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  1. I just want to clarify that WWE 1-4 and WWS 1-3 (which are used in expository writing for the Well Trained Mind Academy are separate and different books.) You said she went to private for 2 years, which if it was on a par with Susan's writing would have her in Expository 3 rather than rhetoric. I would look at WWS and make sure she is good with all of that before jumping 3 years ahead of where you were 2 years ago.


    You might already realize that, but just a gentle reminder that it is a marathon and not a race. You don't want to overwhelm her, her first year back to homeschool  :001_smile:  :001_smile:


    We love WTM academy. We are doing expository 1 this year and will be doing 3 classes with them in the fall. Writing with Ms. Meyers is my son's favorite class.

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  2. I really like Handwriting without tears for my lefty. The teachers manual is good (just one, you don't need every level). Just little things like sitting on a different side so she can see what I am doing and I can see what she is doing. The workbooks are nicely laid out for lefties. She really likes it. Other than that I have just done the same as with my other kids.

  3. Ok, I have done all the searches etc.... and removed what content I could. However, whenever I search under my user name, nothing comes up, it is as if I had never posted.


    I removed content under the manage attachments.


    My dolphin and cow avatar is gone. However, I think someone on here's husband did that one. If so, would he give me permission to keep using it as my avatar?


    Hi everyone!

  4. The Rick Riordan books are great reading - they are actually what got my ds hooked on Greek mythology to begin with, and now we're listening to them on audiobook in the car.


    Wouldn't you know it? I just sold a few weeks ago my copy of Dorothy Mills' book. :glare:  Are you using the workbook from Memoria Press?



    We have full on embraced it, and next week he is starting Classical Studies with MP online. He is doing the ancients and greek book + workbook, then the Iliad and Odyssey.

  5. I always have great plans, and then just get bogged down. Last year I went to the Oriental trading site in the winter and got a bunch of silly decorations for upcoming holidays, so that when the Christmas decorations came down, there were more things. We did chinese new year, Valentines, Mardi Gras, St. Patricks, and earth day. DH and I did the decorating the night before, so when they woke up it was all decorated. I had a big box in the garage full of the decorations, and it took about 20 minutes. 


    I got a book from amazon about some of the holidays, and other little things. hand fans, little angels etc... and put those on the breakfast table. I am planning on adding to that this year. It was easy and not to much work, but a big success.



  6. Different people have different theories. This is just what I do.


    At 7, I keep all language arts subjects separate. If they are doing a writing exercise, I am their dictionary. Spelling is during spelling. For our family, I keep writing as low stress as possible, I am just happy that they are writing. I also don't have them write creatively at that age. My dd still is doing copywork and dictation. For her creative sentences, she narrates them to me. Then I have her copy. 

  7. We do photos, then we head out somewhere for breakfast and talk about what we want to accomplish this year. I bring a survey another WTMer gave me my first year, so they fill that out at breakfast. Then we go and do things that we have been avoiding over the summer as there were to many children out and about. Just generally relish the fact that lots of kids are in buildings, and we aren't. Last year we went to the park. It was great having the whole park to ourselves.


    My kids help pick out curriculum, so they already know and have leafed through what they are doing.

  8. It has taken me awhile this year, but I think I mostly have it together now.


    We also just keep going with things, so we will transition when ready. For instance ds is starting pre a on Monday (combo of JA, LOF, and AOPS)


    History and Literature: The History of the Ancient World with study guide (toned down a little for age)

                                          MP Online Classical Studies 1

                                          Lots of reading of quality books assigned as the year goes on.

                                          This is his favorite/advanced subject. Talking of the earlier accelerated students, my ds is strong              in some things, average in others, and slowly improving with spelling.


    Latin and Greek:          MP online High School Form Latin

                                         not sure about Greek yet. Might continue Koine with Hey Andrew or Switch to Attic/Classical this   year. I will decide after I see how the 2 online courses go as this is our first time doing those.


    Language Arts:            Rod and Staff Grammar 6

                                        Phonetic Zoo Level b

                                        Finish WWS1 move to WWS2 after Christmas I think. interspersed with IEW. We do 1 week of   WWS, then 2 weeks of IEW.


    Logic:                          Art of Argument


    Math:                            Finish Pre Algebra and start AOPS intro to Algebra around November I think.

                                         Khan Academy


    Science:                       Yeah OMSI! Our local science museum has a great science course for MS


    Geography:                   MP Geography 2


    Memory:                      We are going to attempt MP's Horatius at the Bridge


    Extras:                          Piano, Choir, Drama, Ballet, and Trapeze.


    Programming:               Raspberry Pi, and something after the fall musical is OVER!


    Wow! I haven't changed as much as I usually do over the summer.


    We are going to do MP First Form Latin as they canceled the High School Form. I think we will do that next year and then move to the Lukion project for 8th.


    Greek: He and his friend are going to teach themselves Classical Greek from the Galore Park book.


    We are going to try Expository Writing 1 from the Well trained mind academy. I think we will take a year off from Grammar. With the Latin and Greek I think he will be ok.


    We didn't finish Geography 1, I think we will get to Geography 2 in the spring time.

  9. The book the Core describes Map blopping. One of the Draw Write Now books has a detailed way of blobbing. I think it is book 7. Ours our packed up currently so maybe someone else can chime in. Another option that a lot of people like is drawing the world by art (or something like that).  What age is your child. In the lower grades we did Evan Moor Daily Geography. With my older child we have added Memoria Press Geography. I spend so much time on other subjects that I found I never got around to geography and the blobbing. The Memoria press is an open and close workbook. We also do stack the states and stack the county apps on the ipod.



  10. Phonetic Zoo.


    ETA: Sorry, I was in a rush yesterday. The above is the link to my extensive review on Phonetic Zoo. It is almost completely independent. We have been using it for over 2 years, and we love it. The only part I would need to buy if I wanted my daughter to have a full set when she went through are the personal spelling cards. Frankly, we will just use and index card. All the rest can be used again, and then hopefully I can sell the cd's at the end. (with 6 go throughs the cards might be done at that point. :)

  11. Just another thing to throw out, instead of DVD's have you thought of an online class? My upcoming 7th grader is doing High School Form Latin with MP online in the fall. It takes them through 1st and 2nd form. I wrote to Mr. Piland and explained our goals, grammar and Latin experience and he recommended where to start and a path through 12th grade that would get the AP in. He is really very helpful. I have heard really good things about Lukion (sp?) as well.

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