. Next year I will have a 4th gr. (struggling speller), 3rd gr. (struggling speller) 2nd gr. (natural speller). Is this a program I could do with all 3 and only order 1? I've never done AAS. I saw a video by the author and it made so much sense that I've been hoping this could be our answer. 


    They all will move at different paces, the program is set like that. You might want to wait one more year with the fact that your oldest 2 are struggling spellers. I started when my struggling speller was in 5th grade. At the same time, as long as you let them know that there own pace is ok, you could give it a try.


    What I have done, is I have a plastic box with our portable CD player and headphones. I keep spare batteries in their and 2 of each pen color needed. I have 2 file folders, one with blank forms (which you print as needed) and one for him to put his completed spelling sheet in. You could have a folder for each kid. Once a week, we go through the sheets together. We discuss words he keeps missing, and just check in. 

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  11. Dolphin, your positive comments are leading me to look at this program too. I noticed on the OM website, for Intro to Lit and Comp, there's a note that "There is no teacher manual available for this course at this time." (http://oakmeadow.com/courses/intro-to-lit/)


    Could you please talk about how that works if there's no TM? Meaning, in what way is it "open and go" without a TM? Or am I interpreting that incorrectly?


    I think my DS would really enjoy the Hero's Journey aspect of this course.


    There is a teacher manual, I have it. :) I would request their catalog, it comes with a detailed pricing sheet. I really like the teacher manual. It is not just the same as the students manual with the answers filled in, it is a different book and gives information to the teacher/parent.

  12. Dolphin, do you mind sharing more about what you love about OM English, besides the open & go aspect? I don't want to de-rail this thread but it would be helpful to hear your thoughts as I am contemplating OM for high school next school year.


    It is really hard to explain. It is just so all encompassing. There choice of literature is great. The way they have the student engage deeply in the material without telling them what conclusion to come to is good. They do a main lesson book (MLB) along with the study, which is a really cool way to interact with your reading


    Look at the samples online. 



    Here is the sample of the one we are doing this year.


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