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  1. Have you heard of Rolfing? I would look at that before chiropractic on an infant. Rolfing is more gentle, massage based. We didn't do it with an infant, but we took my son when he was 6 and having a lot of problems with growing pains. She was telling us that she does a lot of work on infants. 

  2. Well, we just had our best week of work all year with my 11 year old. I have been going through this all year, so I am with you. Let me tell you where we ended up and maybe there is something there that can work.


    I kept threatening to take things away, etc... we were just butting heads all the time.


    We started using an egg timer. He has it with him all day. 20 minutes of work, 5 minutes of free time where he is not allowed to be sitting. He still drifts off, but at least after 20 minutes there is a bell going off, he has his free time and tries again. Things were a little better with this.


    I started writing out what he had to do each day, and that helped for a few days, but then not. Now what we are doing is that I have written out a weekly time table of subjects. He has a cool new book (we got the well planned day student book at a discount as the year is almost over to try.) He writes what he has done in there. The subject and the page or lesson number. He seems to be liking this. His work is in his writing, and he seems happy as he sees the week filling up. I don't know if  am explaining that correctly. Visually for him, instead of moms handwriting everywhere that he checks off, he has a blank week that gets filled in, in his writing. 


    We then discussed what we both want out of homeschool. That I was really reduced on energy for the fun stuff as I was using it all up during the day. We came up with a weekly consequence. We have a fun activity that he loves on Friday. We have gone down to a 4 day school week. He needs to have everything done, and his room clean, Thursday night or no activity Friday. Friday is a built in catch up day, OR, a day off to play with friends and go to his activity. He likes that it is like starting over every week.


    It was really hard, but the first week he did not make it, so I didn't take him and he spent Friday working. The next week he was so close. He tried so hard, but it is hard to break a cycle. I told him that for one week only, he could wake up early Friday and finish the work and we would still go. He was so grateful that I had acknowledged how hard he tried. He woke up, finished, and we went. This last week, was fantastic. He is so proud of himself.


    It has been a long year, but what I realized out of all of this is that my ds wants to be able to focus and get stuff done. Once we started working together, it has been wonderful. Now, I have a tween, next week we could be back to duct tape, but I have a new understanding of ds, and I think we have finally found a way for this to work for us.


    Best of luck.  :grouphug:

  3. No, far from a serious ballet dancer. I take Tap and Hip Hop, one day a week for 3 hours. I do though, have a HUGE control issue. It is part of my anxiety. I don't like not knowing what is going on, or if this is something to worry about, how long this is going to last, am I going to need surgery, and I certainly don't want this going on for the next 5 years or longer.



    I get it. I don't like the unknown. I am coming to realize though that this is one of those areas that is going to be in chaos now. I hate that there is no clear defined road map from 35 through menopause. That it is vague and every woman is different. I want to scream "that is not good enough!" This has been one of the things I have been working on in therapy for the past 3 years. Realizing that my body is not against me, and becoming more comfortable with not knowing.


    At least we both have a place with a lot of sympathetic ladies who are also going to or have gone through it.



  4. I just saw my nurse practitioner last week. It sounds like hormones just like your doc said. You don't have to DO anything about it, other than making sure you always have a pad, unless it is really bothering you.


    She gave me some good general guidelines to ease my mind, and know when I had to go in for help.


    Whatever you want to call it, but from around the age of 35 onwards, our hormones are less stable through our cycles.


    Even for those of us who used to be regular as clockwork, that will slowly start changing.


    Bleeding can be spotting, or really heavy and can change from month to month. Some months we might even do all our bleeding in 1 day. She said if I go through a pad an hour for more than 24 hours, I need to go in. 


    PMS moodiness and cramping also tend to slowly get worse.


    Nothing to do with weight, but a lot to do with health. She said she has seen thin people who are unhealthy and overweight who are healthy. Regular exercise, eating fruits and veggies, and taking time for yourself. Healthier bodies and mindsets move through this time a little easier. 


    So far, I am choosing to do nothing and just be prepared for period/spotting at anytime. I am going to see how mother nature progresses me through this. 


    Side note from your name. Are you or have you been a serious ballet dancer? Just asking, as I used to be. I find one of the hard things for me with all the change is the control aspect and not knowing. With ballet, you know how to control every little muscle in your body, and as your body is your instrument, you know how to warm it up, and it's cycles etc.... I had to move past the annoyance that my body was doing something without my say so. That it is ok at this point in life to not be regulated and keeping to schedule. 

  5. Depends if I am bored or not!


    It is not a hard and fast rule. DH doesn't tend to go out in the evening without me. He works all day, and most of his friends work near him, so they meet for lunches.


    I have book club and a few girly things in the evening. None of us at book club are on our phones, we are just having way to much fun. However, all of us get our phones out and send quick headed home texts when we are done. It's a safety thing. It is usually late at night, and pretty quite out when we are heading home.


    Other than that, we text and call when we feel like it, miss each other, have something funny to share etc....  He is my best friend, and I text him about as often as I text my best girlfriend.

  6. Well some hotels have food policies, and, although sometimes they're lax on them and turn a blind eye to you walking in with your cooler, I'm just not sure they're gonna be cool with you plugging in a crockpot, kwim?  It's easier just to cook up some chicken breasts, slice them into a bag, have a mixed salad in a bag, and have the whole thing ready to go as your dinner.  Or take cans of soup.


    If Chipotle is near your convention, it's the greatest deal on the planet.  So if you do that and take breakfast, your food costs stay pretty low, leaving you money to be tempted by the warm cinnamon pecans some vendor will invariably be selling, wafting their spicy warmth as you walk by...



    Is there a Chipotle near the cincy convention?

  7. Have you looked at this book?  It is what they based the 4 levels on. You can get just this book and do 4 years of WWE yourself, using your own materials. The TM and WB style are for more open and go, here is all the leg work done. It also explains a lot more of the why. It lays out why you are doing it this way AND how to do it. Even if you use the leveled lesson plans, it it worth reading the book. I go back and re read this book even more than TWTM at the moment (youngest in 1st)

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