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  1. This sounds like my dd with some of her books. When I asked her what was going on, she said "I read the last chapter, so now I know how it ends." HAHA! It's like waiting to open a present, she wants to peek. :) Other books, she said are just plain boring. If they are assigned reading (we use SL), then she has to finish. But if it's a 'free reading' book, I don't care. Who wants to read a boring book? I encourage her to finish but I don't want it to cause issues with her love of reading (not much love there but...), so I don't push it much.
  2. I'm trying really hard to be comfortable with WWE, this report just through me off and made me question everything. Writing is relaxed at the school (in lower grades) so I need to relax and trust SWB's writing technique. Thanks for your comment. :) I've seen 3rd graders from the local PS and it's impressive to 'hear' about them writing 3-5 paragraph reports, but when I actually 'saw' these writings, it was beyond pitiful!!! Definitely not what I want my dd's writings to ever look like. I just have to trust this process. :) I might need to bite the bullet and purchase SWI-A since that is what her school is using/teaching. Is it doable along side WWE or did you quit WWE once you started IEW? WWE is so simple and doesn't take much time, I'm thinking we could do both and slow down if needed. I really do not want to stop WWE. They want the report written. Thanks for your comments. :)
  3. She narrated and I scribed for her. This is where we struggle as she cannot narrate and put it on paper herself. So I write as she narrates, then I'll have her copy her narration from my writing. Hope that makes sense. Yes, there's LOTS of nudging. It's a slow process due to her SLOW writing, but we're getting there. Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks, Jen! Everything you wrote was exactly what I needed to hear. I feel WWE is working for us but when I see other kids whipping up a report with 'ease', I question everything. I know I shouldn't compare!!! I'm working on that. The rest of her class (11 students) use IEW, so I hear a lot about 'key-word outlining', so then I worry that we are missing something. We worked on it a little today by answering the provided questions but I started doubting what we were doing since we have no outline. I ended up writing a lot of it, by using her narration and then will have her copy my draft. Is this ok? I agree 2 pages is a bit much but we have 3 weeks to complete it.
  5. We're on our 3rd year of WWE and dd has been asked to write a 2 page essay on the Oto Indians (she attends a 2-day a week private, classical school). I'm embarassed to say I don't even know where to start with helping her since all we've ever done is narration, dictation, copywork and journal writing. DD has dysgraphia so WWE has been wonderful and fairly painless for her; but coming up with her own writing is difficult. Her school uses IEW and encourages parent's to use but I've always thought it would be too much for dd and WWE is working (so I thought) so why change. Have I messed up by using WWE as our only writing program? Do I read her a book/passage on Oto Indians and have her narrate it back? Help me understand how WWE prepares a child for writing. I don't want to add an additional writing program but if we need to... ETA: Just re-read instructions. 1 page report, no more than 2 pages. Phew!
  6. Don't be so hard on yourself. Allow time to grieve but do it without condemning yourself. Sorry about your granny. :grouphug: Skipping a few things or throwing a few things out won't hurt, or finish up throughout the summer. It's really ok. :)
  7. After trying RS, MUS and MM with my dd, who has dyscacula and other LD's, TT has been a winner! There were tears EVERYDAY and nothing I did seemed to help, it was heartbreaking watching her get so frustrated and dreading math time. TT has truely been our miracle in the homeschooling dept. Do I believe TT is the best math curricula out there, no. However, it's the best for my dd who hated math and struggled day to day with math. If she wasn't a struggling math learner, we would have stuck with MM. I'm grateful to be getting math done at this point (it was seriously THAT bad!) We continue to struggle with memorizing facts, but we're getting there. Flashmaster was a bust, as well as flashcards. This week we've started xtramath online and so far it's been wonderful. It's also been helpful for dd to learn how to skip count (she's got 1 through 12 down!) - we play the 'Have Fun Teaching Counting Songs' throughout the day. Not too obnoxious compared to some. :) Had TT not been a success, CLE was next on the list. Thankfully we've found what works.
  8. Boy do I get this! This is our 3rd year homeschooling and I'm just now seeing the fruit of my labor. DD has some learning disibilities so I've had to change the picture I had in my head when we began this journey 3 years ago. I've changed my expectations and relaxed, a ton! This is, by far, our BEST school year and we are both happy. Hang in there, it does get easier and it's worth it!!! :grouphug:
  9. This is all past tense since dh has since changed jobs. I think it's so individual so take this with a grain of salt. :) 1. How hard is it on your family? (I'm talking about being gone 4 days/nights a week.) It was HARD!!! Especially on the kids. They were devestated each time he left. 2. Under what circumstances would you consider this? It was part of his job, so we didn't have a choice. The extra income was nice, worth it? No! 3. Is the extra income and relief of acute financial stress, worth the sacrifice of him being gone? NO! We missed him terribly! DH's income has been cut in half now that he is local, but we are all happier knowing he will be home at 5pm every night. 4. What do you do to make it easier on you and the children? (i.e. skype etc.) We did phone calls, skyped and I have an amazing support system but even with this, it wasn't worth it. My bff's dh is gone a lot due to his job and the kid's are struggling and I see behavior problems arising. They miss their dad! 5. If you are a Christian, what are your thoughts. You will need to pray and seek God for direction. If it's God's will, the grace will be there. :) 6. Any other thoughts, warnings, advice, opinions? :bigear: Have support, pray, and enjoy your kids. Remember it's just as hard on them as it is on us. :iagree: If it was temporary, this would have made it easier on us but it was part of his job at the time.
  10. We did 2 full years of AAS and hit a wall. DD memorized rules but never applied those rules to her writing. It wasn't a good match for us (and that's ok.) This year we are doing a mix of Apples and Pears (only on our 2nd week) http://www.prometheantrust.org/startspelling.htm and spellcity for fun with games. I understand the frustration, best of luck. :grouphug:
  11. I'd take her out, unacceptable. You don't want her to fear the water. Kids eventually go under but not forcefully. Wait a year and give her lots of opportunities to freely play in the water. She'll get it. :) This is what concerns me...30 minutes? :( Not ok.
  12. We finally found a math curricula (TT4) that doesn't leave us both in tears. My question is what can I do to help her stop counting on her fingers? She had 2 years of RS using the abacus. We do Flashmaster 3 days a week and have been for over 1 year with little to no success. She continues to rely on her fingers. She's 9.5 and has NLD with moderate dyscalcula, so at this point i'm just thankful we are getting math done! But... Do I leave it alone and let it be or do we address the 'issue' and how?
  13. We tried RS, MUS and MM. It wasn't until we tried TT that my daughter finally 'got' math. No more tears and best of all, I am not the teacher! :) Best of luck to you, I understand the frustration.
  14. She is not a natural speller, at all! She misses practically every word UNLESS she sounds-it-out (and even then, it's sketchy.) We are on level 3, step 11 (suffixes)....not been fun. We follow AAS to a T and move extremely slow. Each lesson may take up to 3 weeks or more. We do spelling 3x a wk and I began adding spellingcity to our routine for added help (not seeing improvement so I might drop it.) I'm wondering if we need to move to a different spelling program or stick it out since AAS is great for those who are not natural spellers. It's not clicking and we are both frustrated. I recently read a comment "you can fly through 1-3 if your child is a reader". My understanding is that reading and spelling are completely different? DD is an excellent reader and reading is her strength. Looking for advice (from those without natural spellers.) What worked for your child? Do I stick it out? I'm posting here (instead of K-8) because not many kids over there have 'trouble' with much of anything. I mean that in a nice way. :) Do I know if dd has a SN? No, but she might because nothing comes easy to her. Just not sure what the SN might be. She was diagnosed with NLD when she was 5 but I'm not convinced. Now back to spelling... :) Help!
  15. This is our exact schedule, except we only do AAS 3 days a week.
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