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    Bob Jones University Press Life Science (middle school) includes CD with extra teaching material and extra chapter on human reproduction, teacher materials including teacher lab manual guide, student text book, and test answer packet. No consumables - will need to purchase separately. All in very good used condition. An excellent preparation for high school biology. Pay Pal only, $100 includes shipping. Email for fastest response at hmdavis02@gmail.com



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    Set for Apologia General Science includes: -- Brand new, unused Student Notebook -- Student textbook* -- Tests and answer key book* (Includes unused test pages for photocopy, test answer key, and answer keys to student notebook test study guides) -- Multimedia Companion CD* *Textbook, test and answer book, and companion CD are all in good, used condition with no writing (possibly occasional stray marks, but nothing I am aware of). Only the student notebook is new and unused. PayPal only, please. $76 includes shipping; will ship within two days of receipt of payment.



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    Shipping on Saturday, May 28 or Wednesday June 1 if purchased. Shipping costs via USPS included in price. Paypal only, please. All items used with varying amounts of shelf wear, some rings in ring binding may be bent, but otherwise all in good, used condition. Consumables will need to be purchased separately. BJU English 4 Writing and Grammar -- teacher guide and test answer key -- $32 BJU English 6 Writing and Grammar -- teacher guide and test answer key -- $32 BJU Reading 5 -- Student textbook, teacher guide, and worktext answer key -- $65 BJU Reading 6 -- Student textbook, teacher guide, and worktext answer key -- $65 BJU Biology -- Student text, lab answer key and test answer key -- $45 BJU Cultural Geography -- Student text, activity book answer key and test answer key -- $45 Artistic Pursuits -- Middle School Book One (small tear in plastic cover) -- $25 Philosophy Adventure reader with student and teacher resources on CD -- $30



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    For sale: BJU Reading 5, 2nd Ed. includes Student text, teacher books, and work text answer key. *No student work text* -$70 includes shipping BJU English 4, 2nd Ed.: No consumables, Teacher guide and test answer key only - $42 includes shipping Apologia Zoology 1, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day: Good condition, name inside front cover. $22 includes shipping Apologia Zoology 2, Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day: Good condition, name inside front cover. $22 includes shipping PLEASE email me with interest at hmdavis02@gmail.com in case I forget to check this board! Paypal accepted at the same email address and I will ship to your Paypal verified address. I will be shipping via USPS on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays. Thanks for looking!


  5. Thanks, all. I'll look into these... I don't know much about them, so some research is in the works. Do DIVE and Art Reed DVDs correspond to the Saxon lessons as they are laid out in the textbook? My son and youngest daughter do very well with Saxon, so I'm reluctant to give it up... I may just brush up on my math and teach them myself, but I'm reluctant to do that into some of the highschool math levels. From the very little research I've done, the DIVE and Art Reed are similarly priced, but one is from a Christian worldview and one is not, is that correct? Thanks again!
  6. Hi, all! I am looking ahead for a good middle grade and up math curriculum. I am currently using Saxon, but I noticed that the Saxon Teacher cds are very expensive if bought along with the homeschool kit. Teaching Textbooks is around $40-50 cheaper, but is it worth it? What are the strengths of each? Where are the weaknesses? Any input or experience with these is welcome! I want to make the best informed decision that I can. :-)
  7. I was just wondering if there's a way to delete old posts, particularly in the "sale and swap" board? I am sure it is there, staring me in the face and I am just missing it... Thanks!
  8. I was thinking of doing a weekly or bi-monthly logic puzzle with my kiddos (2nd, 3rd, 5th grades) this year. Anyone have a favorite they would like to suggest?
  9. You are most certainly not alone! I have never had any of those things done except for a massage--and the only reason for that was because I got a gift certificate as a "Christmas bonus" one year! I've also never paid more than $15 to get a haircut, never darkened the door of a tanning salon, never purchased designer anything (though I do have some hand-me-downs!), don't wear jewelry other than my wedding ring, don't even have an engagement rint, and never felt the need to do any of these things nor felt that I should. Sadly, I'm so oblivious that I didn't even realize it until my husband mentioned it! :blushing: So you are not alone.
  10. The spiral approach isn't working for him. He needs the more repetitive practice that Saxon uses. I also have a friend who taught high-school math before homeschooling who uses Saxon and recommends it.
  11. Thanks all! I'm just nervous because he bombed the placement test for Saxon. :-( BUT, I do know that he (a) actually can do several of the ones he missed and was being lazy; (b) was still recovering from a bad cold, and © has been more focused on bike-riding weather than his schoolwork lately. I think I wish I'd switched to Saxon in 4th for him, but I do plan to make the switch in 4th for my girls.
  12. Has anyone switched from Singapore Math to Saxon? I will make the switch for my now-4th grader next year and wondered if anyone has any advice or experience to share. Also, is the 5/4 for fourth grade and 6/5 for fifth? Thanks!
  13. I have been trying to buy curriculum for next year and had been told about the WTM forums. My problem is: I don't seem to have the time or the habit of checking regularly! I am horribly inconsistant. :-( So I just want to apologize for anyone who I have asked about something or who has asked me and it took me a week to get back to! Somehow, I need to remember to check...
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